How Long does THC stay in the bloodstream?

Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by reddog, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. reddog

    reddog New Member

    Ok I have a very specific question to ask. First I have been been surfing the net about how long THC stays in the blood stream. Not how long it stays in the system, ie, in your body's fat cells and how long it is detectable in the urine. Or how long it it stays in the body's organs, or fingernails etc. , but how long it stays in the blood stream? I have found on various websites anywhere from seven days to two weeks, to a month. However I could not find anything definitive. I know of course it depends on usage, bodyweight etc.... Here is my scenario

    I currently work for a Casino. I have an opportunity to go to another with much higher pay. However they have a hair test that they say goes back 120 days.

    I have not smoked since May 3rd 2008. I have taken an "at home" urine test 28 days afterwards which came back positive. After 46 days of not smoking I shaved all the hair from my body except for eyebrows. It is now July 7th. And I am 65 days clean. I retook the "at home urine test" today and it has come back negative. I was a heavy user smoking a least a joint a day. I weigh 230lbs with average body fat very thin hair and an average metabolism.

    My hair has grown back quite quickly. It is an inch long and looks normal on my body.

    SO MY QUESTION IS.. How long does it take the body to breakdown and remove the canibinoids from the blood stream so it is not deposited into the hair folicle for a hair test? (not from the fat cells of the body ). I know the hair test can only go back as far as the hair length so I am not concerned about the "120 days thing". My hair is at most close to a month old. But is it clean? That is what I would like input on. I would like to take the job asap but not sure if I should wait.

    Any input would be appreciated

    Glad to be back on the forum

  2. Secs

    Secs New Member

    THC only remains in the bloodstream for 3-5 days after stopping smoking, so there would be no deposits in the hair after that time.
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  3. ismokeallthetime

    ismokeallthetime New Member

    wow really? I read that if you are overweight as I am, that when you workout you release stored THC into the bloodstream, thus into the hair. I love and hate the get so much info that goes against other things you have read...what to believe?
  4. Jerry G

    Jerry G Sr. Member

    Hair or blood, you tell us and we'll tell you...
  5. loveit

    loveit New Member

    I am 50 yr old female. 5'10 160lb. been using daily for years. 3-5 bong hits daily. I haven't smoked since since June 27. I have a pre employ test at quest on July 11th. I have been dieting and exercising for 2 weeks and have lost a few lbs. I have also been taking Detoz 7, which is over the counter from the drug store. I am very worried. Can't relax at all.
    Does anyone have any positive replies for me. It will be 14 days clean when I test.
    Thank you for any positive feedback
  6. Jerry G

    Jerry G Sr. Member

    You need to look into my bleach and redye method detailed in a sticky at the top of this forum.

    Do some research their and in the results thread.

    Then, start your own thread and ask some questions...
  7. reddog

    reddog New Member

    I took my hair test this morning. The night before I used a treatment I have used in the past with success. I used the Malibu2000 crystal gel normalizer which removes iron, calcium, chlorine and medications from the hair. It is a heat treament which contains edta.
    I went to the lab and the tech took hair from my head from three different places but all mainly from the back crown of my head. I had shaved my head after being 46 days clean. Now at 76 days clean and hair only 31 days old and a little over an inch I hope I pass. What do you think?
  8. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline New Member

    I think pass.

  9. reddog

    reddog New Member

    Thanks for words of encouragement. I hope so. I will definitely let you all know when the results come back later this week.

    Knowledge is power


    SEC what do you think my chances are?
  10. loveit

    loveit New Member

    I start my great job tomorrow morning. I was so relieved when my new boss called me at 10 mins to 5 PM on friday. She just wanted to tell me she was looking so forward to my starting Monday morning. So you guys can do it!!
    I did it naturally and with extreme hard work. Thanks all for your positive feedback and encouragement!!! Good luck to you all!:)
  11. reddog

    reddog New Member

    way to go!! wish me luck. My hair was actually just under an inch in length for the test sample. SEC what do you think my chances are?

  12. reddog

    reddog New Member

    Ok it's been a week since my hair test and I have not received a call saying I didn't pass. So i am assuming I did pass the test. I start my new dream job Aug 5th Thanks to all for this forum. It truely is a fountain of knowledge.

    Kowledge is power

  13. 420thebestdayever

    420thebestdayever New Member

    ok ive got a blood test this friday and i wanna smoke tonight do you think its a good idea or not
  14. billy40200

    billy40200 New Member

    if tonight is 2 weeks away go ahead. if its 7 days away be carful. 3 days i would say no but theres a chance you'll pass. anything under that time frame dont

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