How do you really know that you are high (help newbie!)

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by Flakernate, Aug 29, 2001.

  1. Flakernate

    Flakernate New Member

    Im not sure where to post this

    Hey everyone..Im new (obviously) to this site and this is like the funnest message board ive ever been to ;)

    but anyways..I just started smokin the herb secretly about a month ago and Im just wonderin how do you really know that you are high? cuz most of the time when I think im high..I just think its all in my head..Im makin myself believe im high..u know wut im sayin? but im not really sure if im high...

    can someone tell me a way to test yourself out or wut the feeling is like? cuz the only stuff Ive been feeling is tingly unstable legs and when I tilt my head back I feel like im falling..but once again..I keep thinkin its all in my head.

    I dont really have anyone to toke with and ask these questions..cuz im in california and there are alot of poser smokers that seem to exxagerate the experience..

    oh yea..I'll admit I got into smokin because of the media..Ive seen too many movies like half baked and Cheech and chong..and blazin it up seems fun ::p (I researched it for about 1 1/2 months before takin my first light)

    but anyways..maybe weed is not for me..can someone give me any suggestions on how to open up to it more? (or maybe im expecting too much from it)


    (p.s. I know im smokin it right..cuz I hold it in for 5 secs and exhale the smoke through my nose)
  2. BoneyDragon

    BoneyDragon New Member

    My question is how many times have you smoked? I smoked like six times and thought I was getting high, but I wasn't. I just felt sort of relaxed. Then I got a bong and some very good weed. It blew my ass off. That was the first time I got high truly. If you are unsure if you are high, then you aren't. Once you feel it there is no mistaking it. I hope you get it right soon, because once you do get high it is easier after that. You just have to break through.

  3. Double M

    Double M New Member

    I am new to weed and this message board as well, so i thought i would post this.
    I had my first real high, last week. I have been smoking for a month, and, like you, i wasn't sure if i was getting high or not.

    It was probably about my 6th time smoking, before i got high.You will know when you get high, believe me!
    The following day i tried my first bong, hell that was an amazing experience, wish i had tried a bong for my first time!
  4. Lep

    Lep Guest

  5. JMedric

    JMedric New Member

    the first time i smoked, i got high. but it was until the 9th or 10th time after that till i actually got high iagain. i found that i wasnt inhaling correctly, and once i got the hang of it, i got reALLY really high. it took me a couple of weeks before i actually figured out what i was doing wrong. dont stop just because your not getting high(youll be missing out also). it might take a little more time to figure it out, but youll get it and once you do youll love it!. ive been smoking for like 5months now and i take some madass hits now. one other thing to check for is how much smoke your blkowing out when you exhale. try and find an "experienced" smoker to smoke with and watch him hit it. after both of you hit it, try and compare how much smoke came out whern you exhaled then to how much came out from him. if your not getting close to him, your inhaling wrong. just keep on smoking, and youll get it. oh you might try inhaling differently or taking your hits differently compared to what you used to do. you eventually get it, dont worry.;) :) ;) :) ;)
  6. Flakernate

    Flakernate New Member

    ah..I knew I forgot something..

    yea I smoked about 5 times..(hotboxed once in my car):cool:

    Ive only been smokin it with the zig zags and a blunt once..but Im guessin bongs are the way to break the first high then?

    well..Im gonna try again a week after school starts..thanks for all your help..Im guessing this thread is gonna get closed now that someone put a link to the similar question.

    peace :wave:

    oh more question..
    do you guys inhale until your lungs are full? like..Ive only inhaled once where I felt my lungs expanded (I mean I inhaled really hard and deep instead of slow smooth hits)..thats when i got sort of a buzz (but wuznt sure..maybe it wuz all the air going into my head)..

  7. schwadood

    schwadood Keeper of the Time

    It took me like 5 times before I got high and the problem was I wasn't inhaling properly. A bong would be the way to go because its really hard to screw that up. You don't have to inhale until your lungs are full, but I like to do it till its pretty close. I always inhale a little bit of air right after my hit. If I can breath in some air, than the smoke in front of it must have reached my lungs. When you inhale, inhale till you can feel it in the back of your throat. Then take a little breath of air and breath out. Repeat till baked. I hope you get high. peace
  8. BigMatt

    BigMatt New Member

    Here is what I would do: Before you start smoking, cough a couple hard times, as this will open up all the air sacs in your lungs, hence more THC in the bloodstream. When you hit the joint or blunt, smoke it like a cigarette. Put your lips (drylips) on the joint and start sucking (not inhaling) with your cheeks, like you would when sucking a thick milkshake through a straw. YOu will know you are sucking right when the cherry starts getting brigther and the joint or blunt feels slightly hotter than it did before. Now take away the joint and keep all the smoke in your mouth. Now, inhale a breath of fresh air and keep inhaling until you can't. Hold breath for 5 to 8 seconds, exhale. It also might help if you cough after your hit too. Repeat as needed.....If all this fails, get a bong, because like everyone said, it is quite hard to not inhale right out of a bong
  9. potheadreturns2

    potheadreturns2 New Member

    Yea man~

    Yes inhale hard and long until your lungs are full, hold in for about ten seconds. Big matt said it right, I believe. Just make SURE you get as much smoke as you can. Don't take slow smooth hits, take big scratchy hits that hurt a bit(Hey, your smoking you should expect it to hurt your throat). One way to make sure you got a good hit is if you cough afterwards, of course this is if your a newbie. Did you cough the first couple of times? If not you probably did something wrong. And believe me, when you're high, there is absolutely NO question about it, you will KNOW you are high. Good luck man and keep us updated.
  10. papichoolo

    papichoolo Banned

    all i say is smoke a few bowls and inahle it right like everyones saying and ull have already answered ur questions...and dont mentally kill it by asking "am i high?" every 10 seconds
  11. -$macK-

    -$macK- Guest

    best way to make sure u inhale is to breathe smoke in so its at least in your mouth and then open your mouth and breath in (oxygen) and do it b4 the smoke leaves your mouth, breathing in while the smoke is in at leas your mouth will force it in.
    dont try swollowing or anything that will just take it in your stomach (made that mistake a couple of times when i first started)
  12. deadhed

    deadhed Guest

    You're high when you ask yourself "Am I really and truly high?" and it comes out to "Am I real.....wait...what was I saying?"
  13. potheadreturns2

    potheadreturns2 New Member


    Good one deadhed
  14. justchillin2

    justchillin2 Guest

    dont overthink

    Man, definitely dont over think, thats what i did my first time and it almost ruined it for me, after a while of asking, "What does it first feel like???" and my friends simply giggling back at me, I just chilled out and let the high come over me. You'll definately know. I knew last night because i was floating instead of walking. :) ;)
  15. Jack_Torrance

    Jack_Torrance The Other One

    keep smokin, you will eventually definetly feel ina nd you will know when you do
  16. Str8 Trippin

    Str8 Trippin New Member

    I think i may know part of your problem. Youve been smoking blunt and joints right? Well, if you are a newbie are you rolling these yourself? If you are your probably not rolling them very well yet.. so let me reccomend you get a small piece of any kind really. If you dont have acess to one.. you can make some.. you can find insturctions on the web on how to make a pretty sweet bubbler and really anything else. Try that.. i smoked my first 4 times off joints and didnt feel anything. The first time i hit off a piece i was real high. And that recious first time there is no mistaken it. when you first get stoned you will know. There will be abolutely no doubt in your mind. Its great. Best of luck.
  17. JMedric

    JMedric New Member

    yeah man u need a piece

    you should go buy a 30-40 dollar glass piece. get a cool looking one that will color good for you. mines sweet and i would post a pic of it, but all the pics i take are too big too post and i dont know how to make the file smaller so im **** outta luck.
  18. Scribble

    Scribble New Member

    As most people have already stated here, the best way to get a true high is to smoke a bong. Have a few cones from a bong and you will definitely feel it within 10-15 minutes, and you will know for certain that your high. You'll know for certain because:

    1. Your mouth will get really dry
    2. Your vision will become somewhat distorted and you feel like you are in a movie or you are having a dream.
    3. For no apparent reason, you will feel like eating some chips
  19. Budz4u

    Budz4u Guest

    the easiest way to tell if your smoking right is to inhale smoke till you cough you'll ged F'ed up
  20. Flakernate

    Flakernate New Member

    Update on my gettin F*cked up status..

    Hey all...

    its me the newbie..anyways..thanx for all the feedback..I just noticed how funny it is there are no flamers on these boards..

    anyways..I didnt know where to get a hold of a bong so I built one out of a squeezable sports water bottle.. I stuck a metal socket thingamajig from a socket wrench (sorry..Im a wussie dude who knows jack bout tools) about 3 inches from the bottom of the bottle. I then molded a temporary bowl out of alluminum foil (im not sure if foil is healthy to inhale) and put it in socket.

    Well..I need your help once again...

    I think im all set except I dont know wut the water level should be..should the socket submerge underwater? or should I just fill up the water so it barely touches it..

    sorry if I dont make any sense..

    but Ive seen like 3-4 pictures where the hollow tube is submerged underwater and the smoke bubbles up..I dont see how it works...Im just confused.


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