How many of these brownies should I eat?

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by Shard, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. Shard

    Shard New Member

    I just made my very first batch of pot brownies. well actually they're baking right now.

    I used mama budz recipe for using boxed mix

    I used a bit more pot than she did, closer to 1/4th cup ( as opposed to her 1/8th.) it's not quite 1/4 but it's closer to 1/4th then it is 1/8th.

    there's gonna be either 12 or 24 brownies, depending on how I cut em

    I DEFINITELY don't wanna eat too much my first time, but I've been smoking quite a bit for quite a while so I'd say I have slightly better then your average tolerance

    how many would be good to eat if I have about 12 brownies, with almost a quarter cup of average kind bud in it?

    I'm not gonna even eat one until I get some replies ( for all I know I put way too much in and should stick to half a brownie ,or less)
  2. Beenimon

    Beenimon New Member

    A couple of months ago I made some pot cookies, using a pretty good recipe. I used some good buds for them as well. Anyway the problem I found with eating pot, is that it takes a while for it to kick in. Based on the numbers you gave, I'd say start with eating one, and see where that gets you. Just remember, it takes a while to kick in so don't make the same mistake I did(I ate one cookie, didn't feel a thing after an hour so I ate two more. A few hours later I was stuck on my couch unable to even reach for the tv remote).
  3. Shard

    Shard New Member

    I got impatient that nobody responded ( don't worry I'm not angry, the message was only up for like 30 or 40 minutes before I gave up. hehe)

    but I've also heard how horrible overeating can be.

    so I ate 5 small bites ( not mouthfuls). about one brownie. then I ate one more small bite 20 minutes later ( not because I wasn't feeling it yet, I know it takes 60-90 minutes usually) but just because I felt like taking the risk. if I get too high and regret it, well, I think everyone should have one of those stories. so it'll give me somethign to tell people. And this way, having had 6 bites I'm pretty positive there's no way I won't be blasted. ( not only did I use high grade bud, I put more in then the recipe called for)
  4. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    Sounds good :)

    Wait around one hour for the effects. If you don't feel anything, wait 15-30 minutes more just to be safe. I can smoke for hours and not worry, but when it comes to eating I am cautious... it can get pretty crazy :chokin:

    That's one thing I love about eating MJ... Despite the fact I have done it a lot, everytime is new. I always think 'Damn, this isn't working' and then it hits me when I least suspect it :p

    Have fun man!
  5. Shard

    Shard New Member

    I waited 90 minutes, felt nothing, and then ate another 8 bites of brownie.

    see the way I figure either I didn't put nearly enough pot in and I'm not gonna feel this at all, or it's just taking longer then usual to kick in and I"m really gonna regret it. ( I ate the equivelancy of two pretty decent sized brownies.)
  6. Beenimon

    Beenimon New Member

    Hey Shard if you can still read this then you probably haven't eaten enough. Screw taking small bites and just down one of those bad boys! Just make sure that you have plenty of liquids around, adn that your remote is close by!
  7. Shard

    Shard New Member

    wow I'm really starting to wonder what went wrong.

    it's nwo been about two and a half hours since I ate the first brownie

    and it's been 90 minutes since I ate three more.

    I haven't felt a thing. I used more bud then the recipe called for too. hmm.
  8. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    Hmmm I'm not sure why that happened. But Beenimon is right, just eat one of them as fast as possible. I usually chew the whole thing and swallow it, making sure I have a drink nearby.
  9. AnarchistBarbie

    AnarchistBarbie New Member

    There's always the chance that your oven was too hot and 'cooked off' the thc - sucks if that happened, but it does happen. I don't recall with precision what the threshold is, but many brownie recipes are at the edge of that upper limit - and if your oven is a little hot,....:(
  10. Arsenal

    Arsenal Resident Chef

    Well. If I recall correctly, the boiling point figure that's always mentioned is about 392F, 210C. Less than that can still cook off THC, but that's apparently the 'optimal vaporization' temp. so I imagine that's enough to remove it from your food.
  11. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    I don't think it's that possible for the majority of the THC to become removed from the food at the temperature and for that amount of time. Keep in mind that the THC boiling temperature is for THC alone, and if it is still on the bud inside brownie mix, I am sure it couldn't just dissipate like that.

    Who knows... maybe he just didn't eat enough. I have never had an unsuccessful batch of cookies/brownies/etc., and I tend to stick with recipes at the same temperature. Could be the fact I eat a few grams at a time though :chokin:
  12. jac

    jac Guest

    well, since we haven't heard from Shard in like, 12 hours or something, maybe it finally did work for him :)

    I just wanted to share my experience with eating bud - I ate about 2.5 grams or so on leary biscuits and it hit me within an hour and a half, and I promptly fell asleep on the couch. Bongzilla, do you ever feel kind of queasy in your stomach when you eat marijuana? Cause when I did it this time, I felt some mild stomach upset and I *COULD NOT MOVE*. It wasn't really that much fun, given that I slept through most of the experience (like, 7PM till 10 AM, y'arg :( ) I woke up in the exact same position I fell asleep - sprawled half sitting half lying down on the couch, all my clothes on, shoes included, all the lights and TVs on, music blasting, except the sun was shining. I felt robbed!
  13. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    I've never had any stomach problems when eating MJ. I usually don't eat at least 6 hours prior to ingestion, but I do eat A LOT after :p

    Sometimes eating can be way too intense, and almost seem like a waste... when you wake up you have no idea what happened. But I find that if I stay up for at least 3 hours after the effects come on, the sleepiness goes.

    But your right, I get massive couchlock. I pick up my arms and it feels like gravity just got a whole lot stronger :D
  14. marleytribute

    marleytribute New Member

    I have never just put the pot in the mix, i've always used "pot-oil" instead. Do you still get the same effect? The first time I ate brownies, I couldn't move, I was sitting there listening to people talk, and I had so many thoughts and comments running through my head, but I couldn't even move my lips, my heart was pounding harder than ever, and I really thought I was going to die, granted, that was the first time I smoked or ate anything in 5 years! So I guess you can say my tollerance was GONE! I woke up the next morning with my friend's 6' Ball Python's head on my shoulder, the bad thing is it was molting so it was blind and get agitated quickly, damn, if that isn't a way to take someone's buzz away!:bawl:
  15. Shard

    Shard New Member

    I didn't just put it in the mix, i've heard that doesn't work.

    I made cannabutter first, and used that in place of the oil that the box said to use, and then aside from the butter itself, I got all the left over herb from the bottom of the pan and mixed that in too.
  16. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    Aside for the taste and the texture, putting the MJ right in works fine.

    In fact, I usually tend to do this because I am either too lazy to make the butter or worried that it won't work.

    Next time try putting just the bud inside. It will tast horrible and you'll need to floss, but I guarantee it'll work. Grind it up finely though.
  17. marleytribute

    marleytribute New Member

    Personaly, I don't mind the taste of pot. My friends, in high school, used to put it on their food durring lunch, to get high durring school. I never went that far, i could always wait to smoke until after school. I, if packing a bowl, always just eat the stuf that I drop, i don't mind the taste, but then again I never just picked up a bud and put it in my mouth! However, i don't mind the taste of cannabutter on break, or cannamilk on cereal.
  18. marleytribute

    marleytribute New Member

    Sorry to post so much, but I just thought of a question. Say I were to make "brownies" at school, in my dorm, will you be able to smell the pot if I just put it in the mix? When I make butter or oil or milk you can smell it through the whole house. Also, how much do you use for a box mix? I guess I will look through recipies on this board for that
  19. Narnia

    Narnia New Member


    The night before me and my friend made some brownies with an ounce of some dank Narnia. I ate about 3 or 4 of them. Each about 3x3 inches, waited and waited but nothing happened so I ate another 5 and I only felt alittle buzzy. I was so pissed but before I left I ate another 4. I was driving Down the road, smoking a cig. And all of a sudden it hit me hard. I barely made it home and I only live half a mile away. I have never tripped that hard for so long. I didn't sleep at all and I was still stoned all the next day and I didn't start coming down until the next night at around 9. I was chillin sooo hard

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