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    Does anyone know of any data that shows how much THC from 1 gram of cannabis does 1 gram of fat extract. Are you following me? I have recently learned that real butter (not margarine) has 11g of fat per tablespoon, and vegetable and olive oils have 14g of fat per tablespoon. I have done enough math to deducce that oil would extract more thc from the same amount of herb than butter would, but how much more? If you have 1 gram of weed that is about 12% THC, exactly how many grams of fat would it take to extract ALL of the THC from that 1 gram? Also, when you are extracting with fats, are you extracting any other cannibinoids, or just THC? What about with alcohol?
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    Since veg oil has ~40% more 'fat' than does butter, I'd venture that you would:
    1. get the density of veg oil in grams per mL (g/ml)
    2. measure out one mL of veg oil and see how much it weigh
    3. add all of your herb to 2x that volume amount of veg oil. You don't want to dilute the THC out!
    4 warm that balsamic vingeratte oil up and dip your toasted bread into it---after eating about 1 slice of bread you will be fu**k'n sh**f*c*d stoned.

    I use warmed rubbing alcohol or if you have the patience use Gin in the extraction. Yummay stoned!

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