How can I tell what kind of plant I'm growing?

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by Aurren, May 24, 2012.

  1. Aurren

    Aurren New Member

    XD Probably a really noobish question.
    I got my seeds from my sister without her knowing. Not like she wants them anyway.
    So I don't want to ask her what kind it is.

    So far, I have little sprouts, almost an inch tall, but I'd really like to know exactly what type I'm growing.

    (Also, I plan on moving them out into the woods in my back yard soon, any advice on how to keep bugs and animals away?)
  2. Smokey coot

    Smokey coot New Member

    It's a bit too early to tell yet .but watch the growing pattern and first try and identify if its a sativA and indicA plant .another thing that u can try is wait for it to grow a bit more then rub the stem with ur finger and try tell by the smell. That's all I got
  3. blackshield

    blackshield New Member

    Ask your sister wot kind of weed she been smoking. For all you know you could be growing celery.
  4. Obeyy_Dee_Stoner

    Obeyy_Dee_Stoner New Member

    Haa I'm a stoner but idk chet about growing. Seems too complicated.. if anyone knows hmu ..

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