How Can We Stop the Munchies?

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  1. lightweightt

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    For me, the munchies is a heightened enjoyment of eating. It is not a craving for food.

    You don't have to eat when you have the munchies, it's just one of the many fun stoned activities. I usually just embrace the munchies anyway lol, but you could just listen to music or watch tv or something.

    And I've had enough of this "legal bud" bullshit. It doesn't get anybody high and if it did we would all be smoking legal bud right now. Buying legal bud is pissing your money down the toilet.
  2. IndigoSage

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    Fighting the Munchies!

    I just started blazing again and just started dieting because I've gained 15-20 lbs. from munchy-frenzies. ~ I was smoking the legal cannabinoid alternative off and on for about year and a half (known by most as K2 or Spice or JWH or J-Dub). It gave me the munchies just as bad if not worse than trees. ~ I just started using Hydroxy-Cut (Wildberry Flavor) about a month ago. It definitely curbs my appetite and it tastes better than Kool-Aid! I find that I no longer have the insatiable appetite that I used to, I can only eat small portions and then I feel full. It is very expensive however, $30 for 10 days worth! It is suggested to be used for two months, so for 60 days it racks up a bill of almost $200. However, I have realized that it's only $3 a day and it's about the same price one would spend on two cups of coffee or two sugar-free energy drinks. The active ingredients are caffeine extracted from green coffee beans and niacin. It also has anti-oxidants from a number of berries and fruits. It is suggested to be used alongside regular exercise and taken twice a day with 16 ounces of water, an hour before two daily meals with no snacking. It also suggests drinking water when you're hungry. ~ I find that not having sweets or baked goods around helps when I get the munchies. I've been mixing trail mix and eating wasabi peas or hot salsa with tortilla chips instead of my usual munchy foods like chocolate, ice-cream, cake, brownies, cookies, pie, pb&j, pancakes, french toast, waffles and even crepes or junk food like potato chips and dip, pretzels, corn chips, fritos, extra butter popcorn, wings, grilled cheese, tuna-melts, patty-melts, bacon cheese burgers, hot-dogs, kielbasa, cheese-steak, hoagies, et cetera... Other healthy munching alternatives consist of fresh fruit, low-carb smoothies, diet or lite juice or soda (however carbonation has been found to have detrimental effects on bone marrow), spicy foods (which supposedly speed up the metabolism), Spicy foods also get to be too spicy eventually; a good way to limit your calorie intake. ~ Personally, I find that smoking on a reward-system is a good way to stay in shape. This consists of exercising and taking care of chores and errands before allowing oneself to blaze. In a way, this can help motivate you to do things you would normally not be able to find motivation for. Some of my friends like to get ripped on bud and then go get ripped at the gym. Some people like to wake and bake every day or need to get stoned to get their day started. I have found that I am less productive when I take this approach. Also, I have found that I am not able to lift nearly as much when I'm stoned and often times I opt out of even working out at all.
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    I hear ya man, just the other day I ate WAY too much and threw up a whole bag of Jalepeno burnt so bad.
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    I'm no spam bot and as far as getting sick off of spicy chips...That sounds painful...I am surprised your ganja didn't cure the nausea??? What kind of weed you smokin'? ;D
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    I posted twice because I was trying to figure out how to get spaces between the bullets on my post but it didn't work any way I know...
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    Personally I believe that if you keep your self busy such as but not limited to...

    1. Wood Burning (Buy a kit and some practice wood)
    2. Making crafts
    3. Listening to music (really listening)
    4. Cleaning your pipes (I love doing this)
    5. Some sort of artistry (Coloring,Drawing, Photography, Poetry etc. )
    6. Building automobiles, train, planes, helicopters etc.
    7. Doing puzzles (jigsaw, brainteasers, anything that makes you think basically.)
    8. Making music, rhythm's, anything with some sort of Metronome.
    9. Pornography, Intercourse (For those that are in the mood and old enough)
    10. Talk nature walks and familiarize yourself with nature and what is around you.(You can do this in the city also)​
    They will help you not to notice the hunger sensation from smoking.
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  8. triple c's lol
  9. AlwaysBeSafe

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    I personally wish weed didnt give the munchies...for the reason that my addiction to marijuana solely lies within its ability to control my appetite. I need weed to eat....if I wake up and dont have any weed im not eating any breakfast cause I wont be hungry. If I dont have weed all day I'll probably eat something really small just to shut my stomach up but nothing will appear appetizing. Im a sad story with the whole situation...I know alot of stoners have the same problem I do. I cant even say I really get all that high off mids anymore (its all I can afford)...but weed does lead to the breakfast of champs...

    Its just sad I have to pay money for weed on top of the cost of food to eat nowadays....for all you out there who are able to smoke weed in moderation...kudos to you cause once you smoke all day it an addiction or will take a toll on your life.
  10. CouchPotato

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    I'm not sure there's a way to prevent getting the munchies. However as said you can either put food with low calories out in front of you to eat. Some of which are REALLY nice. I always crunch on an apple if there's one laying about. Nice texture, really juicy to prevent cotton mouth, really tasty, and leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean afterwards.

    If there isn't one around. Brush your teeth. Brushing them will taste really nice in itself, but should put you off eating other food. I discovered this when trying to hide my herby breath.
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    Im right there with you. it takes you over. its almost frightening how overcome you are by that hunger. Ive so far managed to maintain a reasonably heathy weight w/ exercise and eating the right foods. but recently ive been pushing my limit. I think it has something to do with misplaced sexual tension.

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