How can pot affect a brain injury?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by PirateRy, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. PirateRy

    PirateRy New Member

    I have been smoking weed regularly (on average 3-4 times daily) for 13 years, and have always loved it.

    Very recently I was hit by a car while crossing the street which permanently blinded me in one eye and gave me a "brain contusion". Ever since, more often than not when I smoke I feel like I'm going to have a heart-attack. I think that it is an anxiety attack based on things that I have been reading, so I will have to deal with that.

    I would just like to know if smoking can affect how fast my brain heals, or if it can damage me any further. My doctor says I shouldn't drink any alcohol because it destroys brain-cells. He's been my family doctor for about 20 years so I can't bring up me smoking marijuana with him and don't know where to go for sound advice. I want to keep smoking, but not if I will be permanently affected.

    Please help!
  2. Stephanie S.

    Stephanie S. Original

    I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on TV but I've studied Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) in relation to coginition as well as other physiological symptoms reulting from TBI. Given that your accident was as you said, "very recent", I suggest not smoking pot for awhile.

    Another suggestion would be to quietly seek the medical advice of another doctor in your family doctor's practice. Perhaps there is a younger, more neutral doctor there that you could talk with about it.

    There are a couple of studies regarding marijuana and TBI. One that comes to mind was done on mice. The conclusion is that upon brain injury, the brain releases a chemical which is a known cannabinoid that is believed to protect the brain and that it may be possible to administer the same chemical immediately after the injury occurs and stop the progression of brain damage.

    There was another study that started in Israel and concluded in Europe you could do a search and probably find it somewhere online. :)

  3. PirateRy

    PirateRy New Member

    Do you know where I might find that study you spoke of?

    I actually had the accident 2 months ago. I didn't smoke at all during my 5 day hospital stay, but I've been smoking every day since. I still have problems with memory and tremendous mood swings... I have no patience! When I've been smoking since, I feel great paranoia about my own health. It sucks! it's sucking the fun out of something I've enjoyed for years. I don't know whether I should try to quit for a while, but I'm home alone all day as I've been put on disability as a result of my brain injury and I get sooooo bored, so that would be very difficult.
  4. Bodhi36

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    Two months is still pretty recent with a brain injury. And brain injuries are hard to guage as far as permanant damage, effects of medication, etc.- neurology is very complicated and there nis so much we don't know about it. But I think the safest and best thing would be to wait awhile- if smoking is making you feel uncomfortable it's definatly a sign to stop- for awhile anyway- give it at least 6 months. It's your brain man, it really is important. I'm sorry about your accident and the loss of vision. I totally agree w/ Stephanie- get another docs opinion. What about the neurologist that treated you? I'm guessing your family doc didn't take care of you for the brain thing.
  5. Mishiro

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    Just clear your head, start getting into writing for a few months, and when you finish your great work of art, you can celebrate and get the best high you've probably had in years. Plus, you wrote a book, or a screen play, or something.
  6. Tunes

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    first post!
    i got into a similar head injury a few years ago and i was smoking weed while i recovered even the first week(i didnt even spend one night in the hospital). i dont think this helped my concentration or my mood, but i did it, im fine, and over 5 years later i can say that i am a fully functioning, creative, intelligent human being. any psychological problems i feel come from the accident and not from the pot that i used to help cope with the accident.
  7. SonicDaChronic

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    it would depend on the seriousness of the injury and i suppose the individual. Marijuana can be used medically as u already are aware of but, u would have to speak with someone specifically about ur injury and the reslut of smoking chronic.

    dont sugar coat ur ideas either, just be straight forward and u should get a straight forward answer. at least this way u wont be "umming and aarhing" bout whether u should smoke or not.
  8. Mamabudz

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    How can pot effect brain injury? Very well thank you ....

    Here's a link to an old thread about this from over two years ago...

    Just an FYI... Mama's friend? Doing very well, and oh yes is now a best friend is a granny...she must be MUCH older than me least a year or two :rolleyes:

    Marijuana and Brain Injury/Stroke

    Now some recent findings on the application of SYNTHETIC THC, dexadrabinol, has been found to not be supportive of this brain trauma protection --- Mama thinks you need the whole plant to make the magic happen...but Mama's old fashioned that way (geeze...did I say old again?)

    ...have a cookie ;)

    Mama Budz

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