how many dimes in an ounce...

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  1. dre1136

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    So from reading all the posts it seems the only standard to measure against is a 1/4 and a 1/2 of an ounce the rest 5$ 10$ you can go on by sight (which I do) right?:)
  2. Conine

    Conine Seasoned Activist

    I know people sell eighths, particularly of better quality stuff. I've never seen anything sold below that by weight.
  3. ::blazed jae::

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    it's tough to say how many dimes are in an ounce because buying dimes is one of the most inefficient ways of buying weed (unless you can make a miniscule amount of weed last for at least 3 days)



    schwag dime = 1.5 g
    mids dime = 1 g
    kb dime = a little over half a gram (.5 if it's the best ****)

    (28 grams/oz) so...
    28/1.5 = 19 dimes of schwag in an ounce
    28/1 = 28 dimes of mids in an ounce
    28/.5 = 56 dimes of kb in an ounce

    (for newbies)
    19, 28, 56...these are very large numbers when it comes to selling that many people a dime sack each... that's why people don't like to sell small amounts
  4. Funkbot

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    Canadian Drug Info

    I'll break it down for everyone. Around here in Ontario Canada all this stuff below is what I pay. Lol - Only dealers buy qps...

    Nickel - $5.00 - 0.5 Gram
    Dime - $10.00 - 1.0 Gram
    Twin - $20.00 - 2.0 Grams
    Half Quarter - $40.00 - 4.0 Grams
    Quarter - $80.00 - 8.5 Grams
    Half Ounce - $130.00 - 14.00 Grams
    Ounce - $240.00 - 28.00 Grams

    Yep, it's expensive... But it gets cheaper with higher quantities. Also, most dealers won't deal unless you buy a twin or up. Also, the skunk is the same price as the **** weed, just how it goes...
  5. Conine

    Conine Seasoned Activist

    That's the only quarter I've ever seen that wasn't 7 grams.
  6. Funkbot

    Funkbot New Member


    dunno its kinda wierd here.... like a quarter doesnt even mean 1/4 ounce cause most dealers around here gotta give more weed when prices get better.... i guess everywhere its different.
  7. bongwater

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    $240 an ounce wow..some guy in my science class paid $50 for an ounce..well either $50 for an ounce or a half ounce. either way its much cheaper, but then agian this is BC
  8. Funkbot

    Funkbot New Member

    bud prices suck

    yeah and technically thats cheap....
  9. YetiManY3K

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    Well I always go by this rule of thumb. If you are buying indoor, an eigth SHOULD have 9-12 bowls, depending on how dense/wet the bud is. So from there a dime consists of about 2 bowls, 1/8 = about 4-5 dimes. 4-5 dimes in 1/8, 8 eigths in an ounce, about 35-40 dimes in an ounce. Yup.
  10. Los237

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    it just depends on where you live at where I am you get 28 dimes in A ounce of Laa and 56 for haze

    Ounce cost $150 here
  11. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    "Nickel (noun) - A $5 amount of marijuana."

    The terms "dime" and "nickel" differ from terms like "quarter" because the first two terms deal with a static PRICE ($5 or $10) and dynamic (changing) amount of weed (some people can get 1g for $10 while others can only get .5g for $10) while a quarter deals with a static AMOUNT (7 g every day of the year) and a dynamic price (some people pay $50, some pay $100, either way they still get 7 g of weed).
  12. Conine

    Conine Seasoned Activist

    Where were all of you guys when I needed you?;)
  13. Maverick009

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    Gold, What is shwag?
    or anyone else who can answer feel free to jump in.
  14. Maverick009

    Maverick009 New Member

    Hi, can anyone tell me what "shwag" is, Im not familiar w/ most terms as I am new to this stuff.
  15. kiLLa nuGGz

    kiLLa nuGGz New Member

    an ounce down here is around 200. Its about 40 dimes.
  16. WeedMonster

    WeedMonster New Member


    28 g = ounce

    1 g = dime

    28 DEVIDED BY 1 is 28.. hence 28 dimes
  17. How the hell is this thread still going! It is such an easy question and answer!!
  18. Conine

    Conine Seasoned Activist

    Except that 1 gram is not necessarily one dime. If you read the thread, you'll see arguments for a dime equalling A) 10 dollars, B) 1/10 of an ounce (or 2.8 grams), C) 1/40 of an ounce or 5 dollars, depending on how you want to read that post, and now D)you claim it equals 1 gram.

    So I would claim that the prevailing opinion is that it is $10 of weed, however, this definition may vary by locale. I don't see a good reason to call a gram a dime when you could simply call it a gram.

    (And the thread lives on!)
  19. kiLLa nuGGz

    kiLLa nuGGz New Member

    1 gram=$15
    1 dime(.7)=$10

    half quad=approx. 5 dimes (3.5)
    quad=approx. 10 dimes
    half o=approx. 20 dimes
    ounce=approx. 40 dimes

    Thats how its always been here in toronto (for me anyway)...
  20. Crazy Horse

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    Just break it down into quarters. :D

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