how much pot do i need for brownies

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by DimebagPanterA, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. DimebagPanterA

    DimebagPanterA New Member

    i wanna know how much pot to use for a family sized brownie mix. i cantfind an exact answer. i have never made any edible treats before. im an old-fashioned smoker
  2. MacGuffin

    MacGuffin New Member

    I shoot for 1 gram per brownie.

    Grind up the product as fine as you can, A coffee mill works perfect, toast it at 325 for 3 to 5 mins then simmer it on low heat in the butter or oil for about 20 mins.

    If you use a 9x9 brownie pan you can cut it into 16 equal pieces...if you use 16 grams that'll be 1 gram per brownie...

    Wrap well and refrigerate or freeze for future use.
  3. Chiefsnow

    Chiefsnow New Member

    Experience has taught me to go by "high's worth," not grams, simply because of the huge disparity in quality of product out there. With my current product I'd probably have to go with quite a bit more than a gram per brownie. (Unless I just wanted 3 brownies as a "dose size").

    Edibles are going to spread out the thc over several hours time, so think of it as taking a tiny hit from a pipe every few minutes of that time--continuously! So you need to put in enough to basically "keep you high" for that length of time if you were smoking it. In my last trial (using peanut butter) I used about 5 "high's worth," and I could have used much more. Next time I'm going to use at least 7 "high's worth" per dose for a stronger beginning and middle.

    Figure up exactly how much of YOUR herb would keep you pretty high for about 6 consecutive hours, then add a little to that amount--now, that's how much you need per "dose." Then figure up how much of the finished product you want to consume, and multiply accordingly to match your recipe. Then, if the dosage isn't perfect, you are at least pretty close to what you want. (Eat a bit more or less).

    Let me know if that doesn't make sense. I think I explain things better when I'm stoned, and I'm not, currently.
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  4. DimebagPanterA

    DimebagPanterA New Member

    yeah that helped thanks, if only there was a way to only make one or two brownies ha.
  5. MacGuffin

    MacGuffin New Member

    Sounds reasonable to me Chief...May I ask how much you pay? I posted previously what I pay and would be happy to repeat if you want.

    I'm just trying to gage price/quality.

    I can relate to what you say about having to use so much and I should have be more aware of the quality issue. It is not to be disregarded and it should always be taken into account.
  6. Chiefsnow

    Chiefsnow New Member

    All prices approx:

    Dank: $20-25 / gram depending on quality and quantity purchased at one time ($65-85 / 8th)

    Mids: $40-75 / qb (Price & quality can vary drastically, here!) About a 50/50 shot of getting good stuff. Every once in a while it can be almost like dank.

    Schwagg: $65-110 / oz and you could get almost anything, but it won't be too good, for sure.

    Got interested in baking/ingestion because I got a deal on a large quantity of medium quality schwagg that was very inconsistent from bud to bud. Generally, I like to do "mix bowls" with about 2/3rds poorer quality to about 1/3 best quality (kush, haze, widow, etc..) That makes it pretty nice when you've got high quality mids and a great dank to supplement, and makes the good stuff last longer.

    Talking about price always gets me, because were it not restricted legally, competition would do to thc products what it did to alcohol products. Were it legal, you could go get a bottle of pure thc extract to drop under your tongue one drop at a time for next to nothing. That sort of cost inducement would drive quality and variety up, and price down. Or, you could get whatever type of product you wanted in whatever form you wanted. For instance, a slow, creeping body high with a strong mental finish in a "reese's cup," or whatever.
  7. Chiefsnow

    Chiefsnow New Member

    There's surely a way. That's what I'd do, if I were making brownies. Simply reduce everything by the appropriate percentage.

    Or, alternatively, use my mj/pbj recipe. That way you won't screw up the ratios, and you can use precisely the amount of herb you wish. Simplest and best method, imo. Let me know if you need specific instructions and I'll list them carefully in order.
  8. Chiefsnow

    Chiefsnow New Member

    Those are some expensive brownies!

    Completely agree! Someone on a thread recently used the term "flour" as a way to describe his ground product. Great term. Ideally, I like it all to be as fine and powdery as possible. So much so that it's tough to keep track of and work with. One of those things you learn along the way...
  9. MacGuffin

    MacGuffin New Member

    I get confused by names...but I try anyways.

    Schwagg...I guess this is what I call "commericial" bottom of the rung quality. I pay 400 a 1/4 lb.

    Mids...I get this small bud red haired seedless for 900 a 1/4 lb

    Dank..I guess this is what I would refer to as sticky bud. VC bud?...I can't get this on a regular basis but when I find it it's 20 for they call a twamp?...about a gram.
  10. Stewba

    Stewba Sr. Member

    Whoa dude I only pay around 250 for my schwag quarter pounds. You are getting jacked I think man. 900 for a qp of mids? Damn. Dank for 20/g is legit though.
  11. MacGuffin

    MacGuffin New Member

    I'm on the East Coast and that is what I have to pay.
  12. MacGuffin

    MacGuffin New Member

    Do you think I pay too much for what I call mids?
  13. Chiefsnow

    Chiefsnow New Member

    Yep. Approx 100 /oz.

    That sound you hear is me swearing. Cool!!

    That makes sense to me, just the names are different. Sounds like you're outside the u.s., though.
  14. Chiefsnow

    Chiefsnow New Member

    Depends on location and quality, I think. Some schwagg isn't worth 250, and some's worth at least twice that much, but it's rare. Same on the mids situation. Some "mids" should be ashamed of that moniker, and it should be stripped from them, and some are within a finger's reach of decent dank. Hell, some dank is nearly worthless, imo. I'm betting that that 900 qlb mids is a sweet deal, but there's no way for either of us to really know. The market bears what the market bears.
  15. DimebagPanterA

    DimebagPanterA New Member

    can you tell me? that sounds pretty sick. i love pbj ha
  16. Chiefsnow

    Chiefsnow New Member

    I just discovered it last week, and it's my new favorite method and impossible to mess up. (Similar to making a firecracker, but easier, I think).

    I'll post detailed instructions in a few hours when I have the time to detail the recipe properly.
  17. DimebagPanterA

    DimebagPanterA New Member

    sweet thanks bro
  18. Chiefsnow

    Chiefsnow New Member

    mj/pbj recipe

    Okay, here's the recipe for one dose, but obviously you can multiply it by the number of doses you want to make. More product and peanut butter means slightly higher cook times in microwave and oven. I'm going to make this fairly detailed, because I find that most of the time too much information is not enough, but it really is a very simple process. Also, I think the principles explained apply to most other cooking procedures.

    For more experienced mj bakers, here's a quick and dirty version of this same recipe. (Post #5)

    I tried to embolden or underline the crucial steps, but there's a few crucial steps that aren't highlighted in any way. Let me know if you have any questions, and please inform me on how this recipe worked for you. If you do anything different, I'm interested in that, and obviously, dosage particulars, too.

    What you'll need:

    1. ALL-NATURAL peanut butter. Don't use Jif or Skippy, it probably won't work well or at all. Smuckers makes an all-natural, smooth pb; it comes in a jar with a checkered metal lid.

    2. 4-7 "highs worth" of herb. In other words, the amount that would KEEP you high if you smoked it continually for about 5-6 hours. It's more than you think, and it's better to have it too strong than too weak. This might be a gram or less of superdank, or almost 8 grams of the really pitiful stuff that's hardly got any thc.

    3. A saucer with a smooth surface to work on. I'd use a small glass saucer that can go in the microwave and the oven.


    Preheat oven to about 325-335. (Each oven is different, but anything close to that should work perfectly. Some people bake peanut butter & herb at 345, but that seems a bit high to me).

    1. By hand, break buds into small crumbs about the size of a pencil eraser. As you do this, clean out anything you don't want to eat in your finished product. Spread evenly on your saucer and microwave for 10-20 seconds depending on the moisture content of your product. A full 20 seconds if it's really wet; only 10 if it's well-dried and cured.

    2. Retrieve and grind into fine powder. If it needs another few seconds in the microwave, do it. You want to produce a sort of "flour" from your herb. The finer the particles, the more efficient the process will be, and that's good for you. Obviously, keep removing small stem particles and such that you don't want to eat in the pb. I get rid of anything not tiny and fluffy because I think it's worth the time to extract it, but suit yourself on this.

    3. Spread a few teaspoons of the peanut butter on the saucer, then dust the pb with your "mj flour," and mix well. Ideally you'd like each tiny fleck of herb to be encapsulated in a small glob of peanut butter, so mix thoroughly so that you have a consistent paste made up of both products.

    4. On your saucer, spread this paste into an even, dense disk about a 1/4th of an inch thick or so, and cover completely with aluminum foil being careful not to touch to the peanut butter mixture. Bake for about 22 minutes. Go an even 20 mins if you have a small amount of superdank peanut butter. Go for about 25 or more if you've got a large amount of mixture to bake. Time this carefully!

    5. Remove from the oven and let cool, then spread on a piece of toast and marry that to a separate piece of toast with jelly. (I use all natural preserves with no additives, but whatev).

    If you're concerned about dosage, eat half of the sandwich and wait an hour and a half or so before you eat the rest. I actually underestimated my dosage, and wound up eating two sandwiches, which worked wonderfully, but you get the idea.

    You should begin to feel the effects within about 45 minutes or so, but it should "peak" about 2 hours after consumption and continue for about 3 hours or so. I was completely straight about 6 hours after eating, but my significant other went almost 14 hours, but isn't as used to it as I am. If you get really far out there, just remember it won't last forever, and probably not more than 12-15 hours at most. Let me know how it does you and your friends, if you don't mind.

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  19. MacGuffin

    MacGuffin New Member

    NIce job on that post Chief :hail:
  20. kronik

    kronik Well-Known Member

    In general a gram per brownie has always worked in experience.
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