how can you tell you have good weed without smoking it?

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  1. kiloisalb

    kiloisalb New Member

    what "traits" should the weed have
  2. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    difficult to answer. Really, you need lots of experience smoking many different qualities of bud.

    I look for:

    1) lack of seeds
    2) lime green or brighter coloring
    3) noticable crystallization
    4) good smell - this one you just have to know

    things like red hairs etc... dont really mean a whole lot.

    Generally, once you know it's weed and not a ripoff, if it is seed free (sensimilla) and has a nice healthy green look it's probably gonna get you very high.
  3. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    I hope you're not having to buy without sampling the product. If so, I'd be looking for another source.
  4. Hashishi

    Hashishi Unf*ckwit'able

    Stickiness and density. It should have lots of oils. Obviously, the composition of the oils in terms of how much THC they contain is a factor, but most commercial bud is bred to naturally produce higher concentrations of THC- so, taking that as a given, you`ll be wanting to look for quantity: i.e. As sticky as possible.

    My father, when he travelled in India, used to rub fresh, wild cannabis between his hands. After an half hour or so of doing this, he could rub his hands together over a piece of paper and harvest a large ball of resin. That`s what gets you high- the oils which cannabis 'sweats out'. Everything else is pretty much just aesthetics.
  5. chadwick

    chadwick Sr. Member

    1. good buds no flat sides that just means it was probably comercial quality not conisuer quality

    2. look for plenty of hairs and or plenty of crystals

    3. little if no shade leaves still on, they just add weight to the buds

    4. color, you want the crystals to be either clearish, milky, or tanish; also the buds should be either a nice dark green or a lime green, never brown were it should be green

    5. colors are always good to look for, like purple, gold, red, orange, blue, differnet colors are always good because buds that have colors like purple are mostly high THC strains

    6. a couple little things that can help are if your hookup keeps it in a jar than he probably the apreciates quality that the bag destroys(just squishes them a little) than he is probably going to go out of his way to get good bud to put in the jar

    7. fresher the better, so stronger smell is apreciated as is the moisture content of the bud, if you can pich the top and twist it completly around with out breaking it off completely just about half off than its probably fresh

    8. dense, rock hard buds are the best, you want them to give a little but not much, if your fingures are sticky after that than its good,

    9. always have your dealer weight it out, i have notice sometimes when i have rock hard bud that looks like half as much as the less dense stuff that i weighted both out on the same scale
  6. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    You've already recieved good advice, but simply put, sometimes you just don't know til you smoke it. i've had weed that looked like really good KB, seedless, hairy, etc.....and it was completel garbage. A blunt of it MIGHT get 2 people high. Then, I've had schwag that was seedy, stemmy, and looked like horrible weed.....yet, when smoked, it was actually suprisingly potent
  7. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    I second what TM said. I have had schwag literally full of seeds that was really good smoke.

    boy was I surprised!
  8. Hashishi

    Hashishi Unf*ckwit'able

    Good point: now I come to think of it, bud that has an ever-so-slightly 'greasy' feel- as in a incredibly light oil as opposed to a dank sticky oil, is the bud that has got me the highest- converse to what I said in my OP.

    A friend came back with some bubblegum from Amsterdam, and while it smelt great it wasn`t 'dank' or 'sticky'- it was light, nice-looking bud from what I can recall of my first impressions. ...Everything beyond that`s a total haze, though. :p
  9. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    Exactly... Stickiness doesnt always mean much. The best dro I have smoked has always been just slightly sticky, but mostly just soft. It should roll into a J really easily.
  10. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Hairs are decorative, no more. Crystals is where the potency resides.

    Weed doesn't reach its peak potency or aroma until it has been properly dried and cured. Fresh bud has very little smell compared to the aroma after a week's drying and a month's curing. The most basic test to see if your crop is dry enough to start curing is that the stems snap rather than bend. If you can twist a top completely around without breaking the stem, the weed has a ways to go before it's ready to smoke. If you seal it in bags or jars at this point, chances are that it will be covered with mold in a few days.
  11. TemplarProphet

    TemplarProphet New Member

    I would have to aruge that point. I agree that hairs have almost no THC compared to the actual crystals that emit from the resin glands. However, usually lots of colored hairs indicate good weed. For instance, Hydro I always get has mucho hairs. Pedro sometimes in the summer I find myself getting brown, nasty mursh, that has little or no hairs.

    Buy a pocket loop and look at the crystals closely. There are vids on You Tube from High Times magazine, that tell you what to look for.

  12. Dedbr

    Dedbr Domestic War Veteran

    I just want to add this as a personal aside.....I have had people tell me they had some great bud, but when I smoked it, it seemed to me to be a mediocre high, at best.....crystals or no crystals, hairs or no hairs, bright green or brown.

    I am an indica fan, as most sativa seems a waste. I want that lay you back in the couch feeling, even when I'm busy. I am pretty sure, too, that most people have a preference as to the type of buzz they want.

    I am becomming more and more convinced that seeds, stems and other garbage are a weight problem, but I just don't agree that it hurts the quality of the herb. I know a lot of folks probably dont agree, but some brick or imported weed is a good bargain if you can find the better grades.......;)

    Buzzby is cetainly right in his observation that if you can twist the stem all the way around, it's not cured yet, so putting it in a vacumm bag or mason jar would probably result in mold.......

    Try it before you buy it. I've been more than pleasantly surprised by weed I would call swag blowing me the fuck away in a heartbeat, and was sorry when it was gone.

    I've also been around large quantities of herb of different strains and colors and quality, and there seems like there is always one I smoke more than the others simply because it gets me where I want to be.......:D

    The try it before you buy it saying seems to work best in this case. It might look like killer bud, but it will have a very short buzz, and the taste and quality just aren't there.

    Another thing I really consider when purchasing herb is the length of the buzz. This to me is the most important part because I hate smoking weed that only gets you high a short time, like some of the supposed, "killer bud" I have had. That short duration of buzz really pisses me off if I have paid high dollar for it, but I'm only high for twenty minutes or so.......:rolleyes:

    Let the buyer beware is sometimes the best policy..........:toocool:

    Some Where In Ded Land...........:cool:
  13. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Back in the early 70s, sinsemilla was such a rarity that the only kind we ever saw was Thai Sticks. Other than that, the best weed we got had seeds and sticks. Some of it was incredibly good.

    That said, it is pretty well accepted that preventing the female plants from getting fertilized keeps them using their energy to produce resin rather than seeds. This means that if you plant twin seeds and grow one "natural" and the other sinsemilla, keeping all other factors the same, the sinsemilla plant should be much more potent.
  14. Eaglewood Steve

    Eaglewood Steve New Member

    If your weed is purple, or blue then this isn't necessarily allways a good thing. Growers know they can sell more of their stuff if it's purple and will lower the temp that the plants are in, this causes some of the leaves to turn purple and will lower the thc count. Not allways a good thing but some plants are just naturally Colorful. So not always a good way to tell. Also make sure to try and spot tricombs which contain lots of thc when broken up. Mmmmm tricombs :eek:
  15. W E E D

    W E E D New Member

    Obviously trichome coverage is the most important indicator of potency as the majority of the cannabinoids are contained within the resin heads of the trichomes. Now, using a magnifying glass or microscope you can look at the trichomes and see if the heads are intact or if a lot of them have fallen off (kief is collected resin heads) and if they are a milKy white, then they are more on the sativa side effects wise (ex: 14% THC, 0.5% CBD), whereas if you let the plant flower a few days-1week longer the trichomes will turn an amber color indicating it is ready for harvest and will have more of a body stone than if they were harvested earlier (ex: 10%THC, 0.8%CBD) I'm pretty sure the longer it flowers the more cannabinoids develop into CBD and CBN and other cannabinoids.
  16. bowl made of pot

    bowl made of pot New Member

    Like taste is important too because good weed is usually properly handled dried and cured, so it's more even burning and smoother, whereas Mex, or BC, are usually bricked up and poorly packaged which can cause substantial potency loss while it still looks like good weed.
  17. CaliforniaBeauty

    CaliforniaBeauty New Member

    I learned by moving from San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale. I never realized how spoiled I was with the nice big sticky nugs I had in Cali. They were potent and covered in crystals and hairs. Looking back, they were beautiful. Here in Florida it's dry and flakey and it doesn't have a strong scent or any crystals or hairs. In fact a California cop might even mistake it for Oregano haha. It's depressing. What I'd do to get my hands on sme good Cali grown......
  18. bowl made of pot

    bowl made of pot New Member

    Don't buy in the ghetto boy, there is plenty of high quality nugs in florida you just have to know where to look. Honestly some of the best non-medical weed in the U.S is in Florida, or Tennessee both of those states do have some Top Notch Bud if you know where to look. Also I'm from Alabama and I've had some sticky icky just covered in crystals (Grown by my uncle in Florida) if you have the right people you can come across some fire ass weed.
  19. PawtCookeez

    PawtCookeez New Member

    Definitely color plays a lot in this equation, but you have to know what you're looking for with whatever you're buying, because I've had for instance, some bubba kush that looked drab as fuck, but that shit would lay your ass on the couch, so don't only think that bright ass green means good, because sometimes it can be bright green, yet lack potency.

    Crystals are another thing. If upon close inspection with a light, that bud looks like someone rolled it in sugar, you're probably gonna be really high soon.

    Seeds are another good indication of the quality you just bought. If that shit is loaded up with seeds, you either a: got some nasty shit, or b: someone didn't pull the males in time. Regardless, seeds aren't usually good.

    Smell is definitely a key player. If that shit wreaks so strongly that you can smell it all the way across the house, you probably have something good. Then again, I've also had bud that didn't smell for shit, but gave me a trip to outer space. Time and experience will teach you how to tell what you're buying, usually.

    Usually a good way to keep from getting screwed is to look up pictures on google. If someone says they're gonna sell you some blue dream, look at strain reviews before you buy it. Learn what healthy buds are supposed to look like.

    If you wanna find some good weed, usually making friends with people at head shops or college kids is the way to go.

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