How long does marijuana stay in your system?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by craigmarsh, Sep 24, 2010.

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    It is very difficult for anybody to calculate the actual time taken for the drug to react and show its effects. So, we call this approximate calculation as half life. If you have smoked marijuana then the drug will stay for 3 to 30 days. This is normal for the common drugs. But in the case of marijuana, this can be detected even after a month in Urine drug test marijuana. Marijuana will stay in your system for 10 days if you have been smoking occasionally. If it is smoked on regular basis it will be there up to 45 days and if you smoke constant pace then it will be in the system for as long as 90 days.
  2. metanoia

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    forever + 3 days is what I heard on the street
  3. Buzzby

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    The amount of time THC metabolites remain detectable depends on many factors, including, but not limited to, quality of marijuana used, amount of marijuana used, frequency of use, and the user's metabolism. A single smoking session on an otherwise clean system can clear in as little as three days. One 400 pound guy who smoked like a chimney and never exercised took 105 days to pass a UA.

    Estimates for the elusive "average smoker" range from two weeks to a month.
  4. iSmoke 'N Toke

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    About a month or two. Their are techniques for you to get it out your system faster though.
    Example: Drinking plenty of water to clean out your system.
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    Or head shops sometimes sell detox products, that will completely take everything unwanted out of your body. If they don't, a nutrition store like GNC or Complete Nutrition will. They tend to be a tad expensive, but if you have a drug test soon, I hear they work like a charm
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    THC can stay in your system and can be found from 2yrs back. If you smoked in 2008 they can still find it 2010. Unless you completely whipped it out of your system. Many ways of doing that.
  7. metanoia

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    that is complete, and I repeat, complete bull shit.
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    Not bull shit friend applied to the sheriffs academy and hasnt smoked for about 1yr and the requirements and qualifications state that you have to take a drug test dating back for 2yrs. And guess what. He didnt pass. Why? kuz I was blazing wit him about 1yr ago. They can find it. Its in your system. There are ways to get it out your system so that tests cant find it. Many. He used none..Dumb but w.e
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    pot does NOT stay in your system for 2 years. it can be traced in your hair, but your friend is stupid and should have cut it short.

    for a one time smoker it can be from 1-5 days
    for occasional (once a weekish) it can be from 5-30 days
    for a daily smoker it can be from 20 days- a couple months

    these are for piss tests.

    hair is a different story and can be traced longer.
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    Guess your right I don't know if they tested his hair.. Why you so mad..smoke a blunt or somthn chill out dude..Blaze
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    Im 6 ft. And 300lbs I smoked some weed about four or five days ago and worried I might have a drug test in the near future any idea how long before I can test clean
  12. pHAETON

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    I am sure everybody is different, but the more that chime in the better the understanding of the range.

    After smoking the equivalent of two grams a day for over six months, stopping for six weeks prior to the urinalysis did not help. With just pass/fail results I do not know how close I may have been, only that I flunked and did not get the job. The man that did get the job also smoked, not near as much nor regularly. he passed with only a month off.

    On a side note, when I got my job I stayed on and retired after eleven years. I have seen Harold at four different parts counters. Small town. Passing the test does not mean a better employee. Thought I would toss that out there in case anyone is doing hiring.
  13. bigbadwolf420

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    After reading many forums just like this one, I felt an obligation to come back and share my personal story. I am on felony probation for distribution of marijuana. I am also a college student with a 4.0 GPA and will soon graduate with a bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication. I've never failed a drug test!

    The other day my probation officer called me and requested a urine sample the following day. I was nervous because I had taken several moderate bong hits the days before. Drug test to be taken on a Tuesday, smoked on the previous Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I usually take a hit or 2 a day and I'm good.

    Anyhow, I drank plenty of water the night before, (about a litre), as well as a B-complex vitamin. I urinated several times throughout the night. The next morning, I drank a regular size bottle of Gatorade about an hour before the test. For some reason I couldn't pee for the first 2 hours. So, finally I got the urge after the Probation Officers started to hassle me, even though I had never given a positive drug test. I peed and the 6 panel test came back negative. I gave the Probation Officers the middle as I walked out the door.

    Many factors come into play, metabolism and such, but the bottom line is--don't smoke all the time, do something with yourself and quit giving pot-smokers a bad name. I weigh 220 lbs and am 6'. This method worked for me for 3 years and I am sure it will continue to work for my remaining 6 months.
  14. anitaa

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    i ate a piece of cake of grass 7days ago and today i have to pass a GC/MS i didnt eat so much but i am so afraid, what should i do? what should i eat or drink?
  15. anitaa

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    i ate a piece of grass cake 7days ago and hav a test today? should i go for the test? i am 110lb and 5'4
  16. Chyenne

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    Ok So iSmoked Yesterday and iMight Have A Drug Test On Tuesday. I Don't Smoke Often Not Even Every Week Or Every Other Week. So How Long Would It Take To Get Out Of My System. Im 5'5 About 170lb At Most... I'm Drinking Cranberry Juice And Lots Of Water
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    Ok, So I have a question,

    I have a drug test coming up either today or tomorrow, and The last time i smoked marijuana was like May 2 something like that. And I only took one hit off a blunt ( but before that I was an occasional smoker ). I am 5'10 and weigh 235lbs ( So yes i am FAT ). Ever since i stopped i have been drinking ALOT of water and EXERCISING AND SWEATING ALOT. And so on May 16 or 15 I went to Walmart and bought a Drug test for urine. And I took it and I passed. And i bought another one 2 days ago and I passed it. You think I will pass the urine test so i can get the job?? Please reply A.S.A.P.


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    ok im really fucking freaking out right now ok so i can say that maybe in 3 to 5 days i smoked about 3-4grams of weed ....ok so heres the scenario.. i smoked from the 4th of this month to maybe the 13th not heavy ass hell SMOKING EITHER IT WAS JUST A FEW HITS AND I COUGH LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER WHEN I SMOKE SO THAT MAY MEAN I HAVE LOW LEVELS OF THC TOO RIGHT ???? either 1st day i smoked half a joint about 2 blunts and about 2 more joints so yeah .. i stopped on the 13.. i see my p.o on the 30th of july......will i be clean by then and if not should i bee worried and what should i doo to get clean cause im really dissapointed in my self please some1 HELP ME I DONT WANT TO GO TO JAIL FOR SOMETHING THAT IS LEGAL IN SEVERAL OTHER STATES ...PLEASE AND THANK YOU YOUR FRIEND BOBBY...I JUST STEPPED ON A SCALE I WEIGHT 180FLAT AND IM 5.9 AND WHEN I SLEEP I WAKE UP IN A BIG ASS SWEAT PUDDLE MOSTLY EVERYNIGHT IS THAT HELPFULL I ALSO HAVE JUST STARTED TAKING AZO.S... I HOPE I GET CLEAN IN 2 WEEKS IMMA DRUG TEST MY SELF PLEASE SOME1 I NEED SOME ANSWERS THANKS AND BYE :(:mad::oops::bawl:

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