How do i make a good vaporizer?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Adam202, Sep 12, 2001.

  1. Adam202

    Adam202 New Member

    i want to know how to make a good vaporizer that doesnt include using tin foil or ghetto stuff that is sick to smoke out of. Is there any harm in smoking out of a vaporizer or is it like a water bong, i know how they work but i need to know these thigns.
  2. AfRo

    AfRo New Member

    You could make a cheap vaporizer out of a light bulb, just bust out the filiment and the little black part on where you screw it in(don't break the glass) it takes a couple of tries. Then rinse the white crap out with water and allow to dry. put in some shake through where you would have screwed into the light socket and heat from the bottom.
  3. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    And if you are planning to do this...

    Be sure to have 911 On your speed dial and a likely explaination for the nice paramedic when he comes to treat you for electric shock and burns over 90% of your body... that is if you are alive...

    Try buying one

    Just a thought

    Mama Budz
    * I Toke & I Vote *
  4. krolley

    krolley Guest

    The easiest design to use is simply to use a soldering iron. You take out the metal bit in the end and you are left with a hollow metal tube. Shove some aluminium foil into that so that it is not too deep and thats it! However, you might want to use something to make the vaporizer stay vertical. In my case, I used a simple garden-pot (the one you put plants in) and cut a hole in the bottom, upturned it and shoved the soldering iron into it. Then I got a big plastic bottle, cut the bottom off so it sits covering the soldering iron and not letting the vapour escape. It's very simple to do, only bad thing about this design is emptying the ash afterwards, coz that mutha gets hot! I'm sure you can find similar designs on the net, that's where I originally got the idea. Good luck.
  5. Adam202

    Adam202 New Member

    I stoped reading when you mentioned tin foil, im would never smoke out of tin foil.
  6. sgtspliffkin

    sgtspliffkin New Member

    the idea that krolly had wasn't bad except for alluminum foil. to avoid allum foil, i suggest you go to the pumbing section of a local sears or simmilar hardware store. in the plumbing section they have little connectors used to connect pipes together. just get a copper connector, and drill it so that it can just rest on top of the soldering iron, and you're set.
    the connectors look like this, sort of:
    <| |>
    | |

    the little >s on the bowl part are treads like those on a screw. i hope you find some of these. if not, the use your imagination, you'll probably find something that can rest on top of the inverted soldering iron and serve as a bowl. later.
  7. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest


    Try doing a YAHOO or GOOGLE search on vaporizers.... there are some that will not kill you if you leave them on. And a vaporizer will be less likely to casue lung irritations (leading to bronchial infections, etc.) A soldering iron will if left plugged KILL YOU end of story.

    Remember when you are high you get a time dilation and you WIIL NOT be in a condition to REMEMBER TO TURN OFF YOUR VAPORIZER. Electrical fires VERY BAD :nono:

    Respect yourself, and respect others in and around you, where you live and even the house next door. Don't use crap at the expense of Safety.

    Mama Budz
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  8. Adam202

    Adam202 New Member

    Thxs mamabudz. ill remmeber
  9. killernora

    killernora New Member

    vapor iron socket

    very good ideal but i would get a socket that would fit the top and some thermal paste.
    ima try this later. also i signed up just to post this:p but i so far like this site.
  10. 4RAGE

    4RAGE New Member

    I would definitly not use copper anywhere near a heating element, this starts to give off copper oxide (a toxic gas) at a low temperature. Something similar would be true for the alu foil at a higher temp and pretty much any material... Safest bet would be glass for any part that gets hot in your setup.

    Also plastic does this at a low temp too would suggest glass instead of
    plastic bottle to catch vapour.

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