How much can i sell kush seeds for?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by devin0234, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. devin0234

    devin0234 New Member

    I got about 10-15 columbian kush seeds (its amazing weed) how much could i sell them for
  2. cabriosnap

    cabriosnap Not Man, Merely a Machine

    prices vary from area to area. i have seen seeds going from 1$ for 2, all the way to 10$ for 1...
  3. mallitia95

    mallitia95 Sr. Tokemaster

    You can by seeds for like $10 online so I would suspect the price is around that area, but then again iv never bought seeds anywhere but online.
  4. #BuD

    #BuD New Member

    I would search up how much the seeds go for online and I would then raise the price because of shipping and stuff. I would honestly guess like $4 for a seed. Then again I agree with Cabriosnap it matters location maybe ask any fellow growers.

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