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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by redsoxfan266, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. redsoxfan266

    redsoxfan266 New Member

    I smoked last night, had about 4 pulls of a blunt. I had not smoked in exactly three weeks until last night. How long will it take for the THC to leave my system?

    EDIT: I'm about 5'7", 130 pounds. Fast metabolism.
  2. 1person

    1person New Member

    are you fat, skinny, medium-build? Whats your metabolism like?

    With the info you've provided - maybe a 2 more weeks or so. Hard to say.

    I wish I could get an answer for that myself as well, but it's not that simple.
  3. redsoxfan266

    redsoxfan266 New Member

    I'm about 5'7" 130 pounds. Fast metabolism.
  4. 1person

    1person New Member

    the thinner you are and the faster your metabolism - the faster thc leaves the body.

    Like I said, probably a couple of weeks, if even that.

  5. drweb

    drweb Banned

    Buy a home test and check yourself with your first morning void. When you are passing that test, you are officially clear to pass a lab test. Not a second sooner. No one can know when you'll be clean soxfan, only you can answer that.
  6. Boom Shanker

    Boom Shanker New Member

    drink plent of water and engage is activities that help u sweat. if u have a gym membership, use their sauna. Your fast metabolism will help u get rid of THC within a week or 2 guaranteed! Dont smoke if u shouldn't be smoking.
    U smoke the weed, dont let it smoke u.
  7. drweb

    drweb Banned

    Drinking lots of water daily and trying to sweat out the THC in a sauna won't get rid of the THC in your body.

    No one can guarantee he'll be clean within a week or two since he said nothing of his smoking habit before 3 weeks ago. For all we know he was smoking a 1/4 a day for a year before then. If he had never smoked a day in his life and only took 4 hits then sure, he'd be clean in a week.
  8. Boom Shanker

    Boom Shanker New Member

    lol i said one - two weeks. i am 5'10 and 180 pounds and i got a normal metabolism, and it took me 19 days to get a bunch of stuff out of my system. I couldve been less but the test was in 19 days of when i smoked. i smoked a whole bowl of dank topped with kief by myself because i didnt think i would have a test but something happened later and i was forced to take a test and it was clean. they searched for about 6 different drugs other than marijuana. i would never say anything to anyone unless its coming from personal experience. He said he didnt smoke for three weeks before he pulled on a blunt 4 times. i consider that a small amount of THC stored in your body and if he runs on a treadmill for 30 mins a day and drink plenty of water, he will be just alright. Avoid sugary drinks(i prefer water). Hishigh metabolism will sweat it out of his system.
  9. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    Dinking water is only helpful on the day of the U/A. Drinking water days or weeks before the U/A is of no help. To find out why, read the O/P in this thread:

    Sweating isnt of much help because very little THC is excreted via sweat. The rest of it is being excreted via the urine and bowels.
  10. drweb

    drweb Banned

    You are still not addressing his lack of providing a smoking history before 3 weeks ago boom. All he said is that he only smoked 4 hits and before that it had been 3 weeks.

    Again, if he was smoking lots of pot every day up until 3 weeks ago, those 4 hits don't matter, he was dirty when he took his 4 hits and is still dirty today. Yes 4 hits is a very small amt of THC, but there is no guarantee since no history was provided that he was clean when he took the 4 hits. That's the point I'm trying to make.

    And btw - your body and your smoking history is unique to you, no one else. Your results and his will be totally different smoking the same amt at the same time every day.

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