how much do you smoke in 1 week?

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how often do u smoke weed?

  1. once or twice a month

    21 vote(s)
  2. once or twice a week

    47 vote(s)
  3. daily

    84 vote(s)
  4. more than once every day

    95 vote(s)
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  1. GhostPimp

    GhostPimp Guest

    how much marijuana do you smoke in a week?

    just answer the poll...its more interesting to get a general status on weedsmoking quantities....i could care less if joetoker smokes 2 pounds a week

    ...unless you have something interesting to post...


  2. Panama

    Panama Seasoned Activist

    Moved Thread

    Gonna zip this over to the General Topics forum.:)
  3. firedoob

    firedoob New Member

    i know this guy who's like a crackhead for time, it was really dry here. we could not find ANY weed. he was at my friend's house, and got down on his hands and knees on the floor, looking for itty bitty pieces of weed in the carpet. then he went to the vacuum and started looking among the all the dust and dog hair in the bag. after maybe 3 hours, he had enough to roll a blunt.
    that was like 2 or 3 years ago, and we still laugh about it.
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  4. BushRoot

    BushRoot New Member

    Jesus! He found enough to roll a blunt on the floor and in vacuum? Wow..
  5. GhostPimp

    GhostPimp Guest

    smoking indo

    isnt the first joint you smoke as soon as you wake up the nicest?

    wake and bake rules
  6. MN420

    MN420 Guest

    man ive never been that desperate for weed, but here were i live its impossible to not find weed, i spose i take it for granted.
  7. GhostPimp

    GhostPimp Guest

    total joints smoked today: 7

    i consider it a skill to be able to hook up drugs

    if u can get weed thats good for you....and ya just gotta thank your dealer...

    i wouldnt worry about the flow of weed until ure dealers are dry
  8. Crow

    Crow Guest

    I call it the "Morning Stone" and i love it. You can go outside and everything is perfect. the air is crisp and life is good.
  9. I have a conflict and I need some advice. I have two Fat Titan blunts in my jacket pocket right now. They belong to my older brother, who is asleep next to his non-cool girlfriend, in my parents house. She has to go home eventualy, but I really want to smoke now, so should I be patient and wait or do I step out the back door and fire these two suckers up?
  10. Bowlblaze

    Bowlblaze Banned

    motha****a just fire those babies up and enjoy!
  11. Deep_Freeze

    Deep_Freeze New Member

    1 bowl a day is good 4 me
  12. TheGreenBlazer

    TheGreenBlazer New Member

    I usually smoke a bowl every couple of days but since I've been on Spring Bake it's been at least two every night all week...
  13. Deep_Freeze

    Deep_Freeze New Member

    Im all out, i only had like half gram fer spring break, and i gots no money to pick up some, i hope my tax return cumes soon
    with my luck i prolly wont be getting until the end of apriil
  14. GiggleSmoke

    GiggleSmoke New Member

    I'm totaly broke too now, just got a crappy job selling... dare I say it...knives. heh heh. if it works out I'll be smokin like crazy for the next few weeks, then I gota start saving some money and just keep it to a minimum, which is still better then it is now. When I have money I'll usually smoke about a 1/8 a week if I just smoke to myself sometimes I make it last longer if I know I don't have any money to pick up after. but with friends we usually smoke a lot more together.
    but seriously man, I do feel the recesion right now for real, I'm a computer programer and I'm out of school now part time, just taking a few courses here and there, I'm in school like twice a week at the most but I can't find ANYTHING but BS jobs. just total crap jobs call me back for interviews .:mad:
  15. TheEnemy

    TheEnemy New Member

    yeah tax returns!

    i don't expect mine before i leave for hawaii but its always good to have the weed money when i get back from a 10day constant 24hr stone.
  16. FieldsOfGreen

    FieldsOfGreen New Member

    When I'm sittin round a playatstion, or downstairs in the game room with a group of friends we usually do 1oz a week easy.

  17. TheEnemy

    TheEnemy New Member

    course. now you got the cash!:cool:
  18. PeweeSmoker

    PeweeSmoker Guest

    Probably me and my friends smoke like a half-an-ounce a week.
  19. jack straw

    jack straw Guest

    One day, me and 2 of my friends all threw in 1/4.......and smoked the whole damn pile by the end of the day..........great times
  20. Buzz-a-licous

    Buzz-a-licous New Member

    When I first started out, it took me three months to smoke an ounce. But now, I'm pretty sure I could finish it off in a month without even trying.

    When I have weed anymore, its always small amounts, and I want to get REALLY REALLY high, and I just can't do it off a gram of hydro. I guess I should just go for a month without weed, save my cash, and buy an ounce again. :D

    Or, maybe I could get everybody on the forum to give me a dollar, and then...I could have A WHOLE LOTTA WEED!!! :p

    Anybody wanna donate to the Buzz-A-Licous Foundation for the Unable To Get Stoned Fund? Errr...that made no sense.

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