How much trouble will I get in?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by 34tuforlunch, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. 34tuforlunch

    34tuforlunch New Member

    Ok, so I am 16 years old and live in Ontario Canada. My uncle has a medical license and has a few plants. Every summer he keeps a few of his plants in his back yard which is surrounded by pine trees so no one can see the 3 or so plants.
    I want to take the outside plants from him which I have really earned because last summer I did around 60 hours of work without pay to help him start his own business and since he can buy plants from the government or breed his own not really any loss for him. I am pridy sure he is over his legal grow limit anyways lol =]
    So yea if I get caught growing 3 plants what will happen to me? My dad lives in Singapore would I be able to just pay bale and take a plane out? Could I say I was influenced by people at school and go some rehab?
    also would this be on my perm record?
    If I got caught going to a deal with like 5 grams would it go on a perm record?

    any help would be great thanks =]
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  2. Jerry G

    Jerry G Sr. Member

    That is bad karma...
  3. OrangeJuiceandKush

    OrangeJuiceandKush Sr. Member

    Why would you take all the 3 of the plants thats just fucked up and wouldn't he notice his 3 plants missing? Or maybe you just worded your post really badly and he's giving you the plants? Why not (if he's cool with it) ask him for some or if you really have to take a few buds off the plant when its ready and your uncle may not even notice
  4. stoneygreenbud

    stoneygreenbud Super Moderator

    There are three things in life that I refuse to deal with, and those three things are people, yep thats right! people..... people that LIE,CHEAT, AND STEAL.

    Because of the fact, that you stated, that your going to just "take" them from your uncle, I have no advice for you. what you are planning is wrong, and your going to do it to someone in your own family.

    Why can't you just get your own weed like everyone else. ? and buy it.

    I've known a few people, that have bragged about doing the same thing as you are wanting to do. all I can say is that they didn't impress anyone by what they did, I will say that those people will have a hard time being trusted by anyone, in the future. ripping people off may seem like a good idea at the time, but in the long run, it will haunt you. Man only has one thing working for him, and that is his word... if his word is no good, well then he can't be trusted. and thats no way to go through life.

    Have you ever heard the term: "ask, and you shall receive"

    why don't you try asking your uncle, you might just be suprised at his answer, and if he says no, well then respect what does not belong to you.

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  5. gogreen420

    gogreen420 Sr. Member

    This is the silliest question I have ever heard asked on this forum. Can you take your uncle's plants and grow them for your own, are you kidding? Please tell me this was a joke thread, otherwise that is pretty pathetic, especially because your uncle is a medical patient who needs cannabis.

    You earned the right to steal your uncle's medically licensed outdoors plants because a year ago in the summer you did some work without any pay to help him out because he is a medical patient....I don't follow your logic, how did you earn this right?
  6. john1

    john1 New Member

    i couldn't really understand your post but, like others have said, don't steal the plants, especially from your uncle. thats not cool
  7. quester

    quester Sr. Member

    Doesn't "The Good Book" say,

    Thou Shall Not Steal!
  8. Toke-meister

    Toke-meister New Member

    I don't think many of us had much common sense at 16 anyway. ;)
  9. Dianoetic

    Dianoetic New Member

    Thank you.

    You guys are so quick to judge, but we've all made stupid mistakes. Are you saying since I've stolen before that I'm a bad person? We're not all saints, so excuse us for being inferior.

    Also, you did work 60 hours for free, but coming from someone who has worked for free not only for his own mother but for a corporate company under a Union, nothing in life is fair. You can justify your actions as you see fit, but you should try to have more compassion and understanding if you can.

    Also, if you get caught, you would get in trouble. You wouldn't have it on your "permanent record" since you're a minor, but any law enforcement or government jobs can still see juvenile records.

    Your best bet is to either ask for them, buy them, or steal them and burn the house down (two former over the latter).
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  10. Phenom

    Phenom Banned

    You'd probably get slapped with cultivation, possession, and intent to distribute charges depending on the situation and what state/county you live in.
  11. Don't steal from your uncle, fool. If anything take clones from them.
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