How long does it take you to smoke a...

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  1. Spazzfrom1989

    Spazzfrom1989 New Member

    Gram, 8th, Quarter, Half Z., Z?

    To yourself, or with few friends?
  2. 024

    024 Sr. Member

    Gram - I can smoke a gram every 30-1h.

    O - I can smoke an O in two big sessions ALONE.

    I like to enjoy myself but I have tried and it is possible for me to smoke alot and I am talking half an O to myself in one session. And I do often reach the point where I don't get any higher just extend my buzz. I of course think its very wasteful haha I only need 5-8 tokes for a comfortable high.
  3. Spazzfrom1989

    Spazzfrom1989 New Member

    Oh yeah! I almost forgot. This is kindbud im talking about not stress or mids.
  4. Spazzfrom1989

    Spazzfrom1989 New Member

    Lol not saying that you smoke stress or anything man lol, just realized i didn't clarify that
  5. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    On average, my wife and I go through a 1/4 to a 1/2 oz of dank weekly. We could smoke more, we could smoke less, but thats our tpyical "comfort zone" we try to stay in where we can smoke as much as we want without going crazy and smoking nonstop.
  6. 024

    024 Sr. Member

    I was talking about headies, I can smoke alot of potent, yes it does fuck me up hard. Sometimes I cannot stand and become couch locked or even consider been gay with my friend.

    With mids I can smoke double as much as headies. But seriously its a waste smoking more than 2g to yourself, you don't get any higher. I just enjoy smoking weed.

    edit, A gram lasts me a week if I smoke every night alone. On big sessions I of course indulge with friends.
  7. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    :eek: Nothing against gay people, but theres not enough weed in the world for me to get stoned enough to consider a same sex encounter. I like women, I've always liked women, and no amount of weed is going to change that. No offense, but if you think weed might make you gay or leads you towards thoughts of same sex relations....its not the weed. You may have some inner conflict about your sexuality, because last I checked, no amount of weed leads one towards homosexual thoughts.
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  8. joshpackr

    joshpackr Sr. Member

    The first time I ever did unmentionable things with a drag performer I was high. It didn't make me do it obviously but it made me a little more comfortable "crossing the line" so to speak.
  9. Little Mary Jane

    Little Mary Jane Sr. Member

    It makes me laugh when people say "being gay with."
    That being said, I'm gonna go be straight with my boyfriend... Er.. That sounds like I'm about to yell at him or something.
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    PERSON_OF_DOOM New Member

    Usually takes me and my friend a couple nights to go through a quarter when using blunts. With pipes, it'll be like 5 days or something. We can only smoke nights we aren't with our girlfriends since they don't know that we smoke.
  11. toke_after_toke

    toke_after_toke New Member

    if im alone i usually smoke 1 or 2 bowls of good bud. thats enough to get at least like 10 hits. if im with friends tho we'll smoke a couple blunts and usually end up smokin at least an eigth, but im only in highschool so thats as much as we can afford to smoke daily.
  12. Rocketman

    Rocketman Sr. Member

    I've never smoked more than 1 or 2 grams in a night.
  13. Freshness420

    Freshness420 Sr. Member

    I'm happy you can share this experience with us lol.
  14. 024

    024 Sr. Member

    I am bi-sexual. I've only been able to find out once I started smoking heavly, I am not sure if its just the bonding experience or the weed, but I know for sure weed brings everyone closer. I did phrase my answer very generally and basic, I can see the confusion but I wasn't trying to say marijuana impairs my judgment sexually or "makes me gay".

    But marijuana does enhance my emotions and I do experience unique feelings and understand and discover new things.
  15. Tokeo

    Tokeo New Member

    I'm proud to say that one gram lasts me between 3 and 4 weeks. Haha. My last gram was about 3 nugs, and it only takes about 1/4 of one of those nugs to get me to my comfortable high. ...Lightweight! :)
  16. Train2Bangkok

    Train2Bangkok Sr. Member

    On average, I go through about 1/4oz/week if I'm smoking by myself...2 times/day. I did smoke more than 1/4oz while being snowed in during the past 5 days, but I kinda planned it that way. If I'm going to a green-friendly party and smoking everyone up, I can go through a 1/4oz in matter of hours. It all depends on the circumstances.
  17. TreesNSpliffs

    TreesNSpliffs New Member

    Oh man such a complex question...There's how much I can afford, how quickly I can smoke if I'm not trying to stretch it out and how much I generally smoke based on how much I can afford and the fact that I try to stretch my weed to last as long as possible.

    Daily: 2 to 5 joints per day, totaling 1-2 g's. I don't know how much I can smoke in a day. Never tried to max myself out. I know I've smoked an ounce of schwag in 2 days, though and I've been regularly smoking 8th's in one day.

    Weekly: I should only be able to afford a half an eighth of OG Fire a week, but I somehow stretch my money and budget so that I'm smoking a quarter to a half O a week.

    Monthly: I probably round out to about an ounce a month when all the weed I smoke is added up. Not lightweight, not heavyweight either.
  18. Buds_Of_Steele

    Buds_Of_Steele Your Undisputed Disputer

    to myself I could smoke an ounce in two days if i wanted to smoke nonstop. but i'd never do that.

    an ounce typically lasts me two-three months.
    Half= 1.5 months max.
    Q= 3 or four weeks

    and i dont regularly buy less than a quarter

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