How often do YOU change your bong water

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by secretagentman, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. secretagentman

    secretagentman New Member

    If you have a bong (or many) that you use frequently often times it is easier to just leave that water in them emptying and refiling them only when needed. So to you what is "needed", how often do you think you should change bong water when being used at least once a day?
  2. ::blazed jae::

    ::blazed jae:: Sr. Member

    After every fat bowl pack. If I'm paying $40-50 for an 8th of dank, I want to get the most out of it I can get, especially the taste! I also rinse as well, I've had my minibong for over 2 months now and have smoked at least 4 ounces in it, I'm just now thinking "I gotta clean it".


    Also, something about having a glass bong chilling out on a table with nasty water in it all day seems kind of slobbish to me. BEING A STONER =/= SLOB
  3. secretagentman

    secretagentman New Member

    I agree but for one point. When your smoking through tap water your going to be vaporising a lot of chlorine from the water this is probably pretty unhealthy so by letting bong water sit longer you make it safer to smoke from. I actually find that water that's been sittting around for a bit smokes more smoothly. Perhaps brita filering the bong water will improve the flavour by removing the chlorine.
  4. CheesyBread

    CheesyBread New Member

    Change your water as often as possible. Some people may not be as picky as myself about their bong water but I'd make it a rule to change your water at LEAST daily. The only drawback to changing bong water is getting off your ass to do it. It's not hard. And considering the only drawback, think of the benefits. Old water has already filtered out some carcinogens and is dirty and contaminated. Dirty, contaminated water does not filter carcinogens as well as pure, fresh water. So your next session with dirty water will mean more chemicals making their way to your lungs.

    A second, and I think the most important benefit, is smell. Dirty bong water has to be one of the most rancid smelling liquids I've smelled. Using dirty water, the chamber of the bong takes on this gross smell and any air (or smoke) that passes through it is going to stink just as bad. Consider taste. You can tell the difference if you use some dirty water for one hit, change the water, and take another.

    Lastly, old bong water is usually at room temperature, or warm. Warm water will not cool the smoke nearly as effectively as (very) cold water. That's one of the main purposes of a bong. If you want cool smoke, use cold cold water and add ice if you prefer. Also, cold water gives off less of an odor than warm water (as seen in most dishes smell more strongly than a popsicle) and you wont get as bad of a smell or taste from the water, even if you plan on smoking multiple bowls.

    In short, just change it after every session.
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  5. Illuminati420

    Illuminati420 Banned

    I change my bong water after every session, but sometimes i forget and use the same water for a couple of days, no more than 3 days, and if its warm i just add ice...
  6. SpunCraz

    SpunCraz Supporting Radical Habits

    After every session, for a few reasons, It's always gettin knocked over by my stoned friends, I also have to hide my bong from my litttle brother, I do that because my mom asked me too. So yah its always fresh water. :thumbsup:
  7. reefermadness1

    reefermadness1 New Member

    After every sesssion is a pretty good rule to live by. The smaller it's capacity for water, the more you'll need to change it. For example, my friend has a bong that holds somewhere from half a galloon to a galloon, that thing gets changed every couple days of smoking...
  8. fyse0

    fyse0 New Member

    every session. and i rubbing alcahol/rice every time it starts to smell or get that little green ring around the bottom.
  9. FitShaced

    FitShaced New Member

    whenever the water starts to get a little dark. or whenever i get a new sack.i generally try to keep my bubbler as clean as possible, and formula 420 its whenever the gunk gets to thick (cause i got the money and i can, lol).
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  10. SkyyVodka

    SkyyVodka Sr. Member

    Cheesy, your a genious :thumbsup:

    New water each session, I dump out the water when I'm done and store it for the next session.
  11. CheesyBread

    CheesyBread New Member

    Ah, you're too kind. :laugh:

    Don't sell yourself short, now. After all, you and I are athletes, considering that we can make that loooong trip to the sink. :thumbsup:
  12. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    I change mine after every bowl, but not necessarily daily.
  13. sdragon1984

    sdragon1984 New Member

    not nearly as often as i should. but, disgusting packrat that i am, sometimes i save it in a bottle or something........ i wonder if itll be any good for anything, maybe growing or something......... doubt it, but ya never know.......... :weird: :weird: :jester: :weird: :weird:
  14. I only fill my bong when I'm about to use it, and it's always empty between sessions. in other words, I change it after every session.
  15. TiKiTiKi

    TiKiTiKi Sr. Member

    after every bowl??? thats not really needed my opinion.. is there a reason why you do this?
  16. BSPolice

    BSPolice New Member

    a similar and less toxic version of this method is Denatured alcohol and kosher salt, and you should do this once a week while change the water everytime you use it
  17. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    Water???? Damn...I knew there was something I forgot.
  18. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    LOL^^ I change my bong water at a minimum of twice a week. I also clean it every time I smoke some dank, as I usually smoke mids. I perfer the taste of my expensive weed to come through, and not be corrupted with the flavor of lesser quality stuff. I bought a convient "sponge/brush on a stick" type thing in the kitchenware section at Wal-Mart tghat works perfectly for cleaning the tube on the bong. With regualr cleaning water changing, I haven't yet had to actually "clean" my bong with rubbing alcohol or anything. It seems as if extremely hot water along with a little brushing action cleans it right up.
  19. ::blazed jae::

    ::blazed jae:: Sr. Member

    Cause I stay in a dorm and my bong is only 1 ft. I put it in my freezer or safe after I'm done blazing. I don't like putting a bong full of used water in my freezer and I dump it out when I put it away. But even if I had my own place and kept it out all day (stoner mode), I'd probably change it at least every session if still not every bowl pack.
  20. Illuminati420

    Illuminati420 Banned

    lol every bowl pack is a waste of energy.....:rasta:

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