How Can We Stop the Munchies?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by Sticky the Kid, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Sticky the Kid

    Sticky the Kid New Member

    Hey everyone, im new to these boards, but i'm a long time smoker!

    Anyway, if this topic needs to be in a special section or something, please, mods, feel free to movie it.

    Now, I ask, How does one stop the munchies?? I LOVE smoking weed, i love it. But the munchies is what ****s me over. I try to live a some-what healthy lifestyle, in terms of what i eat. And i try to exercise regularly. BUT then i smoke, which is quite often, and i eat anything and everything in sight.

    How can i avoid this? Does anyone have any tips or remedies to this problem?

    also, who's tried the "legal bud" they sell here? Does it give you munchies?

    thanks in advance. peace.
  2. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Your question belongs in the Chemical & Physiological forum. I'll move it there.

    Don't smoke on an empty stomach. If you can't exercise some self-control and simply not eat, try having healthy stuff around to munch on. Drink a lot of water so your stomach isn't empty.

    We don't sell "legal bud" here. Some vendors who buy advertising space here do. It is against site policy to discuss drugs other than marijuana and "legal bud" falls into that category.
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  3. Sticky the Kid

    Sticky the Kid New Member

    oh, i didnt realize they were just advertisers.

    anyway, i find that if i can exercise self-control and not start eating, then its much easier to resist the munchies. But once i start eating, its absolutely impossible for me to stop. and lately i can not resist the urge. its very overpowering.

    there has GOT to be a solution to this problem. Im even considering writing or emailing the comedian Bill Maher with this question, because he always talks about eating healthy and not eating the crap Americans call food, yet he is a big time pot head. he must have some secret...

    any other suggestions? lets solve this problem once and for all! thanks people. peace.

    edit: btw, Buzzby, i just noticed your Bill Maher quote. hes so great. Cant wait for this friday!! I'll be smoking tons of weed and watching real time! thats one of my favorite past-times. peace.
  4. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Cherries, grapes, apples, pears, oranges, carrots, celery, sugar-free drinks...

    Increase in appetite is one of the primary effects of marijuana. That's one of the reasons it's so useful for people with wasting syndrome from AIDS or in chemotherapy for cancer. If it didn't give you the munchies it wouldn't be marijuana.
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  5. Cassius

    Cassius Seasoned Activist

    I usually don't have my first toke of the day until after immediately after my supper. By smoking right after I just filled myself up, I find that I don't get the munchies.

    Actually, now that I think about it, I don't usually get the munchies at all any more, even if I'm hungry. My friends are the same way. My other friend, however, who is in his early 40s but just started smoking about a year ago, gets the munchies constantly, every time he smokes. I wonder if maybe the munchies don't just diminish themselves naturally as you become a more experienced smoker? I'm sure it's probably a result of tolerance as well.

    Here's a suggestion: you have very limited short-term memory capacity when you're high. This can be awesome for concentrating (increased attention span), because you can get engrossed in something and do it for a while without realizing how long you've been doing it. Maybe just try to distract yourself with something ELSE that's fun to do while high? Listen to music, play a video game, watch a movie, exercise, etc. Find the activities that you enjoy while high, and then do them when you smoke. If you get the munchies feeling, ignore it and try to focus on what you're doing. If you can get engrossed in something else, you won't think about how good those potato chips or ice cream would taste right about now.
  6. nerphroll

    nerphroll Sr. Member

    The Munchies Cannot Be Stopped. Period. (Or so I think :p)
    Water helps keep me feeling a little full. Coffee tends to take my mind off the hunger, for a little while at least. Also, sometimes I just sit, stop, and really ask myself..."Am I Hungry?" "No?" "Then just have a glass of water."
    (Apparently I'm talking to myself here in front of all of you. Oops!)
    You cannot defeat the munchies. Just eternally maintain your guard.
  7. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    I'm with you on that theory, Cass. When I first started smoking I would get the biggest case of the munchies. It was almost comical. I would remember my friend's mom would make a cake like almost every day, and I would always go up and cut out a slice and eat the rest of the cake. As I started smoking more, I didn't get the munchies anymore, and was just on a normal eating schedule. And if I take a break for a month or so, and start smoking again, I get the munchies all over again.

    And actually now I haven't smoked in probably 3-4 months except maybe once or twice a month if even that. I actually eat a lot more now though, but that could be because my metabolism is finally slowing down. I've gained 20 pounds in the last 2 months :laugh:
  8. Sticky the Kid

    Sticky the Kid New Member

    well, i've been smoking for quite some time, and i smoke a whole lot, and i havent noticed any real difference between my munchies now or when i first started.

    if anything, my muchies are more intense now. i sometimes suspect it may have something to do with the kinds of food i eat when i'm sober. i've made really big life-style changes in recent years, and eat mostly healthy food, except when im high. maybe if you dont eat junk food, when you get high, thats what you crave? its very frustrating...

    the only thing i find inhibits me from eating when i get the munchies is if i'm smoking with people. for the most part i'm a solitary smoker, and thats how i like it, but when i smoke w/ friends, i usually wont pig out the way i do alone, mainly because i get self-concious, and dont want to look like a total pig. even if i start eating, i wont keep eating and eating, because i dont want them to think i have no self-control :wave:

    anyway, i'm gonna still search for an answer. hey, does hash count as a 'different' drug? isnt that technically weed?? does that give you munchies? i havent smoked hash in years.

    and i'm gonna find a way to get in touch with Bill Maher. I really suspect he has some secret when it comes to this. maybe i'll try to call in next time he's on Larry King, if only i knew when that would be. peace.
  9. Inner_peace

    Inner_peace New Member

    Thinking it away..

    I've never noticed that i was loosing my high when i was eating, but i have noticed that when i think about not being stoned, or am trying to do something important that my high goes away alot faster. I really think if you think your gonna loose your high, you do.
  10. laxgirl83

    laxgirl83 New Member

    low fat microwave popcorn is good. Even if you ate 2 bags its only like 500 calories and will fill u up.
  11. teufelfisch

    teufelfisch Seasoned Activist

    The munchies go away on their own after a while. It's still nice to eat something but after you become accustomed to it you won't feel like you're starving to death.
  12. okeydokeypokey

    okeydokeypokey New Member

    whatever ive been smoking daily for years and i cannot control myself around food after i smoke. Ephendrine works, but then who wants a heart attack?
  13. Kierrah

    Kierrah New Member

    To me munchies were unavoidable- no matter what. And cravings were pretty much just whatever I'd smell or see. Whatever I would eat would be the best I had ever had! I've ate some pretty gross things that I wouldn't normally eat to. I have always tried to keep my diet healthy. There was an occasionally completely fattening binge- but that was gonna happen munchies or not (lol) Keeping something to drink did help keep the food intake down though. Munchin on dry cheerios- or strawberries with fat free whipped topping was pleasing and not loaded with calories.
  14. MrProtein

    MrProtein Active Member

    if you get the urge to eat, eat protein. lean meat, tuna, egg whites etc. protein is the answer. avoid anything with carbs in it.
  15. MrProtein

    MrProtein Active Member

    when i get high, i will usually put down 16-20 egg whites in a meal.

    keep in mind i am one of those guys whose goal is to get heeeuge and ripped. (pun intended and not intended at the same time, sweet huh?)
  16. oneluv4boognish

    oneluv4boognish New Member

    My outlook on the "munchie" thing is that for whatever reason there is something somewhere that causes ya to have em. I also know for me that doing a few onehits gives me the motivation and desire to get up off my big butt and clean something....or do that combined with a snack like wheat thins....i'm hoping that will help....cause now that i'm smoking again i've got the munchies again. So i guess it's like an experiment....that and imma cut out the soda and replace it with water....i'm told it's very true about water making you feel full and helps curb the appetite.
  17. Bluntman23

    Bluntman23 New Member

    well really the only way I know how to stop this munchies is smoking alot for a long time, (in my case) I don't rarely get the munchies anymore, I miss when you first started to get high that was the best feeling, but were hard to get now...enjoy it while you can!
  18. Jordan70

    Jordan70 New Member

    What I do is workout in the morning, smoke, then eat meat/veggies or protein shakes every 2 hours, sometimes the munchies are good, that speeds up the metabolism and puts on muscle. So you can eat more.
  19. not_Normal

    not_Normal New Member

    Regarding Munchies

    I don't get the munchies..
    Nor do I get relaxed or any of the normal stuff that others get.
    I get very horny and hiper and I would not never need Viagra..
  20. TheUnseenTruth

    TheUnseenTruth Sr. Member

    Whoa, okay?
    Thanks for...sharing. Keep it in your pants bro haha.
    I've heard of some people getting randy after baking up; but personally i think they just needed an excuse hehe.
    No further comment on that one.

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