How long does marijuana affect the body and for how long?

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  1. Ferrarie100

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    About a week ago i smoked Weed for the first time in my life. I smoked like a little less than half a blunt and about 4 tbs. of some "CHURCH KUSH" was what is was called. The whole night i had a bad trip and became really nervous while i was high. The whole night i wasn't to sleep since my heart was racing. I finally fell asleep but woke up feeling like horrible and dazed.
    It has passed about 10 days and i have strong headaches, loss of appetite, feeling like im in a dream like state, trouble sleeping, and what feels like depression and mood swings. Also i feel lack of doing anything and trouble concentrating.
    My question is if this is all normal and will it all go away? How longer will i feel like this? I am 19 about 109lbs. And skinny. I have a high metabolism if it matters. plus, my 4 friends smoked also and they had no effects like me i guess since they smoked before.
    please serious answers :confused: :confused:
  2. SenorSmokesALot

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    No high lasts longer than 24 hours especially not from less than half a blunt. Furthermore herb doesn't have any lasting side affects.I can only assume that you are suffering from a placebo affect, that is, because you think that marijuana can cause all of these things they are in fact happening. Having headaches is very common and can be caused from dehydration, malnutrition, and basically any other normal ailment. If anything I'd suggest smoking some more because herb could fix almost all of those symptoms. One thing's for sure though, it's not the marijuana that caused this. Sorry. Cheers
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  3. TopEkoms

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    well marijuana stays in the average persons system for about 30 days. since you weigh so little id say it will be completely gone in about 3 weeks with proper exercise and diet. either way you wouldnt still be feeling the effects from when you smoked it 10 days later. you most likely felt groggy the next day from a weed hangover but that shouldnt have lasted more than that day . it sounds to me like you had a bad experience and are having trouble letting go of it. it can be scary the first time you get blazed . i bugged out personally. its not like that for very long though . you gain a tolerance and it effects you no more than a stong cup of kava kava . i dont know what you smoked so i cant be positive but if you say it was just bud then im about 98% sure youll be fine .
  4. StonedCoder

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    tbs. is an odd measurement of weed... Is that what the person told you or is that just how you saw him measure it? Also, do you trust the person you smoked with? If that happened to me, I'd wonder if it was laced with something else or just was something else. I don't mean to worry you but some more details might help since it was your first time.
  5. DanKJuggalo

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    Smoking only 1/2 a blunt wouldn't last 10 days after. It must be all in your head.
  6. 5drive

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    Even if you're the rare person who's allergic to cannabis, you shouldn't be feeling effects that long after smoking. And loss of appetite? One of the primary reasons mj is recognized to have medical benefits is that it improves appetite.

    You might consider going to the doctor and just presenting your symptoms, without telling him/her that you smoked for the first time. See what they say about your problem before you give them a built-in excuse to blame it on an illegal substance.

    And certainly, if you lay off the mj, and still continue to have these symptoms, I'd see a doctor. It makes no sense to me that your issues would be due to a one time smoking session almost two weeks ago. Although it stays in your body for a good while, it's just small amounts stored in your body fat. It doesn't continue to make you experience smoking effects. And at 109 lbs. with a high metabolism, it'll clear out of your system pretty quick.
  7. MetallicaFan495

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    Being high lasts like 4 might feel ragged out but thats just a side effect. I wouldnt say you could be high longer than that I mean if you smoked more of course you could, but from one smoking session you wont be high for more than 4 hours most of the time.

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