How can I brew marijuana tea?

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by honestpuck, Apr 3, 2001.

  1. honestpuck

    honestpuck Guest

    Hi I have searched near and far and have not found a good tea recipe. I had a few great cups when I was in Amsterdam and since I have been searching to re-create that buzz. Thanks for any all and any and all and any ol' help. :)
  2. Bear in mind this recipe is untested

    I was hoping someone who's actually tried it would post a recipe but I've done some searching on the net and one recipe keeps popping up:

    Like other herbs, marijuana may be made into a tea. Boil the water first and pour it over the marijuana. Let it steep for
    longer than you would for common black tea; approximately an hour and a half. Add 1 tsp. of butter. The effects are
    similar to eating it.

    I've seen this exact recipe on many marijana related web-sights but other than that I have no proof of it working. Use at your own risk.

    p.s. Welcome to!
  3. BoneyDragon

    BoneyDragon New Member

    On a whim I decided to try making tea. I ground some herb (pretty high quality) and put it in a cup with some butter. I then added boiling water and a little cream (wouldn't have bothered with butter if I knew I had cream). I let it sit like ten minutes and gulped it down. 20 mins later I feel very relaxed and like the high is coming on slow. I'll update later on how it went.

  4. BoneyDragon

    BoneyDragon New Member

    Well, it wasn't a total failure. I basically got a sort of relaxed feeling, much like the one I got the first few times I smoked weed, before I got truly high. I think there are a number of reasons why it didn't work nearly as well as smoking:

    1. Ingestion is just plain out less efficient.
    2. Should have ground weed more finely. More surface area means more of the cannabinoids dissolve easily.
    3. Should have let it sit longer and kept it hot somehow.

    Another reason is that I kept anticipating the effects, which usually diminishes them. Mind set is important. Anyway, seeing as I have a cold, I'm not about to smoke anything, and it tasted really good so it wasn't a total loss. I would only try this again if I had a ton of weed that cost me very little, like say if I were growing my own.

  5. nessaVEDDER

    nessaVEDDER New Member

    tried and tested tea

    I had a lot of seeds, stems, and shake. I could have smoked the shake but instead I decided to fill a coffee filter with the various weed pieces and ran it though a coffee maker, no coffee involved. I ran the same water through the maker again and then I added instant chai tea mix. I added sugar, poured it in a big cappuccino mug, and logged onto (no kidding!). It really worked and was really easy to do. None of this simmering business. I suggest trying it with your favorite instant tea mix or teabag.

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  6. Slightly Stoopid

    Slightly Stoopid Senior Member

    I thought you had to burn pot or heat it up in fat to get high off eating/drinking it...

    Regardless, i say make some real tea, and smoke a spliff;) I am not a fan of drinking marijuana flavored water
  7. Dyekocker

    Dyekocker New Member

    Taste horriable

    Uck, i just made some tea.

    First boiled water (duh), took tea bag, cut it open, dumped tea, put weed in, stapled shut. Then took like 1 teaspoon butter, put that in. Then put in bag, stired, and squeezed bag periodically for half hour. I am now drinking it, and it tastes horriable.
  8. Panama

    Panama Seasoned Activist

    Masking the Taste

    mix your chopped weed with some brewing tea and use a tea seeper (metal ball on a chain with holes in it), use real brown sugar to sweeten and stir with a cinnamon stick. Using all three of these suggestions should make the experience more enjoyable. :)
  9. BoneyDragon

    BoneyDragon New Member

    Actually, I thought it tasted quite good!

  10. Slightly Stoopid

    Slightly Stoopid Senior Member

    Stir with a cinnomin stick, you sure go all out don't you panama?
  11. Dyekocker

    Dyekocker New Member

    Bleh, i just dumped the tea and smoked 2 J's =)
  12. Psycho Donkey

    Psycho Donkey New Member


    Marijuana flavored drinnks...Like bong water. Hehe, imagine if someone made marijuana flavored soda *shudders* you would look like this guy ---> :puker:
  13. DaisyCrazy

    DaisyCrazy New Member

    Yo, about two weeks ago after I got my first pay check, I bought a half ounce of some fine KB. I was planning to make brownies but decided that the bud was just too good to dump into a recipe. So instead I put some significant nugs into a cup of bowled water mixed it with some butter, milk, and coacoa powder. I ended up scooping out the nugs and breaking them up with my hands. These were some sticky-ass nugs. I dumped the not-so-small bits of weed into the water which had cooled down a bit. I remember dreading each nug tainted gulp. I guess that must of worked for I felt tingly and gay within an hour. Wow I really should get a coffe grinder.

    I have just purchased an ounce of some ****ty ****ing commercial **** for 80 bills. I still got the brownie mix so you can expect to hear from me again within a couple weeks.

    until then... dedicate 'em to me.
  14. marijune

    marijune Guest

    you shouldn't use sugar it counter effects the weed
    i've read it in a book
  15. GotGods

    GotGods Guest

    why would you put butter in tea, water and butter dont mix you would just have tea with butter floating on top that doesnt sound very good to me
  16. DaisyCrazy

    DaisyCrazy New Member

    Gotgods, I wasn't going for goodness with my concoction, as you could probably tell, the butter was just so that when the tea was heated the thc would "bond" to the fat in the butter. It was nasty!
  17. GotGods

    GotGods Guest

    so why not just melt some butter in a pan and let it heat up and melt and then throw a little weed in and simmer it for a few minutes then strain the butter and let it harden back up and then spread it on pottatoes,rolls,corn,bisquits,toast,pancakes,or put it in the brownies and cakes and stuff that come in a box i think they use two table spoons of butter ,why make something nasty when you can just add to something good???
  18. DaisyCrazy

    DaisyCrazy New Member

    JESUS!! Ok maybe I wasn't thinking the whole thing through, but it didn't really matter cuz I had a 1/2 Oz. bud and just wanted to experiment!! It doesn't really matter though. Stop criticizing my method, DON'T TRY IT! I did make those brownies, though, and damn were they well done. You can read about it in the "help with brownies" post.
  19. BongTastic

    BongTastic Guest

    If i'm not mistaken, i believe that the butter is added because THC is not water soluble but fat soluble. A house mate of mine once brewed some tea but didn't add butter, we drank and much to everyones chagrin, nobody experienced any "high". I have not tried to make tea since i have heard this, but i would imagine if this is true, butter is mentioned because it seems a little more appealing then say olive oil or lard?? hehe
    Anyways i have no ideas as to the amount u would need
    for say a pot of tea but i would tend to think u probably wouldn't need so much as to really be very noticeable if the tea is still fairly hot. Anyways like i say i haven't tried this myself or looked into the whole chemistry aspect, just passin on some info i heard on the subject.
    So to anybody tryin out this method good luck and have one for me.

    BT's gf :D
  20. PsYcHoLoGiCaL

    PsYcHoLoGiCaL Seasoned Activist

    Ok i had decided to make some weed tea. This is what i did i took a joints worth of good weed and broke it up into a fine powder. took coffe filter and put weed in stapled shut. the bag in a mug filled with water and put it in microwave and mircowaved it taking it out every 30 secs or so to stir after a little while the mug of water was damn hot and the water was a greenish color. but the problum was the bag broke open when i was stiring and i didnt have a filter so i just left the weed in the cup. It was kind of neat cause i had stuff to chew on while im drinking... well anysways im still drinking it right now and im already feeling the high and most of the cup hasnt been drinkin yet. But i know i should be pretty ****ed after so if you want to make tea i sugest you do it this way. I also recomend that you leave your weed in the cup as you drink because i think it would make you get higher sence you probally loose some of the thc when you take it out.... it tastes pretty decent too.


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