How long does it take you?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by cbbred, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. cbbred

    cbbred New Member

    Was just thinking about the start of being high recently (and while being really stoned :bong2:). I assume it might very from person to person and it got me wondering where I stand in comparison.

    How long does it normally take you to feel it when you smoke or when you take an edible? :wow:

    Id say for me when I smoke it takes about 1-2 minutes, whereas an edible takes about 30-40 minutes.

    ( Sorry the icons are WAAAY too amusing!! XD )
  2. Toxik

    Toxik New Member

    Its weird.. I dont think I have such a time limit, but usually as soon as I stand up after a nice relaxing toke and get ready to leave the spot or wherever I am, then i start feeling high. Pretty weird but usually around 5 minutes I would say and then after 10-15 minutes ill feel the full effect. Also immediately after toking some good herb sometimes I will feel really good in certain areas, I remember once my upper lip got very tingly and the feeling was pretty amazing.
  3. kjp420

    kjp420 New Member

    well im pretty new to smoking so sometimes i dont even get high but it usually happens right b4 i take the last hit of my joint
  4. Lilpotmaster

    Lilpotmaster New Member

    depends on the situation... with 1 piece between 4 friends, usually i'll feel it after like the 2nd bowl. if its just me and 1 other person, i usually feel it like 5 mins after the first bowl
  5. Stepchild

    Stepchild New Member

    It used to be that I'd feel it strong after like two hits. Now, if it's just a bowl between like me and one other, it'll be a few minutes after, once I stand up. But anything more than one bowl between some friends, I'll usually feel it during the session pretty quickly.
  6. weee[d]

    weee[d] New Member

    i just started it takes me about 6 or 7 hits i think
  7. Piff Starr

    Piff Starr New Member

    Depends on the weed. Some of it gets me off a few tokes, some other weeds creep up 10 minutes later.
  8. bluedeadbear

    bluedeadbear Sr. Member

    all depends man

    -how much ive smoked recently
    -if i have a full or empty stomach
    -quality of the weed
    -how much weed im smoking

    the only thing i can really think of is the ganga food takes anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour 30. all depends
  9. rich420

    rich420 New Member

    After I finish my first bowl I get a good high. After finishing my second bowl, im on a good enjoyable high and on the level I want to be at.
  10. piper_anne

    piper_anne New Member

    hmm, about 3 or 4 hits, if its good shit... so mayeb 20 minutes? depending on the quality.
  11. onthbrightside

    onthbrightside New Member

    it depends on if its dank shit but the last time i smoked i finished two js and was barely buzzed

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