How people first discovered weed?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Nucleus, May 25, 2006.

  1. Nucleus

    Nucleus New Member

    Have you ever wondered how people first discovered drugs like weed or mushrooms or any of that? Did people thousands of years ago just smoke whatever they found? I wonder what weird stuff people might have smoked :rolleyes: .
  2. mark87fndr

    mark87fndr Sr. Member

    Holy shit dude I thought of the EXACT same thing one time. I think I even made a thread about it too.

    I bet there was a forest fire or something and then they got high off of that. Then they got realllly fuckin hungry so then then started eating whatever they could find and ended up eatin some offtopic mushrooms. Then they probably invented acid or something.


    ^whooa weird.
  3. Ir0n_mE

    Ir0n_mE New Member

    Seeing the effects of plants on animals. Simply eating plants....pretty much it.
  4. Ir0n_mE

    Ir0n_mE New Member

    Wow I hope that was a joke.
  5. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    Albert Hoffman synthesized acid. It wasn't invented.
  6. SpiralArchitect

    SpiralArchitect The Cosmic Chronic

    Terrance Mckenna has an interesting theory on first use of drugs and evolution...

    check it'

    Also, I think shamans, or priests would smoke marijuana- i.e. visions, spirits etc. Kinda funny if you think about it.
  7. imported_SBsurferdude

    imported_SBsurferdude Surfing Fiend

    iv thought about this before but not just about drugs about all things. Like who was like lets go eat that buffalo over there. Or like wat the heck is this shit comin out of my ass. (pun intended) These kind of questions are trippy to think about.
  8. dreamsurge

    dreamsurge New Member


    I think the Native Americans first smoked it out of the ''Peace Pipe.''

    They did other drugs, like shrooms and Morning Glory seeds, so I'm guessing that they liked to smoke herbs and spices. They probably smelled some cannibas, and it smelled like some type of herb, so they all got together, packed a Peace Pipe bowl, and smoked that shit up.:p

    Probably people in India smoked it too. Then it started spreading in the Middle East. Then the Spanish explorers in the 1500's brought it back from the ''New World.''

    It pretty much grows in all the habitle places of the world, right? Sooner or later, someone's gonna find out about it.
  9. dreamsurge

    dreamsurge New Member

    Yeah, or ''who invented language?'' Or also, ''hmm... I think I'll drink whatever comes out of this cow's udder.'':D

    How do you guys think the universe formed? I'm not talking about the Big Bang, but how did anything form in the first place?
  10. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Actually ...yes.

    Not people specificall, but Women. Women were the predominant "gatherers" as men were the predominant "hunters" in our evolutionary

    It did not occur over a few weeks months or years but over thousands in fact hundred of thousands of years of trial and error (sometimes fatal error).

    Humans were (and to a great extent still are) nomadic in nature. Their travels took them to new food sources including new plants. A new plant would be gathered and tested as a food sunbstance and any additional side effects would be noted. An entire non-written "history" existed of our plant pharmecopiea that still exists amongst certain aboriginal peoples in regards to their own local plant species.

    Some of what we know bacame our food sources today -- grains and the like. Some became medicinal such as willow bark and belladonna(the basis of apsirin substances and digitalis respectively).

    As humankind settled into a emigrational routes, returning over a year or other extended time, we learned to leave seeds to replenish those grwoing things we wished to have plentiful upon our return. That was the beginning of farming which in turn was the beginning of civilization (city building).

    Cannabis and it's use was widely known in the fertile Crescent the so-called cradle of humankind for a long time. We have historical data (historical meaning "written") over 6,000 years old. It is readily available to almost everyone to read by the way. The references are in the bible -- but you have to be sure to be reading a bible to accurately reflects the correct translation of Exodus from the original Hebrew and not a retranslation from the Greek (such as the King James version) which bastardize the word kaneh-bosm as the "swamp grass" calamus.
  11. TMG

    TMG Subscriber

    Yep, yep, yep. It makes sense when you think about it. Moses and the "burning bush". :gleaf: :bong2: :gleaf: It's actually a lot easier to believe than a magical bush going up in flames. It would be stupid to pretend that they didn't use cannabis back then, a time when it's been well-documented that many plants were "tested" for the greater good of mankind (like mambudz said basically).

    Check it out herel
  12. Thinking about how the entire universe was created is preety trippy to think about. Like, how did anything become into existance? Not only our universe but all the other universes that are supposedly out there. Imagine what is out in space. Human brains can only fathom a small amount of what IMO is out there.
  13. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Don't beleive everything you read -- especially from Chris Bennet...

    There were NO "hebrew" kings in the time of Moses. In fact the concept of a "king" is antithetical to the practice of Judaism as in fact there is now king above man but G_d. That we wished to be like the Goyim (the other peoples of the world) by having kings is gone into in great detail in the Tenakh and each king was worse than the one preceeding him... But now I am discussing a level of Jewish thought that goes far beyond what is placed here.

    Let me simply say that where the word cannabis is used in the "bible" we have an historical record that cannabis was a known entity and used, no more no less.

    As for Ashera as the so-called Hebrew Goddess, again, you are viewing a concept through a Christian viewpoint. What I mean is there is no definition that would make sense to you within the framework of your experience, just as a man can not experience a menstrual cycle or a colorblind person experience a rainbow.

    Ashera, Astarte, Esther, the Mother Goddess are symbols in a metaphysical drama of the feminine aspect of a transcendantal concept. In the hebrew it refers to "that which commands or directs us to" and even that is shakey because the command and direction is an internal directive as instinctive as the ibis flying into the sunrise in the morning or a woman responding to the command to push out a baby at birth. We as women are "commanded" to perform the mitzvah (honored responsiblity) of kindling (lighting) Sabbath candles. We aren't forced, we are directed. To do so is beneficial to us, our families to the world as it is and to the world to come. It is our right, our honor, our repsonsibility, our joy and our blessing to the have the opportunity to benefit ourselves home and environment and that world which is to be. Again it is an idea that transcends the telling and can only be experienced.

    I must mentioned since you brought up the "shamanistic priesteses" of Ashera by the way that they are also known by another name, just to keep this interesting. They are the Temple Whores, the Magdelenes and in the post christian era the Cult of Mary. They created the oils used for annointing. It was understood then, as it is to a more base level now, that the female has an innate power sexually that is also of a nature that cannot be fully understood and too powerful to be fully revealed. It explains why attempts have through time be made to subjugate the female mysteries to the more popularized patriarchal traditions, but never successfully.'s what makes the DaVinci Code such a good read ;)

    It's conversations like this that make religious study much more interesting than what you learned in Sunday school...and often gets Women and Jews burned at the stake, or in ovens, whichever is handier

    Think about that...

    ...and have a cookie ;)

    Mama Budz
  14. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Care to back that up? In years of research, I've yet to hear of ANY North American native tribes using cannabis as a sacrament, or morning glory seeds, for that matter. The Aztecs, I believe used mushrooms, and several tribes use peyote (msecaline). In fact, members of the Native American Church still are allowed by the govt to harvest and use peyote buttons for religious cerimonies. The peace pipe was not filled with pot, and I dare you to find a relibale source that says it was:rolleyes:
  15. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Let's not place this Poster on the hot seat for the invalidity of his assumption based merely on his belief that such a basic use of our beloved cannabis would have been used by the shamans of this continent. Instead allow me to clarify the subject and thereby not make our Posters feel that they are being penalized for being here but rather educated by being members of our site:

    Aboriginal americans did not use cannabis in their ceremonies.
    They did however use tobacco.

    While there was a thriving commerce between the so-caled "old" and "new" world prior to the "discovery of America" by Columbus in 1492 -- proven by such items as maize and coca leaves found in burial vaults in the Egypt and proto hebraic writings dating over 6,000 years found in carvings in the Tennesse mountains -- there is no evidence at this time in the archeological findings of the use of cannabis in the native cultures of the North and South American continents.
  16. nornerator

    nornerator New Member

    I always just thought it was probably discovered while throwing wood and stuff into a fire.

    A tribe was probably clearing out a new area to set up base and had to cut down thick stalks of cannabis, probably dozens of plants, threw them into the fire, and unexpectedly got some nice side-effects.
  17. innervision311

    innervision311 New Member

    My assumption would be that a plant that smells as delicious as Cannabis does when it's alive and growing, would have just been eaten up by any person that came along. Food was far from tasty thousands of years ago so Cannabis could have been a little treat to come across. When I was growing I would always munch on leaves and stems and stuff because they were just so good.

    Smoking weed that's something I'm not too sure about. I just can't imagine how anyone would think to create a device that allows you to inhale smoke...then again if there were other drugs around I can see where the creativity came from. If people can see Jesus on off-topics then they have to be able to see a pipe and how it works.
  18. 2point4

    2point4 New Member

    I thought Al Gore invented weed?
  19. negaDuck

    negaDuck straight rollin'

    nah, man...Al Gore invented tha ozone layer and Chuck Norris invented weed

    gosh :rolleyes:
  20. 2point4

    2point4 New Member

    But since Al Gore invented Chuck Norris, what does that mean besides :bong2:?

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