How do you drive while high?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by j_wheezy, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. j_wheezy

    j_wheezy New Member

    Sometimes I don't notice red lights or stop signs till the last second but I do alright.

    Also, I'm always trying to get other teenagers attention to show off my joint or something.

    I go about 2-3 over the speed limit and nearly always end up at taco bell, I don't really remember the drive... It's like it's just programmed into my mind how to drive.
  2. Fubar1977

    Fubar1977 New Member

    Just done 600 miles or so over the weekend, all of which I was high for.
    The trick is to be just high enough but definately not baked ;)

    In 16 or so years of driving, I`ve been high more often than straight.
    I`m not endorsing driving whilst stoned, just saying that there are worse conditions to be in. I personally find I`m less agressive and generally calmer but you do have to think further ahead than if you were straight and reaction times are definately longer (I did some driving instructor training in my 20`s)

    Worst thing is driving when you really need to piss, you`ll do damn-near anything then!
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  3. MAN1

    MAN1 New Member

    I Do Grrrrrrreat! :d:d
  4. PepeTheMano

    PepeTheMano New Member

    I don't want to find out :D
  5. Nepo

    Nepo Sr. Member

    I drive excellent while high. I don't think it's a good idea to try to get other people's attention while you're driving high if you can barely notice red lights and stops man haha.
  6. MAN1

    MAN1 New Member

    "ENJOY A SMOOTH:)HIGH :cool:NON STOP RIDE....................................
    .................................................GOT DAMIT...............................
    ..........................FUKIN TRAFIC JAM!":doh:
  7. j_wheezy

    j_wheezy New Member

    Worst thing is driving when you really need to piss, you`ll do damn-near anything then!

    That nearly made me laugh out loud. I have never had to piss while high... or I've never noticed.
  8. Lukeaxx

    Lukeaxx Sr. Member

    I don't. I'm quite against driving high.
  9. BullHorn

    BullHorn New Member

    I didn't notice a green light once, it was... Awkward. :p
  10. 1TonBee

    1TonBee Active Member

    I don't, driving is dangerous enough as it is.
  11. Free_Your_Mindd

    Free_Your_Mindd New Member

    I am very careful when I am driving high. I go the speed limit and I am very alert to my surroundings. I love driving when I am high though, nothing like driving around listening to my favorite songs :)
  12. MemphisBBQ

    MemphisBBQ Sr. Member

    I sometimes leave my turn signals or lights on by accident. I've only been driving a couple of months though so I'm sure that's not uncommon. I often look for excuses to drive around and listen to music haha, it's so fun if you don't have shit to do and you have a full tank.
  13. Krokus

    Krokus New Member

    Man when i drive high it feels like i am "one with the road" becuase they way my chair is situated and the way i sit, makes me see only the road and i feel as if my truck is in the road and i can only see throgugh the glass....

    i don't know if anyone understood that but thats what driving high is to me, i stay like perfectly in the lines and dont swerve at all
  14. claygooding

    claygooding DrugWarVeteran

    I have operated cranes lifting tons of material,scrapers hauling 30 yards of dirt,dozers pushing those scrapers to load them,semi-trucks over every Interstate highway and through every major city in the US and some of Canada,ridden motorcycles all over America,and all the while smoking marijuana.
    I have never been involved in an industrial accident and the only accident in a truck in over 1 million miles of commercial driving occurred when I was out of marijuana and was the result of going to sleep at the wheel from driving too many hours.
    I would venture to say that most people can drive just fine high on marijuana,and I am sure that it is possible that I wasn't high enough to have problems but it was not because I did not try to get that way.

    The drunk driver speeds through the stop sign without seeing it.
    The stoned driver stops and patiently waits for it to turn green. Guitherism
  15. j_wheezy

    j_wheezy New Member

    I smoked like 1.5 grams of corn out of a waterbong and smoked a little bit of crushed vicodin yesterday. The drive home was unbelievable. I felt like I was driving inside a giant pillow. It was amazing..
  16. Smokey McBongwater

    Smokey McBongwater Sr. Member

    I'm very careful but uncomfortable. Like i always fuck up at crowed stopsigns so i try to avoid driving high as much as possible
  17. Canta

    Canta Sr. Member

    Well, I drive like shit when I'm stoned, I don't notice anything, I try to be careful but end up paying too much attention to one thing. I don't generally smoke when I drive because I could only have a puff or two.
  18. k_semler

    k_semler Sr. Member

    After getting a DUI, I don't drive under the influence of any intoxicating substance. I'll drive after 1 beer an hour, but no more then that.
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  19. imFADED

    imFADED Sr. Member

    I would not encourage it but I often drive back to my house from my buddy's after smoking. I always wait at their place until I come down a little bit before I take off though.
  20. zappy

    zappy Pondering Primate

    There have been no scientific studies that I know of that prove weed impairs driving ability. I drive high all the time and I have only ever been in one accident, which was when some idiot ran a red light and crashed into me. Alcohol definitely impairs driving ability, and I would never drive drunk. I don't have any problem with stoned drivers on the roads.

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