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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Stonerboyfriend, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. Stonerboyfriend

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    My boyfriend recently got a cannibus card and I was shock at how much he smokes a day, I've counted an average of 8-10 times a day and 1-3 bowls each time. I personally don't smoke so my knowledge is pretty slim. I am just concerned because he thinks he can't function without it he leaves work, parties, sport events etc. to go smoke. Is this too much?
  2. Plainsman1963

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    It's a personal thing, imho. Dependent on the needs of the individual. If it gets in the way of his day to day routine, making it hard for him to function...That would be a problem.

    If it helps him get through the day and alleviates whatever condition caused him to get the cannabis card, then it is a tool just like any other medication would be to help him function.

    One bright side, unlike prescription medications...The side effects and damage to his body is much lower than popping the pills docs usually prescribe.
  3. Stonerboyfriend

    Stonerboyfriend New Member

    Thanks for your reply.....

    I agree that cannibus is better than any pill he can take. I am just concered because he doesn't seem the same anymore. He finds every excuse to smoke and I can't remember the last time I saw him sober. He says it's not a problem because he can still work and participate in his usual activities, but he's changing he's more irritated, tierd and always seems in a daze. I want to be supportive but it seems more of an addiction than for medical use. Can someone be addicted to marijuana?
  4. drOnly

    drOnly its blunt o'clock

    sounds to me like he just really likes smoking... why dont you try burning down with him that way he is not consuming such large amounts all by himself..
  5. troublemaker420

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    I disagree. i don't think "If you can't beat them, join them" applies to every case. For whatever reason, this person has decided not to smoke. I think we should respect that, rather than make it seem as if we believe pot is ALWAYS the answer to EVERYONE'S problems. I think communication is key here. Talk to him, tell him what you are seeing, makew him aware that, even hif HE doesn't notice, that he's changing. Marijuana isn't PHYSICALLY addictive, but it can be PSYCHOLOGICALLY addictive, in the sense that most things enjoyable can be. One can be addicted to food, gambling, sex, etc. Its quite possible that this may be an issue for your boyfriend, but then again, maybe he just likes to not feel the pain of whatever he is using medical marijuana for. In reality, however, a alk with him will reveal far more than our speculation can. Without knowing him or his specific situation, all I can offer is a somewhat educated guess as to the reality of whats happening with him.
  6. Richi

    Richi CB1 receptor agonist

    This is the key question you have to address. Someone can most definitely be addicted to marijuana, as they can become addicted to almost everything. For someone who uses it medicinally, it might be a sort of gray area between the two extremes. Try to find out weather he uses marijuana only for his medical condition, or if he smokes it recreationally as well.
  7. Buzzby

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    Using marijuana frequently causes a tolerance to its mind-altering effects. Most medical users find a balance where their symptoms are relieved but they aren't high all of the time. It sounds like your boyfriend is taking advantage of his medical marijuana card just to be continuously stoned rather than seeking that balance. He's psychologically addicted to the stuff.
  8. chadwick

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    some people can become "addicted" but the word addiction does not truely aply to marijuana properly, an addiction is something you feel as if you cant live with out, 99.99% of people will not be addicted or even know anyone that is addicted, but im sure there are people out there that can get addicted to MJ, but depending on his reason for getting MMJ he may only feel right when he is smoking that could be the reason he got t in the first place, anxiety is a good example, without MJ he belives something terrible is just a few moments away, with MJ he can relax and not worry

    the amount he is smoking depending on his level of tolerance could either be overkill or it could be just what he needs, i dont know him personaly so i cant realy tell you much, there are people out there that get high off one hit and others who can smoke a couple bowls until there high

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