How high is too high?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by YetiManY3K, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. YetiManY3K

    YetiManY3K New Member

    Well, I've noticed something in the last few days..... Some people like to get blazed to the point of half-retardation. When I get baked I like to feel it, but when I'm to the point where I couldn't do anything that I could sober without any problems at all I think its too high. I see my friends who like to smoke bowl after bowl after bowl after bowl then just sit there and be high. A bowl per person in the circle tops is all that is needed for me to be happily high. When I first started getting high was "the event" but now, I'd rather get baked and do something while high.

    My friends like to get so high that they can barely hold a conversation and they want to be that high all day everyday. Theres a less costly way to get like that, like staying up for 48 hours straight. Pretty much the same thing, can't sit up straight, keep thier heads up, keep the eyes all the way open, or have any energy or motivation to do anything.

    Is it just me on this one? Do most pot smokers like to get that high or is it just them? I'm a person that doesn't get addicted to things (quit smoking cigs after 2 years without a problem, binge drank for 2 months and havent touched the stuff for quite a while, and smoked about a gram per day for 8 months but havent touched it in close to 3 weeks now). Seems to me that people that are easily addicted to things like to get higher, its like they would rather be dead than sober so they get as high as they can as often as possible.

    It sickened me the morning after a party with them when I slept later than all fo them, but they had to wake me up to see if I'd smoke my last bowl with them since they smoked the last of thiers right when they got up.... I just went home and smoked that last bowl with my bro that night, just fine being sober for a whole 18 hours between getting high (an impossible feat for them :rolleyes: )and we were both happily high and got motivated to make a bong.

    It's more fun to get high and do things than just get high..... Bah enough rambling.... I just need to know, is it just me?
  2. i agree.

    i have more fun off a joint or two than smoking myself retarded with 7 or 8 joints.

    even a couple hits off a joint would do me well for a few hours.
  3. YetiManY3K

    YetiManY3K New Member

    Well atlseat there's one person who agrees with me... Too many people that insist on turning weed into a pissing match give pot smokers a bad name....
  4. Ovathinker

    Ovathinker New Member

    I agree.
    I dont mind jus getting high enough just to have a lil fun, smoking myself stupid i hold off for special occasions. Smoking yourslef stupid all the time i think is a bit of a waste of money, i get to a certain point and reach a level, to go past it, i have to smoke alot more. Ill smoke a little under a entire joint and im good.
  5. ManMulcahey

    ManMulcahey Wilson, King of Prussia

    I totally agree. My best smoking buddy always wants to get retarted and it pisses me off when i bring the weed and he keeps asking to smoke. But i always enjoy the occasional time when you smoke 7 bowls.
  6. YetiManY3K

    YetiManY3K New Member

    I will admit that once every great while it is nice to get really baked (such as, my last time smoking before my piss tests), but I would want no part in being like that 24/7
  7. Nappe

    Nappe New Member

    I sometimes hangout with a friend and his group of friends smoke their heads off. They'll smoke 4-5 grams in one session. It's insane. I have to step away from the circle halfway through so my brain can actually function afterward.

    I'm used to smoking a few bowls throughout the whole night with my friends. We're much more talkative and active after smoking than the other guy's friends. They just sit there until they almost passout
  8. DailyTripper

    DailyTripper New Member

    I like being just stoned, not to the point where im too retarded to do anything. I know ppl who like to just smoke all day and do nothing else, i like being stoned then go out and do something or go on adventures, those are fun. But I always enjoy those times where i'll be smoking 6 or 8 bowls in a session then just be really stoned. Usually a few bowls are good enuff for me. I'd rather spread them out throughout the day or the week than smoking them all in one session... :)
  9. weedzinger

    weedzinger Seasoned Activist

    Its been awhile since I was too high. Although, I got to smoke some nuggets last night. I love it when that happens. To me, being too high is finding yourself in the middle of a park with a 100 degree "breeze", playing ultimate frisbee. Screw you, heat exhaustion. :cool:
  10. Kibbatoz

    Kibbatoz New Member

    Well I can't say I fully agree because not everyone is the same.I have a friend who smokes all day everyday and he can always function do his job and he is a pretty smart kid.

    me I use to smoke all day everyday and I could function.But now I just like to smoke a bowl or two of nice kibs in a day.Then everyonce in a while just go all out and puff all day.But the thing is even when I do that I can still controll myself good.I just have good tolerance But i'm still high enough to enjoy it's not like I don't get high.

    like yesterday I smoked hash and weed all day started with a bubbler right after hit a bong hour or two later smoked a bowl out of a pipe an hour or two after that smoked a joint and I was high as a kite but I could still function I drove played video games and didn't fall asleep for hours after.

    so I guess somepeople can and some people can't there is nothing wrong with the people who do it as long as they can handle and controll themselves.
  11. The Hoon Warrior

    The Hoon Warrior New Member

    getting too high

    on average when my smoking buddy and I blaze we smoke between a 1/16 (twenty sack) and 3/4 of an eight

    but if we smoke as much as 3/4 of an 1/8th we will smoke like the last bit of that 3/4 about an hour or two after we stop, to stave off burnout

    (we usually start smoking around 10 or 11 pm)

    the only time we got "too High" was when we smoked more a bit more than the amounts mentioned above and we were both paranoid to the point of fear.

    but just smoking to get buzzed is something that we never do, and just smoking to get to the point that we know we are high is only something that we do if it is during the day, and we willl have to function around other people.
  12. Crazy Horse

    Crazy Horse New Member

    I don't think that there is such a thing as "too high", for me anyways. I go golfing with my dad and his buddy and get really, really high (like a joint every two holes), but we/they have been smoking for a while. I have never been to the point where I could not get any higher. It's all in your mind. "Too high" to me is a mythical point where you overdose on weed... it can't happen...
  13. mindraver

    mindraver Sr. Member

    i generally smoke alone and when i do i smoke a couple of bowls each session. just enough to get a good buzz going. but ive been on both sides of the fence and know what it is like to just get totally blizted and couch-locked. there is a time and place for getting really stoned, but for me, most of the time a couple of bowls is good enough for me. also, money enters into the equation because i simply cannot spend all i have just to get really really baked all the time. for me, i have learned to use in moderation. maybe someday when your friends are more experienced they too will realize what many of us already know - that being totally blizted all the time is not cost effective (unless of course you grow your own).
  14. LuNaTiK

    LuNaTiK New Member

    I like it now, in the right environment

    The 4th or 5th time i smoked i didnt know what to do, so i drove to a friends up the street and sat on his porch till he came home.

    That was the highest i ever was and i was slurring my words n ****
  15. FadedToBlack

    FadedToBlack New Member

    It depends on what mood I'm in. With a few friends, during the day, I like to space the weed out, smoke a little here, a little there, and just chill all day. When it's getting late, espcially after work, I love to get super baked. Nothing feels more relaxing.
  16. j2krj

    j2krj New Member

    I like to get high as hell sometimes. I don't think of it as the same thing as just sitting back and having a beer or two and watching the game, probably because I do not do it very often.

    However, smoking 24/7 is not something I enjoy. I enjoy being sober just as much as being high, they just happen to be two different things
  17. ManMulcahey

    ManMulcahey Wilson, King of Prussia

    we arent talking about that. We were talking about people who smoke 11 bowls in a secssion
  18. broomhdj

    broomhdj Sr. Member

    The amount that I like to get high depends on my mood and more importantly, the situation.

    If I have hours to myself, I'll get very high.
    If I don't have lots of time to be high, I'll just get a little high.

    I don't feel like going into anymore detail than that.
  19. Smoke Rings

    Smoke Rings New Member

    Too high is where your heart starts beating like crazy and your vision starts to go and you feel like your floating and paranoia starts to set in.
  20. Leg

    Leg New Member

    Heh...I don't think you should be hating on people who smoke themselves stupid...

    Nobody is forcing you to hang out with them...

    Sometimes I love having like a bowl and then going to play soccer or drive around or whatever, but sometimes I love having like 5 bowls and just sitting there giggling at nothings with my eyes crossed...

    I consider "too high" to be when you start to feel nauseous or whatever...I mean, whenever you start feeling uncomfortable.

    I've turned into other people + sat in chairs banging on imaginary drums for a while...

    I guess it may seem stupid to other people, and that's why I don't like getting higher than the people I'm with. But it's always fun as hell when you get a few good friends together and get blazed off your asses!

    I don't see why it's a stupid thing to's a welcome break from reality and ego. And it still doesn't damage your brain as much as drinking a lot or whatever.

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