How can I brew marijuana tea?

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    Your a god amongst man.
    I am going to have to try that.
    I'm really digging this whole MJ tea an milk thing.
  2. DemonTheKid

    DemonTheKid New Member

    Tried it once

    Me and a friend once put a little less than a dime's worth into a cup of milk which we put into the microwave for about 1 minute, stirred and then put it back for 2 mins and stirred again. We let it sit for another minute and drank and it was a great high. We didn't get as high as we would have if we smoked it but we were higher longer. It was some ok stuff by the way.

    CRIMSONxSOLDIER All Aboard the Canni-bus!

    This sounds like it might work.

    What if you mixed cream & liquor?
    Like...1-2ounces of cream and a shot of some decent 80proof liquor.
    Add maybe 1.5grams to it and simmer for 15-20 min.
    Strain it and keep mixture warm.

    Then add maybe another .5 or 1gram to a tea bag and put in a cup of water (leave room for the cream mixture)and maybe add a tiny bit of cream or liquor(just to get more of the THC out)
    Microwave for 3-4 minutes, take bag out and squeeze it, and add cream mixture.
    Stir with cinnamon stick or add some honey and enjoy??? :)

    Sounds like it would work to me. :D
    But maybe I'm just stupid? lol
  4. imFADED

    imFADED Sr. Member

    I have never brewed ganja tea but one of the kids in my class brought it up before we entered summer break. He said he simply took a teabag, emptied the tea out, put some grinded up herb in that very same pouch and seal up the top (staples). He said he just used it like a normal teabag and that it worked for him. I still do not think this would work but someone give it a try and let me know.
  5. allenlovesgreen

    allenlovesgreen Subscriber

    yea it actually sounds like a tasty gonna have to try this one
  6. allenlovesgreen

    allenlovesgreen Subscriber

    Then add maybe another .5 or 1gram to a tea bag and put in a cup of water (leave room for the cream mixture)and maybe add a tiny bit of cream or liquor(just to get more of the THC out)
    Microwave for 3-4 minutes, take bag out and squeeze it, and add cream mixture.
    Stir with cinnamon stick or add some honey and enjoy??? :)

    the cinnamon stick and the honey also sounds good
  7. SmokNBladinNJ

    SmokNBladinNJ New Member

    My boys mom use to make it a while back when he lived in NYC....She told me that its not really hard. She took a bud and put it in the food processor to grind it down and once she did that, she put a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and a about one full cup of water.

    When she brought it up to a boil she told me that the alcohol helps the water release the THC on the buds leaves and ground from the bud you put in the processor. Once the tea comes to a boil add in you lemon, honey what have you and Bang! there you go.....

    I just made a Pot Capucinno Jack Herer Hazlenut!!!!!! Dammit!
  8. wiggle

    wiggle New Member

    the secrete to the marijuana tea is using as much milk or alcohol so that you can extract the most amount of THC so an optimal recipe would be
    2/3 milk
    1/3 alcohol
    as much weed as you like
    as much tea as you like
    you can skip the alcohol if you don't want to use it. its the same principal as cooking. dissolving THC in fat
  9. SmokeyMcPott

    SmokeyMcPott **********

    If you put in 2/3 milk and 1/3 alcohol, how is there any room left for more stuff? :) Anyway, I think the best idea would be to use a creme liquer style liquid with the tea. It's got fat and alcohol for that double absorption factor, and it's a good additive for normal tea to boot. Basically what Crimson was talking about.
  10. tayg13

    tayg13 New Member

    as far as i know, thc doesnt bond with water, only fats and alcohol. I think it would work if milk was used instead of water, though.
  11. Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke Guest

    I suppose you could steep your Weedbag in some Boiling Milk.

    The more percentage, the better.

    Let it cool, Then add some icecream. Potshake!
  12. kidzapp

    kidzapp New Member

    I was sick with a strep throat and found this forum. I had never made herb tea before. I made some tasty chai-like herbal brew that had me feeling a whole lot better in no time. I switched off of the Day-Quil immediately and havent had any more of that chemical-tasting, mass produced bullshit since. I began to get much better after taking this remedy. I couldnt smoke any herb because of my throat and found the warm tea very soothing. When sick, the THC works well with ibuprofen and gives much the same a nice euphoric the DayQuil. Research shows that anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen or acetomediphin, administered along with THC have a synergistic effect in relieving inflammatory pain...perfect for strep throat. Not to mention, as a smoker I just wanted to get high and couldnt. So thanks Herb Tea!!!! And thanks God for giving us Ganja.
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  13. geezer8888

    geezer8888 New Member

    old geezer

    Here's what works great for me:

    Take an ounce plus 6 grams of the best quality product you can find; grind in a coffee-bean grinder ultra fine (seeds, sticks, stems, buds - the whole enchilada). Empty ten 12-oz bottles purified drinking water into a large kettle with tight-fitting lid. Bring to a rolling boil. Do not add butter, oil, lemon or any other fat-based absorbent; only add the fine-ground enchilada. And, only add after the pot reaches a full roiling boil. Reduce heat slightly, keep lid on the pot (it will dance around a little - it's just showing you how happy it is) and boil hard for 5 full minutes. Remove from heat, let air-cool at least one hour. Use clean coffee filters in a clean coffee filter basket over a clean glass decanter. Pour the mix from the kettle into a standard 2 quart jug with a spout, then pour through the filter. Change filters often. Finally, decant the clear brown fluid back into the original bottles the water came from. You will get 10 almost-full bottles. Each will contain whatever could be extracted by this process from approximately 3.5 grams of product. Each bottle will contain 3 doses. Mix with milk, lemon & honey, or other teas. Gather all the used filters, take out all the left-over mush and place into cheesecloth. Tighten into a ball, and tie off the neck of the cheesecloth ball with sturdy twine. Let this ball sit in the sun for a few days - longer the better- then remove from the cheesecloth, slice and smoke like hash. Or, the left-overs can be added to spaghetti sauce for a great-flavored sauce with a kick. The lack of oil or butter in my process leaves enough cannabinoids behind to make the leftovers interesting. If you want a tea with stronger potency, add 1/3 cup half-n-half or olive oil to the boiling water before adding the product. Then, each bottle will contain 5 - 6 doses.

  14. Greensnap

    Greensnap New Member

    :confused:I thought that the heat from boiling water broke down the THC rendering it useless?:confused:
  15. geezer8888

    geezer8888 New Member

    Heat breakdown

    Whether or not HEAT is contraindicated in obtaining optimum cannabinoid/THC reabsorption into a foreign medium (during boiling or baking), I do not know. I only report what I have observed to be true. My recipe is tried and true, and I have been enjoying it for over 38 years.
  16. quester

    quester Sr. Member

    H2O boils at 212F and THC vaporizes at 396F so I don't think boiling H2O is going to hurt the THC.
    While I'm on temps I`m sure everyone knows that by heating booze above 180F you boil off the alcohol and you don't get drunk.
    After reading the thread I saw that one person said to add rubbing alcohol to the tea.
    I really hope no one did that as the booze you drink and rubbing alcohol are not the same and drinking rubbing alcohol can cause blindness and even death.
    One way to drink pot is to use a "Hot Buttered Rum" mix.
    Add the pot to the H2O and the HBR mix and simmer for 20min, strain, let it cool and enjoy.
    Oh, you can add rum AFTER the mixture is strained as by then it has cooled below 180F but still warm.
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  17. Greensnap

    Greensnap New Member

    Thanks for clearing that up. I learned something new today... :) I always new there was a point of no return.
    If you don't mind you seem to know a lil something somthing about temps.
    When using oil and green for cooking does it take more heat to boil or is ok to boil as well?
  18. quester

    quester Sr. Member

    I don't know off of the top of my head but it should be easy enought to run a search.

    That didn't take long.

    He's right, the smoking point is what we should be interested in.
  19. Garvey

    Garvey New Member

    Didn't really feel like reading through the whole thread but I thought I would share my technique for making some tea anyway. Sorry if something similar has been brought to light already.

    Use some half and half, or whole milk and anywhere from a 1/2 to a whole gram of herb. I use a whole gram or usually two more but I have a hard time getting off on edibles like others do, which is weird because my tolerance is really low otherwise. My friends like it about 1/2 to 1/3 of the strength I make it for myself. I had a friend learn this the hard way. (sorry kyle, haha)

    First, I always decarboxylize (sp?) my herbs before I cook with them. I do this one of two ways. Most commonly I put them in the oven, fine ground, at 200 for about 10 minutes. They come out crispy and just BARELY brown. The second way is to keep them in the double boiler (described below) without the milk for about 10 minuttes.

    Second, I set up a makeshift double boiler using a mason jar and a sauce pan. Boil some water in the sauce pan. Put a dish towel (or any piece of cloth) in the bottom of the pan and put the jar on top of that. The towel protects the jar from the direct heat on the bottom of the pan.

    I never really do an exact measure but put about a half inch of half and half (a little more if whole milk) in the jar and let it warm up. Dump the prepared herbs in, stir around. Put a lid on the jar, but don't tighten it.

    Cook for an hour like this, stirring every 15 minutes.

    Use this to make a chai or whatever kind of tea you like!

    I know this isn't the most clear recipe in the world, but hey I tried.
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  20. 420homebrand

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    you know i would buy that because i like the taste of marijuana more then the high. its so good and the flavour lingers for a long time.

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