How long for probation results?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by JustBlazin, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. JustBlazin

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    I took a probation test a week ago and I am pretty sure I passed. My PO told me that if I passed, then I would have no further contact with them. I'm currently waiting to start smoking again until I'm positive that I passed, but the thing is that I won't be contacted unless I failed. So, I was hoping that someone would know how long it takes for them to let you know you failed so that I know when I should be in the clear to blaze it up again. Hope you can help. Thanks!
  2. IamN2pot

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    In GENERAL, you will know you failed a lab test within 5-7 working days, max.
    Hope that helps. N2
  3. MiamiBoy

    MiamiBoy New Member about to be on probation myself, and i just dont get it.....let me ask u a few questions.....

    I thought that they test it right there...and if ur dirty they take u to jail?

    Also, if this is not the case...what happens if it is dirty?.....they wait to you report again, and then take you to jail??

    im a nervous wreck over this whole thing....
  4. IamN2pot

    IamN2pot Seasoned Activist

    Appearently, some do and some don't. Since I've never been on probo, I'm only speaking from what I've read. I'm sure some others with personal experiance will add to the thread.
  5. JustBlazin

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    I think it may vary from state to state. From what I've heard (my 2 best friends were also on prob at the same place as I am), they send it to a lab after collecting the urine, but I think the cutoff is still 50 since both of them passed 2 yrs worth of testing even with smoking the night before (and they were heavy, long-time smokers). My PO told me that if I pass then I will have no further contact with them (I am on pre-trial intervention since it is my first offense) and if I fail, then I will be tested a second time and I must be enrolled in some drug counseling program (NA etc.) by the time of my second test in order to still be eligible for PTI (getting my record expunged etc.). My state (NJ) may be more lax than others, so I'm not sure what the deal is for you. My advice is, STAY F*****G CLEAN! I stopped for 3 months and then had a week binge for my college grad and b-day, making me 26 days clean by my test. I have been told that I have a pretty good chance of passing since I used the aspirin/dilution method & passed several home tests. I haven't heard I failed yet (it's been 9 days since), but I'm still nervous as hell and I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown before the test. Whatever you may be telling yourself, it is definately not worth it to smoke before a probation test because you never know what might happen and nothing is worth going to jail over a couple of highs when u can smoke as much as u want once its over. I know I'm preaching and being a hypocrite since I smoked myself, but if I had to do it over (which I hope I will never have to), I would have stayed totally clear so I could have gone in totally confident. There's nothing worse than the nervousness you feel those couple days beforehand if you know you've blazed. Hope that helps and good luck!
  6. MiamiBoy

    MiamiBoy New Member u pass???
  7. 420Racer

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    Miami boy, When i was sentenced to my 3 years of probation, i had to report to the PO the next day. He asked me if i was clean, I told him i had been smoking pot, and that i knew it was wrong but all the stress waiting to be sentenced i just loss control and used. So he dropped me anyway. I got a call about a week or so later, telling me i was positive for cannabis. He explained to me that positive result would stay with me for one year, and that 3 positive tests in a one year period would send me back infront of the judge. If i were you i would just be honest with them, that is if you know your going to fail. It's best to get off to a good start, If they see your being honest with them, you won't be on there radar. :cool: If you lie they can make your life hell. Good Luck.
  8. sean09

    sean09 New Member

    I was given 9 months of probation back in January, and since then I've only been tested once at the beginning of June. Before that drug test I was definantly clean, still nervous because I had drank less than 5 days before the test because I graduated (I'm 18 and I get drug and alcohol urinalysis). However, I can really relate to the nerve racking feel of getting drug tested and not sure if you passed. I had smoked on March 12, about 5 days or so after I had just gone to see my PO, and my next appointment was for the 9th of April I think. I got a HomeDrugTest Kit and tested myself at the end of March, I came up clean, but it really wasn't enough to squash the uneasy feeling I had those few days before I went to see my PO. I was losing sleep, and when I did sleep I would literally have nightmares of me getting arrested for smoking pot. Now I know I may sound like a bit of a ***** here, but if I get caught ONCE with drugs or alcohol in my system I go to HARRIS county jail (Houston, Texas), which I was told in houston city jail was one of the worst jails in the south. I mean **** I'm just an 18 yr old white kid, I'm not about to sit here and tell you I wasn't scared. I personally think its pretty ****ed up the "justice" system we have here in America will send 18 yr old kids to jail for misdemeanors where many times they end up getting raped or beaten badly, they are turned into hard criminals if they are in there long enough, but child molestors and murderers get off.
  9. Wizard1

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    While the testing proceedures vary from state to state........probably from county to county.... What happens when you come up dirty is usually pretty simular. A dirty result is usually sent to the judge you appeared before, and he makes a ruling. He can put out a warrant for your arrest, usually for a felony conviction or plea. Typically, the arrest is made when you report the next time for probation. Usually one is held until a VOP hearing (violation of probation). Most people do not get bond posted....(some do...not usually). Dirty urine is deemed a "technical violation", which means you did not commit a crime but violated the terms of your probation. The maximum sentence cannot be more than the term of your probation.... If you got a year, you can spend a year in the klink....(no more). If it is your first violation, the chances are you will not do that sentence. None the less....I have a friend...(wink) who came up positive.... he was arrested next time he checked in, was held for a week, until his hearing...(it was only a week because he had a great lawyer) and was then sentenced to 75 days in county. Since his sentence was 7 years probation, he had the potential of spending 7 years in jail.............that's right.....7 years for dirty urine.
    There is no telling what can happen when you come up dirty on probation...there are too many variables. The charges...the judge, the DA, ever violated before, etc... One can be reinstated and given another chance, or, one could be sent to jail for ...who knows how long. This "friend" was also careless....he smoked 10 days before he went in....did not test himself first to see if he was dirty, and therefore, took no precautions, having never been on this site, and not educating himself to the symantics of his situation.
    But, if you were testing negative a week before you checked in, chances are very good that you passed..... probably 98 percent.
    None the less, they will not contact you to tell you that you passed. I would, contact the Probation office and inquire about any papers that you would have to sign in order to finalize your completion of said sentence.
    This friend was also tested on site by his PO... I see many people here have there results sent to the lab.
    It is hard to explain all the legistics of this in just one post...but, that is the basic jist of it....from my experience. Needless to say, my friend has broached his probation more intelligently since that incident.
    Hope this helps.
    Peace All
  10. flasmoker

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    well, I'm happy to say that tomorrow is my last PO appointment and i'm done as one who as tested the system (central Fla) I can say it's best to just stay clean I got lazy (while testing the system) and got caught here they test you on the spot he told me it was pos I requested it to be sent out still pos. Po officer sent letter to judge warrant for arrest was then issued (i turned myself in) was very bad experence never do i want to go to jail again so just suck it up and stay clean OH boy I can smoke tomorrow
  11. Janepaints

    Janepaints New Member

    Okay so I had one test for a conditional discharge in NJ and the probation officer said he didn't need to see me again. For good measure (prior to returning to NJ as I was living in MD) I cleaned up. I called to inform him of my change in address and he repeated that he didn't need to see me again and because I am going to school in LA, offered to file my paperwork a month early (in 2 weeks) to end probation. Can/would a probation officer ever go back on their word and call me back in if I have no new charges? Furthermore if he did would smoking a small amount for the first time in a month fail me in say a week?
  12. Francis080511

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    help me please !!!

    My boyfriend was put on probastian for misdeomedor for marijuana and was put on for a year. He went back to jail again I know he VOP and he wasn't on probastian for even a month in a half. I would like to now how much time, Im praying not alot cause im pregnant and I dont want him to miss out on his child.

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