how many grams is an 1/8?

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by LoCalPoRnStaR, Feb 14, 2002.

  1. budsmoker61

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    i just wiegh the weed and not the bag
  2. Snipe¤Star

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    there are 2 types of dealers: dealers that sell by monetary value, and dealers that sell by weight.

    the former dealers sell in quantities of money: a nick is 5 dollars worth of whatever type/quality of weed is being sold. a nick of high grade will weigh less than a nick of lower grade weed. a dime is a 10 dollar amount, a dub is 20 dollars worth.

    weight dealers sell in quantities of weight, usually in portions of an ounce- an eight is 1/8th of an ounce, a quarter or half is 1/4 or 1/2 respectively of an ounce, etc. When you get say an eighth, it should always weigh ≈ 3.5 grams, but the price is completely dependent on the quality of the weed

    just gonna say first that i dont mean to insinuate any negative racial stereotyping, this is strictly an observation that ive seen over the years-- where i'm from, usually black dealers sell by money amounts, and white dealers sell in weight quantities. again, not trying to racially profile or anything, its just a trend i see
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  3. Plainsman1963

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    Interestin that you'd mention the factor of "Race" in the herbal world. I've found that black dealers and mexican dealers sell by money factor and white dealers sell by "quality" factor. The disadvantage of me buying by "weight" from a white dealer is that I could be getting a lot of ditch weed for the price; yet the disadvantage of buying by "money" from the blacks and mexicans is that I don't really know the quality per se of the herb until I give them my money and then smoke it. I guess until the Gov't legalize and taxes it, then we are all continually at the mercy and whim of the dealers--be they black, white, yellow, or brown or purple! Or youi could try to grow your own, but the seeds often never really grow much. So hey!
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    An eight is and should be 3.5 grams. Sometimes you can get them hooked up for like 4.3 grams.

    CRIMSONxSOLDIER All Aboard the Canni-bus!

    Generally if you've got a good dealer he/she will weigh it out right infront of you and then put it in the bag. :cool:

    CRIMSONxSOLDIER All Aboard the Canni-bus!

    Ahhhh but what about the wiggers? Lol. That's a trickey one.:p
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    nah dude a nick or nickle is a 5 bag you get like half of a half a gram but depends on who your buying from and qualitydime is a $10 bag its half a g good for like a joint or somethingdub is a 20 bag usually like a graman 1/8 is 3.5 i pay like 50, i get headiees usually the more you buy at once the lower the price is happy tokin
  8. runamukk

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    wow, I pay $40 for an oz of lime green in texas. (not Dro)
  9. Fuckswagg

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    Keep it Rollin

    NUGGET FOR LIFE:munchies:
  10. ngever

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    3.5 grams
  11. rickforpresident

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    most of it is gut feeling but you can tell if its good by several method
    1 how does it smell
    2 how does it look
    3 how does it taste(the smoke)
    4 what type of high you get(either a head high sativa, a nice body stone indica, or a combination of the two like a hybrid)
    5 how high you get
  12. rickforpresident

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    thats not always true in gary IN you can get a qp for like 180 and it is pretty good bud crystaly and full of red hair like high mids
  13. ashlee lynn x0

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    1/8 = 3.5 grams
  14. Chunkz

    Chunkz New Member

    3.5 g
  15. lexilu10210

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    Not sure as to why you are talking about the bag. In all reality.. somebody is going to weigh out their sack without the bag. You know, like dump it out onto the scale. So the bag is not even relevant to this thread anyways. Just putting that one out there... :thumb:
  16. youngblood00

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    its called google. come on man :D its really easy
  17. city girl

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    FYI for Clarification

    :hail:This reply covers several comments made on this page.
    First, to the person who originally asked about the 1/8th....the answer you recieved was very technically correct, but if you come from the areas that use dub and nick and such you are probably in an urban area. an 1/8th is usually 3.5 to 4 grams depending on the grade. The grade has alot to do with the price and amount, which addresses some others comments about getting ripped off on here. If you bout "Mec" or "Mexican" or "Dirt" as it is refered to many places, and is usually what is redily available on the Eastern half of the USA, then $30 for 4 grams is too high...this usually sells for $5 a gram and $60- $80 an ounce. If you paid that for mid grade like white widow, or gold, or red..then you paid a normal price they run $7 to $10 a gram or $140 to $160 an ounce. If you had something like a Kush or green Crack or Purple/Sour Diesel then you got a bargain from your friend. These usually run $10 to $12 a gram (some extreme Kushes $15/gram) and anywhere from $175 to $200 an ounce. These are West Coast prices. If you reside back on the Eastern half of the USA you can usually add $25 to $50 on the prices I just quoted for any kind of decent weed, in especially super chronics, because they rarely make it back East. Most of what the Eastern half has is Mec. So I hope you can see that your friend did not rip you off, but you really need to learn what weed you are buying before you make a transaction.....Hope this helped all of you out! :)
  18. Steve Cool

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    how many grams is an 1/8?

    One 1/8th is usually 3.5 to 4 grams depending on the MMJ Dispensaries generosity - Or shop, once CO and WA fire up their recreational marijuana law at beginning of the year.

    Currently and 1/8 of Weed (dependent on marijuana strain and location) will run you approximately ...$40 an 1/8 for "Top Shelf Buds," while a lesser quality will cost less.

    Example: Note while most 1/8's weigh the standard 3.5 - 4 grams - the variable of cost swing dramatically based on Weed strain and availability.

    Medical Marijuana Strains

    diablo og kush
    Blackberry Kush
    Lemon Kush
    Venom OG
    Bnana OG
    Woody OG Kush
    Earth OG Kush
  19. Monterey Bud

    Monterey Bud Administrator Staff Member

    If I had 3.5 grams of any of these strains of Weed, it would be most helpful right now... Rising Moon INSOMNIA! Can't sleep.:rastabong
  20. Steve Cool

    Steve Cool Tokemaster General Staff Member

    Does anyone know what the newer medical marijuana bottles weigh, and what the total should be on the sacle. 1/8 + MMJ bottle = what weight?


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