How long can a hair test go back??

Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by 06blackcharger, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. 06blackcharger

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    I have read that most test only date back 90 days but i read a sign when i went in today to pick up some paperwork for my test that it goes back 6 months?? Some have said they can't test back that far...some say they can...

    any input??
  2. sonofabitch

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    a hair test can go back as far as the age of the hair. so, the longer your hair is, the further back a test CAN go.

    but, it's STANDARD procedure for hair analysis labs to only test 1.5 inches of a hair sample. this is measured starting from the root end of the hair. 1.5 inches, on average, contains approx. 90 days worth of metabolites. this is why most people say a hair test goes back 90 days.

    the reason 1.5 inches is standard is to keep the test less biased (against people with long hair, since it's your right) and to justify charging a standard rate for their services.

    now, this is only HEAD hairs.

    hair on your BODY can hold MANY more metabolites, even within 1.5 inches. i've read that body hair can contain metabolites from as far back as 1 year to 1.5 years!!

    in my opinion, it is for this reason that sampling from body hairs should be made ILLEGAL. this is clearly biased against men, as several women are justified in shaving their pits and their legs and going full Brazilian elsewhere.

    regardless of the time period that a hair analysis can test for, you NEED to take the appropriate measures to give you the best chance of passing. personally, i am bleaching and redying and using special shampoos that were recommended to me by users here who have passed hair tests. also, i plan on shaving ALL of my body hair and if anyone questions me, i'm just going to say, "oh, i'm a bit kinky. what are you into?"

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