How much do you pay?

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  1. Dianoetic

    Dianoetic New Member

    I've been pondering for several days whether or not I should create this thread. I have used the search engine and haven't found any significant results, thus I have decided to create it (obviously).

    I'm relatively new to purchasing marijuana, I've always gotten it free (never smoked too much and always paid it back by buying other things).

    I was wondering, how much do you pay? What would also be useful is which state you live in and different increments of marijuana.

    I'm hoping not to be too invasive, but since I'm starting to purchase for personal use, I don't want to get ripped off. Fire/dank weed is preferred.

    Now respond :whipped:
  2. john1

    john1 New Member

    i live in a norther chicago suburb and prices are extremely high. for high-grade dank prices are usually around:
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  3. GunCow

    GunCow Sr. Member

    It really depends on your area. The black-market drug trade has a lot of variables. For example. I am in Washington, which is next to Canada. Canadian pot dealers send a lot of weed over the border in British Columbia. I am closer, so the prices are theoretically cheaper. Same applies across the border to Mexico. Weed that travels throughout the country will theoretically increase in price, in places such as New York and other areas of the east coast, in which the weed must travel longer.

    Thats just a generalization, that i obtained from the video "the union". It also depends on your community. If you have a lot of pot in your community, it will cost less. People who have to have weed imported through massive illegal drug trade are at disadvantage.

    Here in western Washington, it is common to see 10 dollar grams. Sometimes 15. Generally 300 an ounce. Weed is not scarce, so the prices are not too variable. If you live in a dry area, you could probably see high quality weed priced around 20 a gram, maybe even 25-30. I hear a lot of people on the east coast, especially NYC, pay a shitload more than me for cannabis.

    Cannabis from personal, small time growers is variable. Hope this helped.
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  4. Dianoetic

    Dianoetic New Member

    That sounds about right. There was another forum that I used briefly before this one and when I said it'd cost me around $80-$100 per quarter ounce, I was told it was way too much. I live in California, but I live in a small suburban area, so it's not as cheap as say, San Diego.

    Thanks for the information. Also, it seems everything in NYC is more expensive, even their weed.


    Yeah i live on the east coast and price here are maddd high.

    180-200/ half ounce
    380-400/ ounce
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  6. 5-0

    5-0 New Member

    Wow you guys have it very harsh. In Oregon its a lot cheaper. I pay $10 for a gram of the best stuff. For pretty nice mids i only pay like $40 a quarter. $100 an oz for the same mids.

    Edit: Its not mexischwag either, cause im really high from a really small bowl of it right now :)
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  7. Habitz

    Habitz New Member

    You guy's get fucked over on the east coast. Haha I used to live in Indiana and it sucked. The kush in Indiana was over priced
    160/half o

    I live in cali now and I know a grower and he hooks me up mad cheap :) its some of the best bud I've ever smoked he gives me a o for 180 it gets me really baked :) Prices can also depend on your hook ups haha
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  8. scofieldr3199

    scofieldr3199 Sr. Member

    20$ for a gram
    60-65$ for and 8th
    110$ for a quarter.
    never bought anything higher.
    i live in alabama.
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  9. Dianoetic

    Dianoetic New Member

    Thanks for even more responses, I'm glad to see $100+ for a quart oz isn't all too unusual, although there are better prices out there of course. Is there usually a solid method as to how much a quart oz would cost if you knew how much someone was paying for an oz? A friend gets hooked up on an oz for cheap, but a quart oz seems to be almost half as expensive whilst only 1/4 as much.
  10. blowmypipe

    blowmypipe New Member

    I pay 50$ an ounce lol. I live in texas close to houston.
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  11. Zubz

    Zubz New Member

    Well.. An ounce is a whole ounce.. so a quarter of an ounce would be a quarter of the price ( although it may be $10/$20 dollars more,so the person selling it makes a profit,which is fair enough,because they have to run around for it)

    On-Topic, i live in the UK, and here its sold in 10's and 20's .. No specific amount.. but for 20 you normally get a gram and a half ( maybe a bit more ) of headies, normally top quality, as for mids ( not shit,good stuff) 20 pounds buys you 1/8 ounce.. 25 for 1/4 of stress
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  12. MahiMahy

    MahiMahy New Member

    I live in Surrey British Columbia (Under an hour away from Vancouver) And prices are pretty good compared to what ive been reading on here.

    High Mids/Dank prices are around
    1/8 $30
    1/4 $60

    Havent bought an ounce yet but I hear you could get it for around $200, Even for a twenty bag the dealer will throw you around two grams

    Right now im sitting with 2 grams of Buba Kush and this shits strong and a good high lol

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  13. Dianoetic

    Dianoetic New Member

    Thanks to everyone who responded, seems to be cheap in Texas and areas around Canada.

    1/4 of an ounce yeah, but they do usually charge more as you said. I suppose it does add up, thanks for the help.
  14. ImSoLit

    ImSoLit New Member

    damn kids you need better hook ups, i live in connecticut and i get either good ass mids for 40 a quarter, or i get dank ass bud for 70 a quarter, last time i got bud i got an eighth of grand daddy purp(my fav[=) for 35. and the last mids i got was an eighth of some accually good mids, around 9% THC for 20 an eighth. then again i got from my sis and she gave me bangin deals, i got two gs for 10 of some wicked good orange sativa, shit was crazy like 20% THC
  15. Thinmint

    Thinmint New Member

    I live in Boston the prices for me are about


    Pretty expensive, but it's all dank at least :)
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  16. MYSTiiK

    MYSTiiK New Member

    $5 for a dimebag of kush
    10 for dimebag of purp

  17. st0ner777

    st0ner777 New Member

    Real Weed : 5$ a gram
    Dro : 25$ a gram
    Herbal Insences : 20$ a gram

  18. ModernDayWizard

    ModernDayWizard New Member

    20 bucks for a dime!? Damn that sucks. 10/dime, 40/eigth...
  19. youngblood00

    youngblood00 Active Member

  20. Dianoetic

    Dianoetic New Member

    I kept getting responses via email and didn't even realize I was the one who created this thread. Thanks for everyone who responded, I am reading.
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