How do I make a good bong?

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by The Blazemaster, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Hey yall
    I'm just lookin for how to make a good bong. I've made several before but I wanna know what type is the best (eg. Gravity, Water filtering, big, small).

    What should I use for a bowl? Is cold water better than warm? Where is the best place to use it?

    Please try to help me out. If you know how to make a good one please post some instructions...
  2. Inhale

    Inhale New Member

    Cold Water cools it more and lessens chance of bacteria growing in the bong. Gravity bongs are best. You can even put ice water in your bong if you wish.

    I just think that about the water because warm and moist is where bacteria grows, not cold and moist.
  3. YungDro

    YungDro New Member

    Sup bro...i myself usually make a decent medium sized bubbler...and they work excellently...and to answer your questions...Use a decent size Wrench Socket...and Cold water is definitely better than warm...oh and use it in any place you feel comfortable not getting caught (ex. Woods)....I'm sure you know how to make a bubbler but heres some instructions jsut in case....Materials....Anything that has a chamber big enough to support smoke and water (ex. Water Bottle,Gatorade Bottle, or any other container around that size.), A stem, a bowl, water, anything you can use to make it airtight (ex. Duct Tape,Caulk,Electrician Tape) So basically take your container and punch a hole about 3/4 down or enough were your stem can touch the bottom and still support your bowl...then push your stem through at a slant and attach the bowl to the other end pointing out of the container....add water where it comes about an inch above the stem....then use your tape or caulk to make the hole you punched for the stem airtight....then if you want to add a screen to your bowl(optional) add your herb...light and bubble away my friend
  4. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    It's all a matter of personal preference. You can get the biggest hits with gravity bongs, but they're also the most impractical. It takes a minute to set up, and it's not really portable. Same thing with big versus small. The bigger it is, the better the hits will be, in general. But again, it gets harder to transport.

    Anything that doesn't burn off toxic things. Aluminum foil, plastic, and certain metals like copper and brass should be avoided. Glass is the best, but there's no harm in stainless steel.

    Again, personal preference. In my opinion, the two extremes are the best. Really really hot water, steaming water, is great. All of the water vaper really makes it a soothing smoke. The thing with hot water is to change it every time, because it gets gross after it cools back down. Cold water is also pretty great, with crushed ice cooling down the smoke a lot. Try both a decide what you like better:shrug:

    Where ever you believe you have the smallest chance of the cops (or your parents, if that is the case) finding you. The place where you smoke joints, blunts and bowls can also be used with bongs!

    Do a search, there are a lot of different ways to make them, all listed on this site. Really, you're better off saving up the dough and buying one. You definitely have a lot of places to buy them from in your town, like all towns. And a few of those places might not card. And then you have the internet sites to buy from.
  5. teog

    teog New Member

    buy a diamond drill bit so you can drill through glass bottles there not very expensive im going to do it to a ton of corona's and other types of beer bottles who wouldnt want there favriote beer be there bong too
  6. purplebuffalo

    purplebuffalo New Member

    save yourself the trouble and mullah (or moolah if you like the cowiness better) and make a nice ass hookah. just invest in some tubing and tape (or rubber/cork stoppers) and your good to smoke from even the most classy liquor bottles. enjoy.
  7. teog

    teog New Member

    be creative i liked my 2liter bottle with the end cut off in a 2liter juice container u can throw it or do w.e u want to it and itll still be good to smoke out of plus it doesnt look like a smoking device the thicker the plastic the better and always use silicone for sealing its clear and verrrry heat resistant plus its sticks really good me n my friends connected 5 2 liter bottles together with pvc tube and made a giant hookah
  8. dubzis4life

    dubzis4life New Member

    hey, i know how to make a good one but it might cost you a few bucks...first get a beer bottle then drill a hole in the uper side portion using a diamond tipped drill know how to do the rest buy a bowl online and a slide all that junk and room temp water is suggested.
  9. BurntOutRaccoon

    BurntOutRaccoon New Member

    You don't need to buy a bowlhead online as dubzis4life said, any headshop should carry them for cheap. Which brings me to what I use for a homemade gravity bong. It's pretty simple, but larger than a standard 2lt and 1lt bottle...Like, if you're cool to smoke at home, then I'd suggest using a gallon milk jug and a 2lt bottle and cut open a hole in the bottlecap and screw a metal bowlhead in there. Simple enough, if you know how to work a gravity bong, and it makes for STAVIN hits. For something unique and a little more sister once fashioned a bong using a pringles can, duct tape and a tin foil slide. Of course tin foil slides are easy and cheap, but very bad for if you can get your hands on a metal slide, see what you can do with a Pringles can! I think she also used a Nalgene bottle once...heh
  10. ingutted

    ingutted New Member

    dude aluminum foil is fine as long as you dont use a butane torch to melt it and you pre burn it to get rid of its chem bath. copper i agree is sht but brass is fine
  11. Youre_A_Bad_Catman

    Youre_A_Bad_Catman New Member

    actually if you are going to use beer bottles use a freaking sobe bottle with i wide mouth it will take better hits

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