how much trouble can you get in for seeds

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by chadwick, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. chadwick

    chadwick Sr. Member

    ok so pretty much i have about 800-1000 seeds (very rough estimate but at least 800), how much trouble is that

    also i have about 52 cookies how do they measure that as far as what punishment, california law by the way
  2. troublemaker420

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    Chances are, the number of seeds or cookies isn't an issue, but the overall weight of said items is where you should be concerned. In my state, it doesn't matter if its seeds, stems, buds, leaves etc.... if its over 2 ozs in total weight, you're facing felony charges. Cookies would be treated the same weight. While that might seem silly, considering there might only be a couple grams of weed in the cookies, total, the actual weight of the drug is relatively meaningless. LSD is often transported on sugarcubes or other methods. The actual weight of the LSD on a sugar cube is miniscule. However, they don't weigh the drug, they weigh the drug and its delivery system, meaning that not only is the LSD weighed, but so is the sugar, blotter papers, gelatin, or caps that the drug is being stored on or in. I'm guessing 52 cookies would weigh a consioderable amount, and you could potentially be facing charges for possession of marijuana for whatever amount the cookies weighed out to.
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  3. Yana Usdi

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    Those things go by State law rather than anything uniform across the nation so TM has a good point, unless you know otherwise the safest bet is to assume they'll treat it all as illegal. I've heard of cases where they'll prosecute based on the full wet weight of roots, stems, leaves, and the whole nine yards for a grow and it stood up to appeal. The law specified the plant as illegal, not parts of the plant.

    Check your State laws to be sure. NORML might be some help.

    State By State Laws - NORML
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  4. troublemaker420

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    For what its worth, I based my presumptions on federal law. Thats where I first learned of the carrier (cookie, gelcap, blotter, sugar, etc) being considered as part of the "drug weight". State laws of course, differ by state.
  5. chadwick

    chadwick Sr. Member

    well im definetly not having more than a couple in my car then thanks for the help
  6. SleepyJohn

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    Ya right! The best way to hide the seeds, so You won't have to worry, is , by finding some "Sandy Loam" Soil, in a untraveled place,and, bury them,.then get them wet, so the Sun can warm the dirt,and, do Photosyncisis. Don't bury Them too far,and, don't drown them, but It will makle You feel safer, knowing that You've got a buried treasure.
    They do well with Tomatoes too. Seeds aren't that good for a collection, they do other things better. Tranporting?"=In Car Trunk, not under seat.

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