How Long To Clean For 1 Puff?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by beefeater267, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. beefeater267

    beefeater267 New Member


    I have a job that does random urine tests. I'm curious as to if anyone had any ideas on how long it would take to pass a urine test under the following conditions:

    Male, 5'9, 130 lb, SUPER FAST metabolism
    Haven't smoked in 6 months.

    So, if 1 puff was taken, any guesses?
  2. Sinore

    Sinore New Member

    I would guess it would leave your system in no longer than 1 week, if it was just one puff.
  3. CannaKid

    CannaKid New Member

    I Don't Need to Guess, believe me.

    Believe me when i say this...
    1 time use for marijuana is out of your system in 1-3 days. I have personal experience from this and researched this in great depth.
    you only took one hit so i'd guess its out of your system by the next morning.
    We have about the same body type and metabolism, and i smoked for about a week straight and then stoped for 3 days and was clean with a very extensive 9 screen test.

    Next time you don't need to ask here just go to erowid and go to the drug testing vault. best information ive seen on the web.
  4. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I'd concur with that.

    I'm glad that worked for you but it is statistically very unlikely. Anyone using that as a basis for passing a UA would most probably fail.
  5. trade04

    trade04 New Member

    (both of these are after months of abstinene)
    Not the same for everyone. I once took 5 hits of regular weed on a friday, and 2 hits of hydro on a saturday and was clean on a tuesday with dilution

    This other time i took 10 hits of reggies off a blunt, and was dirty for 6 days.... (slack dilution)
  6. CannaKid

    CannaKid New Member


    yeah, your right buzzby its not likely for most people but both of us are very skinny and have very fast metabolisms. :wave:
  7. WeedLover35

    WeedLover35 New Member

    You Would Be Safe With Just One Puff. No More.
  8. oneluv4boognish

    oneluv4boognish New Member

    so 1-3 days for one puff....would that mean that if ya did take 3 puffs you're lookin at 3-9 days? or am i just a tard....which feel free to answer the latter of the questions...but yes i know i'm a tard!
  9. trade04

    trade04 New Member

    I weigh 210 im 5'10'' tall took 3 hits of some mids on a saturday around midnight was clean by wednesday!! i did my own method, no dilution, anyone want details just let me know! cuz its off topic!!!
  10. oneluv4boognish

    oneluv4boognish New Member

    i wanna know i wanna know
  11. manatee54

    manatee54 New Member

    Don't inhale


    Puff the Magic Dragon - - if you don't inhale, yes you would be clean.... but, I'm agree with Buzzby..... be careful on the 1 day window... however, if it's your third pee of the day, you would probably be below the level....unless that 1 hit was before bed...

  12. CryWolf

    CryWolf New Member

    3 hits need help have 3 days abstinence before hand

    please help I have an imnportant pee test on tuesday. I need to be clean i'm nervous and I REALLY just took three hits of mids. I am larger but seem to have a fast metabolism anyways (thank God) using mild dilution and a drink like Test pure platinum magnum force. Should I be clean?

    Please help thank you



    HOUSTONBOY713 New Member

    yeah how did you get clean cause im trippin right here i need to know real talk..

    si i really ned to know in about 150 5,9 i only took one puff its friday november 4th you think it will be out by the 30th i gotta take a u.a some1 pleasse answer need something atleast cause damn i dont feel like wasting my time in jail anymore thank you bye!!!!!!!
  14. Ruckus

    Ruckus New Member

    Assuming that you were "clean" before that "one puff" it is very likely that you will have nothing to fear from a drug screen at the end of the month.
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    HOUSTONBOY713 New Member


    well thanks homie fuck it imma get me one of those home drug test just so i wont be all anxious when i go do my test on the 30th and i been clean for about 50 days ... Damn look it i hit a pipe with fake weed that head tripp shit buttt the pipe i was smoking out of had weed at one point i tasted weed when i hit it that means i still hit thc or naahh>?????
  16. DavidAl

    DavidAl New Member

    I have a question, Ive been clean for about more than a month and a half now. and Im on probation and get drug tested every month. I came out clean in my last drug test which was 3 days ago. and I wont be tested again till about 33 days. If I where to smoke just 1 gram of Hydro today, will I be clean by my next drug test? Im 5'4 and weigh 110 pounds, and have a very fast metabolism, and Work out regularly.
  17. cathy

    cathy New Member

    ok im new here and i have a question.

    my brother did a molly on friday night, took 3 puffs out a bong saturday (hes not a smoker its been 1 yr since he last smoke) and hes in the military so when he returned to work on tuesday the gave him a urine test. would this stuff be out his system?
  18. ty loves marry jane

    ty loves marry jane New Member

    I have been clean for 6 months.
    Saturday around midnight I took 2 puffs of some loud(exotics) will I be clean by Tuesday ?

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