how much in a quarter ounce?

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    how much weed is in a quarter ounce? (approximately)
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    There is a sticky thread on the top of the "420 Lounge" forum.

    Quote from past member.

    An eighth, or 1/8 of an oz. is exactly 3.543690391 grams. hehe conversions...
    A quarter, or 1/4 of an oz. is exactly 7.087380781 grams...
    A half, or 1/2 of an oz. is exactly 14.17476156 grams...
    An ounce is exactly 28.34952313 grams...

    This is what your dealer will weigh it up to.
    Eighth - 3.5g
    Quarter - 7g.
    Half Oz. - 14g.
    Ounce - 28g.
    Quarter Pound (QP) - 4 Oz. (Ounce)
    Half Pound - 8 Oz.
    etc. etc.
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    Exactrly twice as much than is in an 1/8th oz, and exactly 1/2 as much as you'll find in a 1/2 oz....Hope that helps!! :p
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