How long does it REALLY take?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by woekelc, May 27, 2005.

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    Okay, I've done some reasearch on google to try and find accurate information about drug testing, and so far all I have come up with are no name pages and pages that are trying to sell a detox product.

    The no name pages say it takes thirty days to clear your system of all metabolytes that contain thc, although I have found numerous testimonials saying people stopped 31 days before and failed. The pages trying to sell a product say it takes at least thirty days, but up to 90.

    My qustion is... Is there really a set amount of time that will clear all traces of THC from somebodies system?
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    NO, EVERYONE is different, so many factors are involved that it would be impossible to know exactly how long for everyone. So basically they say for one time use 5-10 days, daily 15-21 heavy chronic 21-90 days and mre, yes you saw it more, there was a guy in here that was past his 90 days and still dirty. So its very hard to tell. I think a good 28-35 days is usually preety good, average.
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    It depends on how much your have in your system to clear (how much of what quality marijuana you've been consuming, how recently you've used it, and how frequently you use it) and how quick you're clearing it from your system (determined by the rate of your metabolism).

    Picture a bucket with a little hole in the bottom. Whatever you put into the bucket will eventually leak out but if you keep filling it there will be always be stuff in it. The more in the bucket the longer it takes to leak out. If you have a rapid metabolism it's like the hole is bigger, a slow metabolism is a smaller hole.

    THC metabolites are stored in body fat and are gradually released into the bloodstream. From there they're eliminated in urine, primarily, and in feces. The less body fat you carry the smaller amount you can store and the less time you'll take to clear.

    All of these factors come together to determine how long it takes to get the THC metabolites out of your system. An average person who smokes an average amount daily takes around 30 days to get clear. If you smoke more than that, have a slow metabolism, and carry a lot of body fat it can take much longer. If you are an occasional smoker, say you smoke a little after not smoking for a couple of weeks, you'd probably be clear in 7 to 10 days.

    "Clear" doesn't mean that you have no metabolites left in your system, just that the concentration is low enough that you can pass a drug test.
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    ditto- Buzzby....EXACTLY what Buzzby said! Good luck. ;)

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