how many dimes in an ounce...

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    not even gunna waste my time here...its obvious all u can do is find the faults in my post and talk about mars landings and obviously you couldn't tell me HOW MUCH WEED would equal 5 dollars of one can becuase it could very even from nug to nug of the same proved how stupid you sound by only making fun of my miswording rather than realize the impracticalness and absurdity of a nickelbag meaning a 5 dollar bag.

    for anyone who lives in america and doesn't want to get ripped off with made up meanings for known slangs since the 60's

    nickelbag=1/20th of an ounce dimebag=1/10th no grams no digital scales a simple 5 dollar acura scale with clip to clip to the baggie and simple ounce incriments...practical simple and not worth writing another page done with this thread i think the guy who started it got the answer he was looking for..

    so hope i helped and besided im sure the guy who wanted to know isn't one of those broke a$s fools you talk about which you must know so much about since you seem to think a nickelbag means a 5 dollar sack...maybe if weed was legal

    the only thing ive heard similiar to what your saying is a dime bag that costs 10 dollars and has 1/10th of an ounce in weed...schwag weed for a schwag price with a simple and practical measurement for dealers looking to make quick bux...
  2. Conine

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    obviously you couldn't tell me HOW MUCH WEED would equal 5 dollars of one can becuase it could very even from nug to nug of the same plant...

    Take your own challenge. Tell me HOW MUCH MONEY would equal one of your nickel bags of weed? No one can, because it could vary, right?

    for anyone who lives in america and doesn't want to get ripped off with made up meanings for known slangs since the 60's

    I guess these guys are Unamerican

    Everything else was pretty much flames or you repeating yourself.
  3. Conine

    Conine Seasoned Activist

    Some other folks who obviously haven't conformed to 'America's standard':


    Jax Armani, TXM, Tokr4life, muidlobuh, MercuryThought, Nash

    Bailey1138, dialcg, Ice Pick, Rusty_Cage, Precious

    ncj, Bongzilla

    Absentdreamerr, Psychological

    I think that's enough to make my point, which is that dime and nickel have varying terms depending on where you are. Around here, they are $10 and $5. CLEARLY, where you are, they are 1/10 and 1/20 of an ounce. However, you can in no way claim that the 'american standard' is to say they are 1/10 and 1/20 of an ounce, unless your theory is that none of these people know what they're talking about.
  4. Mr.Mojorisin

    Mr.Mojorisin Mr. M

    Its great that things work that way were you live, but the area you live in doesnt make the rules for the rest of the world. Ive never even heard of a tenth or a twentieth, nor would I want to because then I'd be living in the US. Stop whining and accept that things work differently in different places. You must be smokin some schwag if you need 1/8s to get high goat, I can be blazed off of a dime (1 gram) or a nickle (0.5 grams) quite easily but then again Im smoking bud grown up here in BC and you got whatever.
  5. Zizzy

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    And what do you all call 3/4 of an OZ?

    I call it a lid.
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    Everyone agrees that a dime bag is what you get for ten dollars. However, the debatable point on this issue is exactly how much in weight you SHOULD be getting for those ten crisp green G Washingtons. Depending upon the quality of the dope, and how eager the dealer is to sell it, the amount in weight you will get for 10 will-inevitably-vary. Oftentimes you'll see dime bags of 'mersh weighing in between 1.5 and 1 gram. A dime of 'dro, however, will almost always be less than a gram. In truth, the weight of a dime is whatever the buyer is willing to spend $10 for. Personally, I've turned down dime sacks of Mexican dirt weed that, in appearance, weighed close to a 1/4. I've bought dime bags of religiously mind blowing shiz which were so small they'd pack only one bowl full with maybe a hit or two thereafter. What it all boils down to is you get what you pay for. If you aren't desperate or aren't buying in a sketchy situation out on the street, take a quick look at what is in the bag. If your instinct tells you to buy, then hand the man your Hamilton, if it looks like your getting ripped, say, "no thanks."

    Take it eazy, but never sleazy, the OhioSmoker
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    I always thought a lid WAS an ounce....Not that it matters....that's old slang.

    "yeh, I sold two lids last night man"
    "oh yeh? who'd ya sell 'em to?"
    "**** man...were gonna starve..."

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    Woah. woah! is it just me or did your guys' opinions on what a nickel and dime is, totaly flip around. I think ill have to read the thread again. . . and everyone here should be in agreement to what a nickel and dime is.

    but either way, I dont know waht all this crud about 1/20 and 1/10 an oz is, but here in good ol' Washington, a nickel is pretty uniform terms for $5 of weed, and a dime is $10. So here, (depending on the quality), $10 (dime) on average is around 1- 1.5 grams.
  9. Conine

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    I don't think anyone changed their opinion. When I used my example, it was just to say that I'm open-minded enough to believe that nickel and dime means different things in different areas. IOW I agree with your terms, WWG.
  10. KahunaBudz

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    Gotcha Conine. :p musta been too tired to read the posts correctly. (Been having Massive Insomnia lately and trying to keep sober)
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    after reading this thread i have decided to make my first post. i feel its important subject matter :)

    jesus christ its expensive around here, man that sucks... Good herb though at least
  12. SmokerForPeace

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    Only stoners could take a topic so simple and turn it into a 3 page discussion where friendships were made and broken. For the sake of man, a dime bag is $10. The amount in it varies because of different types of ganja. Even all the drug "fact" books at my library say a dime is slang for $10 worth of a drug.
  13. The deal

    I was reading this post and I remember when i used to wonder about that kinda ****. ok

    a dime is 10 dollars worth of weed. period.

    an ounce is not a worth but a measurement of exactly how much you are getting.

    a dime is 10 bucks cuz a US dime is 10 cents. it has a consistency in numbers... just a differnt term becuase well someone got real high and decided it should be that way.

    nickel follows the same principal.

    a DUB is short for a double, which is a 2, because that is pager code for a 20 dollar sack.

    over here in DB (ranked #2 in last years high times I think) it's pretty normal to get a lil over a gram as a dub (20 bucks); and that is of BOMB kronik! usually the better it gets the closer it will be to 1 gram.

    I dont buy mids (mid grade kronik) a lot because well.... no. Considerably less stickyness and wierd smell, almost stressy.

    But i have been short on money sometimes, and you buy those in Dimes (for a gram). You can still call them dubs if u are a dumbass but dealers dont.

    stress, or 'sess' is pretty nasty and usually looked down upon by kronik users. with the characteristic sandpaper texture and PB&J sandwich smell.... I bought a sack in west co.... a 2.5 g nick... took me three bowls to get faded... not bad but a very paranoid fade. The high is usually marked with either feeling a nicotinish buzz or just getting really paranoid and then a comedown. They're revered to out here as 'cigarettes'.

    ****, n' I thought shwag only was fo free cuz no one in diamond bar buys that ****. I've only got it for free before


    It is 45-60 (usually 50) for an 8th of bomb kronik, 75-90 dollar quarters (which are actually quarter ounces, not a quarter in money... no wonder why people get confused :p) 150 half o's (I dont get that a lot) and 250-400 a Zone (O, lid, ounce, Z) which is usually 28 grams. If you are better friends with your dealer and/or buy a lot, u can usually get hooked up fat no matter what you buy.

    there are QP's (quads; quarter pounds), halfs, and Pounds but those go fer a lot so basically only dealers buy those.

    I've talked to a lot of other people from other places and they say they buy joints for a dub... i think thats really nice of a dealer to already pack them in joints but i've never heard of that in any city out here. if uh... any of you readers would be kind enough to send me a J, then just hold it under your optical mouse 'til it disappears and send it to my email address :confused:

    I hope i didn't say anything inaccurate.
  14. misspellings

    damn I havent got high since the weekend and right now I really pissed myself off that I misspelled principle as principal. Oh and we all know bomb kronik right? Nice n vividly colorful with a thick coat of resin all over, It seems very pillowy and maybe not dense, but if you squish it, the potency will decrese almost in half as all the hidden stickyness will stick to your finger or the bag (if you've done wrong and hid it in your shoe like i've known a lot of people to do.... oh good lord dont do that)
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    You guys are really overanalyzing this. :burnup: I think that most of this confusion stems from the fact that when people buy weed, they buy the same ammount from the same people consistently. Therefore, if you buy a nickel bag and you get 1/20 of an ounce, you will get a mindset that a nickel bag is 1/20 of an ounce. And thats fine, slang varies vastly from area to area. If it works for your area, use it. The only problem is that here on the net, this little wonderfull conversation spans continents, so slang is rather hard to ..standerdize. But it can be done either way.

    I have bought weed from many different states, provinces, and countries, and in the majority of dealings I've had, a nickel bag is simply an ammount of weed sold for five dollars; a dime is ten dollars. Rather simple. Granted, if you buy schwag or commersh, you will get more in a dime than if you buy dank, which I usually do, but than again, I usually buy by eights, quarters, and ounces, so I avoid all this nickel and dime nonsense.
  16. Conine

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    You guys are really overanalyzing this.

    That's what we're here for!:D

    Hey, if someone announced that the NSA stood for the National Softball Association, and that any other interpretation was wrong, I bet you'd have something to say!
  17. Are you kidding me??

    I just wanted to voice my disbelief at how long this thread has actually become. It should not have even went past 2-3 posts!!!!
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    Re: Are you kidding me??

    Why'd you post then ;) Lets try and make this 4 pages.
  20. Re: Re: Are you kidding me??

    Yeah you got me there! But I figured hey if it is already that long.. may as well add another :) I don't think 4 pages is gonna happen but ya never know...

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