How do you get unhigh

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by goozb, May 13, 2007.

  1. goozb

    goozb New Member

    Say you smoke a joint then , have to get unhigh for obvious reasons. what do yo do to get unhigh,(eat,take shower,etc.)
  2. NachtSorcier

    NachtSorcier New Member

    I find that eating a whole bunch and moving around a lot ruins my high. It sort of grounds me, if you will.
  3. krad

    krad New Member

    Seems like for a lot of people taking a shower works, but not for me. You could try it
  4. Mr.Smokesalot

    Mr.Smokesalot New Member

    Eating and a shower always help for me.

    When im out at a friends house and I need to sober up to drive home, I just usually wait it out (I know pretty much how long it takes for me to become sober) and then I will throw some cold water on my face, wakes me up. Caffeine also helps.
  5. kansastoker

    kansastoker New Member

    I definitely start to come down when i eat. Or, smoke some cigarrettes. While people often say that cigarettes intensify their high, i, being a regular cigarette smoker, Camel filters thank you very much, feel that it might intensify the high for a few minutes, but actually causes you to come down sooner in the long run.
  6. timiscute

    timiscute Funky Monk

    i totally agree with that....i think taking a shower is the route to go...and shave after...that should sober you up good

  7. 90minuteIPA

    90minuteIPA Subscriber

  8. kontroversy

    kontroversy Im Stpwned

    Exhale really hard and blow all the THC out of your lungs.
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  9. 777789999

    777789999 New Member


    Hey, that's a really good idea Kontroversy. Usually I just build a time machine and either skip a ahead to when I am not high or before I smoke the joint and not actually smoke it. This is a MUCH better idea though , thanks! lol
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  10. Billy Shears

    Billy Shears New Member

    Why even smoke if you're worried about getting unhigh?
  11. Anarleaf

    Anarleaf New Member

    Blasphemy! I'll hear nothing of it.

    For some reason showering or running helps... Sometimes running amplifies it though.
  12. copsh

    copsh New Member

    Are you joking?

    Otherwise this is the biggest load of bollocks I have ever heard
  13. Frojoe

    Frojoe New Member

    A shower should help, but if you need to sober up fast that might not be a possiblility. Uh, a quick splash of cold water, and a few deep breaths should help. Also adreniline seems to help. If a cop rolls by my high always disappears for a little while.
  14. Mr_Niceguy__

    Mr_Niceguy__ New Member

    I just don't let anyone know that I am high and learn to do everything while I am high.
  15. k20

    k20 New Member

    :laugh: he is.
    as for me, I never really need to unhigh I just don't try and converse with my parents... I'll just put in visine and hang out somewhere where they aren't. If I have a spray I'll use it but normally I don't so I just strip :wiggle:
    If you really need to unhigh, shower usually takes it all up for me.
    or else look at something really gross or get scared or somethin, usually zaps my high.
  16. imported_Insomniac

    imported_Insomniac Sr. Member

    You could always hurt yourself really bad. Stub a toe or slam your fingers in a door.
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  17. SurfThis

    SurfThis Subscriber

    swimming does it for me, but not showering. I guess that doesn't make sense. Oh well.
  18. MelhorAinda

    MelhorAinda New Member

    Who wants to be unhigh?:crybaby:

    Anyhow, just be around the parents. That'll sober ya right up. Works for me!
  19. justblaze407

    justblaze407 New Member

    i smoke a cigarette. its like youre actually concentrating on doing something and for me its like my little break from everything and when i put it out im just the right amount of high and the right amount of abletosoberup. :wave:
  20. Hookahs

    Hookahs Banned

    This also works for passing a drug test. :D

    Yeah, I always find dismemeberment works for killing my high.

    If these two methods don't work, nothing will. :chokin:
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