how can you tell if your weed is moldy

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  1. fh12345

    fh12345 New Member

    if my weed has mold on it what would it look like? would i kno for sure that it has mold on it. the weed i had looked like it had a little bit of white on it, almost like little hairs, but kind of hard to notice. idk if it was mold or not. If it was mold and i smoked it would i experience the symptoms soon after or would they occur over a long period of time?
  2. Darque Pervert

    Darque Pervert Jive Honkey

    Ever seen bread mold?
    Mold on marijuana looks similar, althought he colors are different. I've heard of whitish, greyish, greenish and brownish mold growing on weed, although all I've only seen grey-green looking mold.

    little hairs are a good thing. Tiny little white or cream-colored mushroom-shaped thingies are called trichromes or crystals. They are concentrated THC and other psychoactive cannabinoids, not mold.

    Can you get pic of your bud? Might help us differentiate.
  3. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    If you look a moldy weed under a 5x or 10x magnifier, you'll see what looks like a spider web covering the bud. It's generally white or gray, but can be other colors as well.

    Don't mistake the "hairs" (dried flower pistils) or "crystals" (trichomes) for mold. Neither of these form a web.
  4. baked tater

    baked tater New Member

    I was told that when your weed smells like cat peepee, it is moldy.
  5. cj117

    cj117 Surfer Monkey

    Sad News..

    I finally got around to smoking my first greens.. and when I went into the jar today to take a look at it, I discovered white fluffy mold on the surface of my stuff.

    Awesome huh? So my friend came down from his place and he smoked some of it. He said it was fine, and ended up getting really high off of it. I was laughing my ass off at his crazy mj antics.

    But I've read elsewhere on this site that smoking stuff with the mold on it is hazardous and can result in lung infections...

    I'll post a picture of it in a few days...
  6. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member weed can only DREAM of getting moildy! Its never around me long enough to develope mold! If I have it, its gone way before it has a chance to mold!
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  7. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    If it smells like cat pee, it's more than moldy. It's rotting.
  8. tikitorch

    tikitorch New Member

    is mold particularly harmful

    I'm new here, and signed up to ask this dumb question... got some too fresh and sealed it up too soon.
    There's definitely some mold and I continue to use, but have no idea of any consequences... any thoughts?

    - as dumb as I look
  9. Broliette

    Broliette ~~~_\|/_~~~

  10. Pompo

    Pompo New Member

    You're post was a bit off-topic for the 2 yr old intro thread you posted it in. I've moved it here where you'll find some info about moldy weed ;) Try the search function for additional threads with info about mold.
  11. Guilt

    Guilt New Member

    If your weed appears to start getting moldy, let it dry out. Too much moisture will cause bud to grow mold. Smoking some mold is ok... you ingest plenty of harmful substances on a daily basis, and your body SHOULD has plenty of antibodies to protect against small bacteria. Keep your buds in an air-tight container only after they have dried out. Storing moist buds in an air tight container is not a good idea. Keep your air-tight containers in a dark, cool, dry spot to keep the crystals from evaporating. It's basically a personal preference weither or not you will smoke the bud that has mold on it. Some want to get high ... some want to get high and stay healthy.
  12. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Once it's visibly moldy, it's already full of spores, which are the things you don't want to inhale. Spores are made for drying out. It's part of a fungus' life cycle. Dry spores can lie dormant for years until they hit an environment amenable to their growth, like the warm, dark, damp interior of your lungs.

    Your body may or may not be able to deal with inhaled mold spores, but why take the chance?

    Crystals (trichomes) don't evaporate. They're a solid part of the plant's structure. Are you making this up as you go along?

    In other words, if you like playing Russian Roulette, go right ahead and smoke moldy weed. It might make you sick, it might kill you, or it might not do a damn thing.
  13. Triklino

    Triklino Falling Into Infinity

    Just curious, how long does it take for weed to get moldy? I mean I've smoked out of bags for 4-5 weeks sometimes, every time I take anything out I always air-seal it, and I keep it stored in a dry place.
  14. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I keep my herb in mason jars, in a cool dark place, for months, and I never have mold issues.
  15. Passage

    Passage Sr. Member

    I've kept bags for months in dry locations without any mold.
  16. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    It can happen overnight if the conditions are right.

    If the weed is below 15% moisture, you can keep it forever without it getting moldy.
  17. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    off color fuzz (usually white) on your bud = mold
    smell of ammonia = mold (heavy)

    Either way, don't smoke it. Smoking moldy weed could leave you with a headache, systemic fungal infection, or nothing. Best not to risk it for a bag of grass.
  18. Guilt

    Guilt New Member

  19. Trocisp

    Trocisp Guest

    Fuzz is normally considered hair like structures....

    Hair like structures are not mold. Fuzz is mold, you should be able to tell the difference.
  20. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    The hairs on buds are the flower's pistils. The things that look like tiny lollipops (stem with a ball on top) are trichomes, the most potent part of the plant. They are both individual objects.

    Mold forms a network of threads (mycelium) on the surface of and within it's substrate (the bud).

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