How long can I store clean urine?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by HerbLvnGirl86, Aug 27, 2011.

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    25 year old female, 6'4" around 250lbs. Daily smoker for over 6 years, last smoked 3 days ago. <---This irrelevant because I already know I can't pass with my own urine.

    I took a urine test through Quest with a friend's clean urine on Thursday and I screwed up the temperature and it was too hot. I was using Hot Feet to keep the sample warm, it went fine in my trial at home, but I forgot the thermometer at home and by then it was too late.

    Well my future employer is letting me start on Monday anyway, so long as I can test for them on the spot Monday or Tuesday.

    I don't know exactly which day I'll do the urine test or if I'll have any time to prepare, so detox drinks are out and I don't trust my ability to detox anyway considering my size and frequency of smoking. I don't feel comfortable using synthetic either, mainly because they already have one sample from me using my friend's urine. I'm concerned that I need to use the same urine, since they already have the one sample.

    I plan to I collect two samples from my friend on Sunday night (I'd get two so there would be one for Monday and one for Tuesday) then store them in my refrigerator in a sterile container for 12-48 hours.

    My plan is to just keep one sample on my person (I use a small bottle that is easy to conceal between my legs) when I go in Monday, I would have to have it concealed from 9am till 5pm with the Hot Feet and thermometer also on my person (and then do the same thing again on Tuesday if it doesn't happen Monday).
    I already know that the test is unsupervised so it won't be too risky to be able to just get everything out in the bathroom and get my sample to the right temp then and there. Also it will have been on my person all day so it should already be very close to the correct temperature.

    I have confidence I can pull this off, I just don't know if I'll be compromising the integrity of my sample. I've done research and there is a wide variety of answers out there, I just don't know what to believe!

    Do you think that 1) I can store the urine in my fridge this way for 12-48 hours? and 2) That keeping the formerly refrigerated sample on my person all day will not ruin the sample?

    Thank you in advance for reading this through and giving me your advice!!
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    If you store it at room temparature the calcium wil break down and fall tot he bottom..If you store it in the freezer you might havea shot at passing..Just make sure you take it out the night before and try to get it close to body temparature before the test..
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    Not for drug testing purposes it won't.
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    For anyone seeking out this information now- My room stays pretty chilly, probably around 60 degrees, and I had urine stored there for 5 days before I used it for a test. The test started with the temperature reading, and then the sample was sealed and sent to a lab. Worked fine for me. Maybe I got lucky, but I thought I would share my experience!

    Maybe I got lucky, but I thought I would share my experience. I got a clean sample from a friend and stored it in a plastic bottle in my room that stays around 60 degrees I would guess (so pretty chilly). Anyway, I used my sample on a wednesday afternoon after obtaining it the previous friday evening. The sample went through the temperature test, was sealed, and sent to a lab somewhere. It came back perfectly clean.

    Like I said, maybe I got lucky, but there ya go!

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