how long will it take for the smell to go away?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by midgetpimp, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. midgetpimp

    midgetpimp New Member

    ok i just smoked like 10 mins ago, and im feelin good blah blh, but i left just a tab too much smoke in there, how long does it take for a bathroom to un-smell. bty its 12:30 am.. will it smell the same in the morning? aroung 6-7am
  2. FeralJessNZ

    FeralJessNZ New Member

    that depends. Do you have the window open?
    Our living room often smells for about 24 hours afterwards unless we air it out with all the windows open.
  3. midgetpimp

    midgetpimp New Member

    no windows...
    the fan is running, and i sprayed my body spray around would it be incredibably noticeable?

    P.S.: still stoned
  4. FeralJessNZ

    FeralJessNZ New Member

    it also depends on how much you've had....I dont know - I can't smell your house from here :laugh:
    I would suggest opening a window but if thats impossible then spray your spray and turn on your fan and hope for the best
  5. Zizzy

    Zizzy New Member

    Get some scented candles

    You don't have a window and if the vent in your bathroom is not doing the job, try some scented candles. Within about an hour the smell should be replaced with the candles aroma. Another trick is to pour some pine sol or a similar product into your toilet and let it sit with the top open on the commode. Within about a half hour all you will smell is pine cleaner, depending on how much you smoked and how you smoked it. Joints tend to smell stronger and the smell lingers as opposed to a waterpipe or regular pipe.
  6. Barker

    Barker Cunt.

    Paranoid? It should be fine by tomorrow just check it hourly or so...
  7. I used to smoke in the bathroom in my last apartment, it was the same with a vent fan but no windows. It usually took about a day to get the smell out with just the fan, but like everyone else said, it goes much faster if you cover it up with another smell like aroma candles, air freshener, or incense.
  8. zoltron

    zoltron Banned

    the sure cure

    The best thing to do is go take a nice healthy sh!t, don't flush the
    toilet, then tell someone to go in there & describe the smell!:laugh: :puker:
  9. ManMulcahey

    ManMulcahey Wilson, King of Prussia

    Run the shower. Dont keep the fan on while its running. Let it get nice and steamy. Then turn the fan on. Should smell nice.
  10. chinacat311

    chinacat311 New Member

    haha when im stoned i always figure i can "steam" out the smoke but i have no idea if it actually helps.
  11. CollyLeaf

    CollyLeaf New Member

    Last night at 9:55 PM I smoked two bowls out of my Zong in my room standing next to my window fan in my window. I opened my other window and put clothes to block the circulation at the door.

    At like 10:07 my Dad came in my room and didn't smell anything and he can smell smoke pretty damn good.

    No inscence.
    No sprays.

    Just lots of fresh air.

    EDIT- I had to edit this becuase it didn't really make sense the first time I wrote it. I just been hitting my Zong with some pretty good sativa.
  12. imported_Ilúvatar

    imported_Ilúvatar Where is my mind...

    the smell usually leaves my room in like an hour or two. if i use incence its gone after i put out the bowl/joint.

    if i smoke in the bathroom, and i don't have incense, i would just fill the sink half way up with water and put a good bit of soap in there. of course plug it up so it doesn't leak out. thats does the trick.

    but if you have like five hours worth of time for the smell to go away, you wont really need any of these precautions, unless you parinoid.

    i really hope that made sense, i'm really f*cked up :D :rolleyes:
  13. Open every window in the house and pray for for breeze

  14. midgetpimp

    midgetpimp New Member

    well its too late, my dad went in my bathroom and im like, **** and ran to the bus stop, lol i came home hes all "no smokin pot in the house, do it sumwhere else" then walekd away...
  15. FeralJessNZ

    FeralJessNZ New Member

    hahha you're lucky he didn't nut on you.....if my parents had caught me when I was living at home I'd get more than that :eek:

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