How long does your high last after smoking?

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  1. Coolguy

    Coolguy New Member

    How long does your average high last?

    To get some results that can actually be analyzed I would also like you to follow up on this poll by replying in this thread and answering the following questions:

    a) How long does an average high last you? (best estimate in minutes)
    b) How long have you been smoking for?
    c) How often do you smoke?
    d) How much do you smoke at a time to get high usually and out of what?
    e) Would you consider your stuff to be low, mid or high-grade?

    Thank you to those who participate! I realize that these could actually be several polls but they all tie together.

    * editted for clarification purposes
  2. Coolguy

    Coolguy New Member

    a) usually around 45 minutes, sometimes closer to an hour
    b) ~3 years
    c) mutiple times daily
    d) 2 bong rips
    e) high grade
  3. imported_Ilúvatar

    imported_Ilúvatar Where is my mind...

    how professional :D

    1. Well, my whole high will last around two hours, but after an hour its not very intense so I'll usually go back to the bowl within and hour/hour and a half.

    2. four years, since 15.

    3. all day when I do.

    4. it matters what I'm smoking. If its shwag, around 5-8 hits; if its kb, around two hits. and out of my glass spoon.

    5. again it matters what I'm smoking. The shwag i usually get is pretty decent, its not great but it isn't ****ty; the kb I get, of course, is quite good.

    thats weird, this poll is set to close...two days ago...hmmmm.

    :edit: i'm a dumbass, it closes in a two months minus two days :rolleyes: :laugh:
  4. Dingaling

    Dingaling New Member

    A)I put three hours, or more, because I am prone to getting burnt, for some reason I have no clue about (doesn't matter what type of weed it is, so I know it's not due to shwag, or an odd strain). It's pretty intense for the first hour, to two hours, and then it fades, but doesn't completely go away for at least a couple of more hours.

    B)I've smoked lightly, on and off, for about 10 years, but having recently discovered that it helps out tremendously, with my insomnia, I've been smoking, pretty much, every day (sometimes only one small bowl close to bedtime), for the last 3-4 months.

    C)It varies, a lot. There are many days where I only smoke a small bowl close to bedtime, as I stated above, and then there are days when I smoke up, frequently, and usually maintain a decent buzz, for most of the day. Then there are days like friday, when I didn't smoke, at all.

    D)Depends on what I'm smoking - shwag is usually 5-6 hits, and the chronic that my hookup has is pretty damn close to being a one hitter quitter. Three hits, and I'm too high, and while I wouldn't classify it as a "bad trip", it's not very fun until it starts to wear off a bit, so I typically only take one, maybe two hits of it, max. I am currently limited to using a small glass bubbler. It works great for my needs, though, and that's all that matters. :)

    E)Typical stuff is lower grade mids, with the occasional splurge on some serious chronic, mentioned above.

    (edited because I type in D twice, instead of D, and E - the sad part is that, I'm not even stoned at the moment. Just living up to my name!)
  5. IGemini

    IGemini [?]

    a) Hmmm...depends on how much I smoke, but I'd say my average high is around 3-4 hours.
    b) 1 year
    c) Varies depending on where I am (home or school), availability, and free time. From everyday for two weeks or once a week, but it averages out to 3 times a week.
    d) With two other people, lately 5-7 bowls out of a metal or glass pipe. I don't think the pot was cured.
    e) They keep saying it's high-grade, but it lacks the signs mentioned on this site and I have definitely smoked better stuff, so I'd say low-mid grade at best.
  6. Levistus

    Levistus New Member

    That really depends on the quality of the marijuana and the amount I smoke. I tend to get high quality weed, at least over the last few months, so it doesn’t take all that much to get me sufficiently high. Three of four bong hits and I’m lit for a couple of hours.

    Oh, I've been smoking pot on and off for the past 18 yrs.
  7. Ernesto

    Ernesto Banned

    i wish it lasted longer than an hour...if its really good weedifice, then 1.5 hours, but usually not more than that.
  8. Levistus

    Levistus New Member

    This is Precisely why I keep my smoking down to a minimum. Back in my younger days I would smoke daily, several times a day as a matter of fact, and it got to the point that I wouldn’t even get “high” anymore ... just a baked and generally burned out feeling. These days I only smoke two or three (max) days a week , so every time I light up I get sufficiently high and the high tends to last fairly long.
  9. :laugh:
    a)around 180 minutes or 3 hours
    b)bout 3 months
    c)bout 2 times a week
    d)bout 3 bowls on average out of a bowl obviously
    d)mid grades never really smoked good **** yet

    hope this helps peace
  10. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    A. Usually around 200 minutes.
    B. About 6 months
    C. Used to be once or twice a week, now once or twice a day
    D. Usually between a half gram and a gram. Sometimes out of my bong, sometimes out of the bubbler, sometimes a joint or blunt. Most often out of the bubbler.
    E. High-grade, but not headie level. KB I'd say.
  11. Coolguy

    Coolguy New Member

    Thanks a lot so far for the replies! Let's keep em coming!

    One thing that's noticeable already is that maybe there aren't quite as many daily tokers in the community as I had originally thought.

    It is very cool that the majority of you are staying high for 3 hours or more. I miss those days :(
  12. whiplash

    whiplash New Member

    a) probably 45 minutes, that's when i feel like i need more, but i guess it all wears off after 2 hours
    b) about 4 years
    c) used to be every day, but now i'm off it for a while
    d) half a gram to a gram, out of a pipe
    e) definitely high grade
  13. GrassyAss

    GrassyAss New Member

    a) My high last an hour and a 45 minutes then I start to come down.
    b) Going on 2 years now in October.
    c) At least 3-4 times a week.
    d) A couple bowls or a joint and I'm set.
    e) I only smoke high grade, shwag only gives me a headache now.
  14. PoolMaster[420]

    PoolMaster[420] New Member

    • About an hour to an hour and a half, 90 mintues
    • 6 years
    • Every day, atleast 3 times, usually not more than 6-7 normally
    • 2.5-3 grams of schwag gets me pretty good, and 1.5 grams of Kind usually does the trick for me
    • My stuff varies on grade, depends what's in-stock(atm I have mid-grade, 3060)
    I to have insomnia, and I have to agree. I never stay up more than 52 hours myself, and the only way for me to get to sleep under 24 hours of being awake is to get stoned out of my mind before bed.
  15. Irie

    Irie New Member

    a) around 90 - 120 minutes
    b) For about a year
    c) A few times a week
    d) 2 bowls will usually do it, My glass pipe
    e) High grade
  16. RotiEatter

    RotiEatter New Member

    a) 2-3 hours
    b) Hmmm, I think it's been about 4-5 years now
    c) Everyday
    d) Usually use a pipe and smoke 1 bowl to get high, and 2 to get stoned with 1 other person.
    e) Dank, Dro, High, Good ****, hehe
  17. Herb Anyone

    Herb Anyone New Member

    1. 120 - 150
    2. 3 months
    3. About once everyday
    4. By myself 2 bowls..out of my ccg pipe
    5. mids

    hehe that was fun...hmm i could have sworn ive been smoking longer than 3 months. My how time passes when your stoned. :laugh:
  18. portablefriend

    portablefriend New Member

    A.) Around 3 hours.

    B.) Just about a year.

    C.) Past - 2-3 times a day. (On break) Future - 3 times a week.

    D.) 1 Bowl, Inside out glass spoon.

    E.) I have never smoked schwagg and smoked mids once. KB is everywhere around here.
  19. budblazer420

    budblazer420 New Member

    1) About 2 hours
    2) 2 and a half years, off and on
    3) Once or twice a week
    4) A good sized joint and 3 bowls
    5) Some pretty good dank or mids

    Drugs and Alcohol Have Ruined My Life :bong:
  20. DonkeyPunch

    DonkeyPunch Seasoned Activist

    a) How long does an average high last you? (best estimate in minutes)
    b) How long have you been smoking for?
    c) How often do you smoke?
    d) How much do you smoke at a time to get high usually and out of what?
    e) Would you consider your stuff to be low, mid or high-grade?

    A. Total high, maybe 120 minutes on average, with the first hour being much more intense.
    B. Started @ 13 years ago, but smoked regularly for the last 4-5(?) years.
    C. Twice a day, once after work, once late night (midnite - 2 AM)
    D. If alone, most of a bowl from a glass pipe; if with people, from a glass/ceramic bong.
    E. Almost always highgrade.

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