How do you make a reusable pipe?

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by san, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. san

    san New Member

    i need a way to make a pipe that i can reuse.

    i cant order anything online so... yea

    and i need it to be kinda easy
  2. Ryan 4891

    Ryan 4891 New Member

    put a dent in middle of a pop can, take pin and poke small home on flat part. break up weed, put over hole and smoke. this way is kinda nasty but if ur under 18 or whatever ya use this
  3. WildGerg

    WildGerg New Member

    never use a pop can for smoking the inside is coated with epoxy to prevent the drink from corroding the aluminum and compromising the taste of the beverage. if you absolutely must then i would suggest getting one of those really thick aluminum cans like the ones venom energy drinks come in and poking a hole in it and popping a clean socket wrench into the hole to use as the bowl that way you don't directly heat the aluminum. just gauge the hole so its a hair smaller then the butt of the socket so you can force it in and make an air tight seal.

    You could also make a pop bottle bong if you can find a suitable metal tube for the stem (never use plastic like the body of a pen)

    or you could always make a lung with a long skinny plastic bag like from a loaf of bread and a 2 liter pop bottle and socket wrench. just poke a hole in the lid of the bottle and press fit the socket into it for the bowl. then cut the bottom off the bottle and tape the opening of the bag to the bottom of the bottle and suck the air out through the top so the bag is inside the 2 liter. to use it, you pull the bag out the bottom so it sucks air in through the bowl as you light it and it fills the bottle with smoke just like a gravity bong.

    speaking of gravity bongs you could also get a 1 liter bottle and cut a hole in the bottom and pop a bowl into the lid and put the whole thing into a jug of water ( or a 2 liter with the top cut off if you don't have a good size jug) and smoke that way.

    my personal recommendation is the gravity bong. if you want you can take a glass bottle (like a wine bottle or a large size beer bottle and "cut" the bottom off. take a piece of cotton string and tie it tightly around the bottle where you want to cut it. then slide the tied string of and soak it in acetone (nail polish remover). quickly pull the string back on to the bottle where you want to "cut" it and light it on fire. spin the bottle slowly so the flame heats the glass evenly until the acetone burns away. the second the fire goes out dunk the bottle into cold water and it will crack along where the string was tied and the bottom will fall off. for more info on cutting glass like this, google "cutting a bottle with string" and watch one of the many video tutorials.
  4. _Scandinavian_

    _Scandinavian_ New Member

    well. My sugestion is to take a like Arizona tea can and cut the ends off with scissors. then roll out the can into a sheet of metal. fashon into a pipe, hot glue it/tape it and then wrap it in electrical tape. < If this dosent make sense just ask :D add a screen at the bottom of the bowl. I just used more can to do that.

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