How do you act when your high?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by doubleoh, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. doubleoh

    doubleoh New Member

    Now I have smoked weed on four different occasions. Three of which I have actually gotten high off of since most do not get high their first time. And every time I get high I become very hyper and very talkative. While my friends I smoke with are just really chill when they are high. Why is this, why am I so hyper while high and most others are mellow? I want a deeper answer than just, different people react differently. I know this, but I want more detailed answers. Anyway, sometimes I would like to be as mellow as everyone else when I'm high. Why do you guys think I am hyper while others are not, is it an issue of how much people smoke, or simply a pre-determined characteristic of the person to react in this certain way. And share your experiences with me as well :D
  2. toke_after_toke

    toke_after_toke New Member

    I act insane whilst stoned.
    I raid the fridge for any food, often eating large chunks of raw meat at a time. If I need to use the bathroom, I wont even bother finding a restroom, just pee straight up as high as I can. When talking I cannot make coherent sentences only psycho-babble. My eyes dont turn red they actually turn green, its amazing if you saw it. Instead of playing the guitar I become very violent and smash it (this becomes expensive if I smoke a few days in a row) on sight. I will scribble down insane mantras on napkins in random shades of lipstick, whilst huddled in the corner curled up and rocking slowly while whispering and sweating profusely. Then when my high dies down finally I will do anything for more money to pay for that last beautiful nug of ganja, only to promise myself that this will be the last time.

    Haha, in all seriousness I act like a teenager. I wil sit around lazily sometimes, othertime I will want to play music, sometimes I might want to go outside. Mostly I will want to converse and have a good time, but who doesn't want that?
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  3. doubleoh

    doubleoh New Member

    Lol, you had me fooled at first but then I thought theres no fuckin way. Anyway I'm really looking for an answer to why I'm acting hyper as opposed to others who are mellow, I want to experience that body high.
  4. Toke Another

    Toke Another New Member

    Well, It's not just one simple answer. There are a good amount of things that factor into the way you react when youre high. First off, it obviously depends on what kind of bud you smoke. A pure sativa isn't going to give you the high an indica would. However, if you smoke the same things your friends do and you react differently, unfortunantly it most likely is just because you react differently to it. In all honesty its probably caused by something like the THC reacting differently to your neurons and nuerotransmitters, because yours arent the same as theirs. Thats about as much as I can tell you. I've had my fair share of couch lock, not wanting to do anything but sit and chill highs, I've had highs where Im instantly drained and tired as hell, and I've also had the highs that you normally have. The talkative/hyper ones. Personally I don't see anything wrong with the social highs like you get, theyre great if youre with a bunch of friends or at parties.
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  5. doubleoh

    doubleoh New Member

    Yeah I agree. While I was reading over your post I was thinking hmmm, yes my neurotransmitters are obviously different from there's and therefore react on a different basis. And I instantly thought, well yes I'm much more intelligent then those guys. I'm arrogant :/. But yeah I guess it all depends on how my body responds to the chemicals. And as you said, seeing as how my friends are smoking out of the same pipe, the same weed. It must be just my body's reaction to the chemical contents of the weed. Unfortunately I hear, (I'm not very experienced with marijuana) that indicas are usually kush and so on, which is expensive! Anyway, thanks for your response!
  6. Toke Another

    Toke Another New Member

    Haha no worries. Arrogance isn't a good thing, but it isn't always bad. I prefer sativas myself as they give a more unrealistic high while indicas give a more chill high, kind of like what you desire. You can get indica's, or atleast indica dominant hybrids cheap. They dont always have to be the higher end stuff, it just depends on where you live and who you know.. However I would recommend buying the best bud you can unless you're really strapped for cash as I find it tends to last me longer, is way smoother going down, tastes better, and is all around a much better experience.
  7. doubleoh

    doubleoh New Member

    Haha, well. I'm a high school student, no job unfortunately. I'm looking for work though. So yeah I don't have much cash to spend but I have good friends that I can always split the cost with!
    I'll be sure to get some high end shit soon enough, we'll see how that goes :D
  8. Toke Another

    Toke Another New Member

    Haha I hear ya. I just graduated last month myself. I'm planning on growing next year, once I get my own apartment. I have to live on my college campus first year though. Luckily I had a job all last year up until january when I started baseball so I couldn't work anymore, but I had a pretty good cash pile built up that lasted me till may. In may I got a shit load of graduation money haha. So I'm all set for a while. When I go off to college I'm gonna have to find a different supplier though. :\ Shouldnt be too hard though. I'm going to a big college.. should be everywhere. haha. But yeah man, buy you some good stuff. Yesterday I bought some really high end bud. I smoked last night and tripped balls. I had some pretty kick ass hallucinations.
  9. I ask myself

    I ask myself New Member


    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who does that kinda shit while high. :D
  10. MXM

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    Im naturally kinda fucked up.

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