How long does synthetic urine stay fresh/good?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by qwertyuiop, May 27, 2005.

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    Hi everyone, and major thanks to N2 for the tips on substitution.

    I just purchased QuickFix from and the Sub System (with dried synthetic concentrate) from Assured Testing Resources.

    My question is: After the powdered synthetic stuff is mixed with water... how long can I keep it stored for future use without refrigeration? If it's kept in liquid form for too long, will it fail a test or somehow be detectable?

    I'm guessing that -real- urine only has a shelf life of a few hours before it gets nasty. (well, more nasty than it is to begin with. :rolleyes: )

    The Sub System looks like a good way to be prepared for random testing... but the dried synthetic stuff probably won't cut it for my situation. There may be a time when it's not possible for me to have enough privacy to mix it and heat it. I plan on using QuickFix in place of the dried stuff that came with the Sub System. I'll just wear the bag (or keep it in my pocket?) every day.

    I see that the new (4.0) QuickFix is good for a year without freezing or refrigeration... but I can't find any info on the dried stuff that comes with the Sub System.

    Until now, I've been relying on dilution to pass tests. I have to say that it is quite an inconvienience, and also kind of stressful.

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    The Quick Fix has a shelf life of up to 2 years. They changed formulas in Dec, so make sure it's formula 4.0. I never go to work without it. LOL! Warm and practice all you like using only body heat ... crotch and carry!
    The sub system you refer to, I'm not familiar with. Drop in a link to it. Powdered urine is usually PURINE synthetic. I believe they want it used within 8 hours of mixing and stored like human if you were not using it right away. In an air tight container, refrigerated up to 30 days and frozen up to 1 year. Make sure you use 60ml/2oz of water for your sample unless the instructions call for more.
    Hope that helps. N2
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    Ahh yes. Give Bob a call to be sure, but I believe it is Purine. I've had good personal experiance working with him. I recomend his kits. N2

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