how do you pass a blood test???

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  1. Is it possible to pass a blood test? what do you do???

    i've been smoking heavily for about half a year, i stopped yesterday, how do i stay clean, if a blood test occurs, how do i take care of it?
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    YOu cant beat a blood test, just keep clean if you think you will get a blood test. However, it is highly unlikely that a blood test would be used-- it would most certainly be urine.
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    what are the chances of blood test? and what companies / types of job require it?
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    Blood testing is much more expensive as it requires a licensed phlebotomist (blood draw-er). In addition there is a greater insurance risk to pricking someone with a needle and that risk needs to be outweighed by the need for the test.

    Given the ablove it would not seem likely that a blood test would be commonly used to check for marijuana use, especially when urine testing is inexpensive and readily available and reasonably low cost.

    A blood test would probably be used in industries requiring government clearance levels, working with heavy machinery, large carriers ~ of course this is just a common sense guess and how common is common sense when it comes to the War on Drugs, really :rolleyes: ?

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    mama budz - if you run for president you got my vote ;)
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