How (female) pass observed urine test with sythetic urine?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by suzyQ, Feb 20, 2007.

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    I for one can vouch for a similiar deal of the bottle and foil trick from a room mate of mine. My friend tucked a plastic cigar tube cover with the foil and held closed with the rubberband. She used the same "poke the nail into the foil" trick and fooled the OBSERVED probation bladder cop for several months.
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    Don't take offense to Sec! I'm new to the forum, being someone (female) in need of information about drug testing. But I have read nearly every posting regarding substitution and Sec has my vote for being one of the most credible and professional advisors on the subject!

    She is straight up and forward with her answers and that may be offensive to some, but I would rather get the plain truth in a desperate situation. She is here to help, not to berate you.

    Keep it real Sec, and I am personally thankful for your constant participation!:)
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    This was just amazing :);):rofl2::hail:
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    children size fleets enema

    You can use a childrens fleets enema bottle. They sell em at the drug
    store. I copy pasted the product info.

    TITLE: Fleet Enema for Children, Ready-to-Use - 2.25oz
    Saline Laxative. Latex free. Soft, flexible Comfortip. Used most in hospitals. Complete enema in a disposable squeeze bottle with soft, pre-lubricated Comfortip. Protective shield prevents contamination; Pre-lubricated Comfortip for ease of insertion; One-way safety valve controls flow and prevents reflux; Easy squeeze bottle. Fleet Enemas are Latex Free. Allergic reaction to materials containing Latex is a growing and serious medical problem. Sodium content 2.2 g.

    You woild halfto actually see one yourself. It's perfect. The bottle is small and the plastic is thin. It also has a one way valve so you dont suck air in. Wash it out first obviously.
    p.s. the tip is long so cut it down to size.
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    I believe the bottle and foil trick works best as i had to practice several ideas to find one that worked easily when one is being observed as in my case and a job is not my fate should it fail and i got caught if you know what i mean, anyway i have practiced several methods and that has been the best i have been able to come up with. The key to success is definately to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE oh yeah did I say PRACTICE!!!!!!!!!
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    Please post your resulting experiences for everyone. This should be a doozy.

    Wish you the best of luck.

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    There is a better way!

    Here in northern California, the more prominent head shops sell a product called, "CUPID". Standard for Clean Urine Personal Input Device. Its sold as a female ejaculation enhancer. But my friends and I use them to pass UAs. They don't sell them online yet. But email the company at. Good luck.
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    Are you talking about the yellow lemon plastic bottles that you get in the produce section at the grocery stores? Those things are big! That would be quite painful!
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    The only thing I can think of at this short notice is to get a bulb syringe, put the nozzle up to your urethra and squeeze the synthetic urine up your urethra being careful not to damage your bladder. Make sure you emptly your bladder before doing this and make sure the urine is almost body temperature before you do this because it won't have time to warm up as you'll have to do this just a few minutes before the sample is taken or you'll have to hold it which nobody wants to do. I believe the bladder holds 400cc's or urine but you don't want to damage your bladder so 200cc's of liquid should work ok. It's pretty easy for a man to pull it off and I've done it myself. So no matter how closely someone is watching, you'll appear to be actually peeing in a cup. I'm not sure of the chemical contents of the synthetic urine you'll be using so I can't comment on what reaction or irritation you'll get from it.

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