How to End Cannabis Prohibition : With Guest - Howard J. Wooldridge of L.E.A.P.

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    I like this.

    60% of the people of America now say we are heading toward a depression. Not a recession, a depression. We are in desperate need of profitable industries that we can tax. Um... Now can we legalize pot?
    ~ Bill Maher

    I do enjoy this statement.:D
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    Im from Sydney Australia,
    im also hearing things that it might be legalized here, i already know that a person can hav up to 10 grams of weed in Canberra, but why do all the other states have to suffer without that privlige
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    How can I help in the fight to legalize cannabis?
    Lately I was caught with a 1/2 dugout of pot, something I haven't done in about 8-9 years. Bad luck Aaaa!
    I see that this could destroy my life! With a permanent record, fines, and jail time of a year.
    I used to drink, and smoke cig's alot in my youth and had a hell of a time quiting. I was destructive and not much fun to be around. So I started to smoke pot. That helped me to quit drinking and cig's. Witch for me was great! I seem more social and easy to get along with. I could party a little and not regret it the next day.
    For people like me who dose not like to drink, it's a great alternative to relax after a hard day at work. Witch is why it should be legal.
    It should also have all the legal repercussions as alcohol. Such as under 21, driving, etc.... But come on give us none drinkers a alternative.
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    How can I help to legalize marijuana?

    If it wasn't for marijuana I would still be cig smoking alcoholic. Pot helped me to overcome that problem. Now I can relax after work with a good smoke.
    I keep hearing that marijuana is a stepping stone to other drugs, harder drugs. That is bull, Alcohol I think would fit that bill. Alcohol makes you stupid and brave enough to try anything. I know I was there.
    For people like me it's hard to get pot, and not worry about getting busted.
    Another thing I found out about marijuana is it is not hard to quit. I stopped for 8 years with out thinking twice about it. I started up again because I did not have to worry about loosing my job, But legal repercussions are serious, could destroy your life. Witch dose not make any sense.:confused::confused:
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    Seeking Ideas for National Discussion/Dialogue?

    Well articulated by hazelb41-!! This is one the key items, if not the key item indeed, where prohibition of MMJ is fundamentally wrong. The fact that people who choose to indulge in MMJ ought not be punished for an activity that does not hurt anyone. Yet it is vilified by the Feds and the prohibition acquiescently supported by the general public.

    =>> In addition to the thoughtful argument quoted herein, what ideas are recommended (besides discussing this on pro-MMJ forums and writing letters to our congressional representatives) for engaging the national discussion/dialogue on repealing the prohibition on MMJ and legalizing it ??
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    So true, i can remember on at least two separate occasions where i was offered harder drugs under the influence of alcohol and because of my inflated ego, took them. But not one time have i ever taken a harder substance under the influence of marijuana or sober.
    The war on drugs is so constitutionally undermining. It makes a mockery of our liberities and our right for the pursuit of happiness and instead imposes the ideologies of the majority onto the nation. Just because the politicians have enough fulfilment in their lives that they do not seek it elsewhere does not mean every other person is in the same position. They need to stop looking out for their own agendas and the agendas of those who sign over the checks, and start looking out for the POPULATION as a whole. The worst thing about it is we are powerless over their decisions. The only way to change this is to rise up together, and that would be a revolution.
    The United states government is off fighting wars in the middle east with the flag of human rights atrocities flown behind it, but is the lockup of a person based on their ideologies much different than the incarceration of a person based on their daily habits? Both were told not to do it by the government, but yet both seem to have the idea that they possess the right to say and do what they want. And to those of you who say that the atrocities committed in some of these war zones are much greater, let me ask you this, is their much difference between being killed or sentenced to life in prison without parole? both scenarios involve the loss of life as you know it, one just takes it a step further.
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    a good way to help legalize marijuana in my opinion is to grow marijuana. in this sense of thinking i hope to overwhelm the opposing forces afterall this is a war. right?
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    I'm a medical marijuana user. In Vietnam I got three types of malaria at the same time, that put me in the hospital for 14-months. It also screwed up my intestinal track. In the past 40-years I've had 16 colonoscopies, and after the last one they had to remove a foot of my intestines. In the beginning I tried every legal medication to know avail before using pot.

    And I'll be the first to say that using pot isn't a cure either. What it does do is give me some relief from the pain, and spasms!

    But what I'm really tired of though; is that after 40-years of pain and suffering that happened because I fought for this country, I'm still an outlaw for using this drug.

    And over the years I've joined lots of groups like MORMAL fighting to legalize this drug, but so far that hasn't happened, because talk gets you nothing!

    I've also grow my own during this time, but unfortunately in the state of NJ, where I live, we have some of the most restrictive pot laws in the nation. If you get caught growing in this state, they want to take your car, home, and everything else you own.

    Since we both retired, my wife has become increasingly paranoid about my growing. She is afraid that if she had to call the medics for me, the cops who would also show up, and would smell the pot, and we would be screwed.

    So 4-years ago I stopped growing in the house, and started growing in the woods. I have both federal, and state parks within walking distance from my house where we take regular walks. I would make up these packets that I called pot bombs. I would put 20,or more seeds in a tissue with a small rock, and tie it with a string. In the spring after the last frost, when we would take walks, I would throw these bombs along the trails we walked. If they would hit a tree, they would spread seeds over a several feet, if the didn't, well there would still be enough seeds in one spot to have a chance of at least one seed sprouting. I used a portable GPS to mark where I threw them.

    The first year, by the fall, I got almost 2lbs of pot off the plants that grew. The second year I got over 3 lbs of buds. By year 3 I got enough pot to give me an ounce a week, and I was giving some away.

    Then it dawned on me; if every pot user out there did this, law enforcement would not be able to keep up with all the pot plants growing everywhere. So I got some of my friends doing the same thing.

    This year I have a friend who fly's his own plane, and we have around 200,000 seeds that he will drop over a dozen state, and federal parks. How many will grow is a question! But if everyone started doing this, we can overwhelm law enforcement!

    Every journey begins with a single step. Every revolution begins with a single act of civil disobedience. Well, I plan on doing a whole lot of disobeying the law this year, and next year, and the year after.

    The government doesn't hear us, so it's time to get in their faces.

    Spread the weed people. In every vacant lot, every field, every park. Marijuana is a weed, and it will grow everywhere!

    The time for talk is long since over with. Why? Because talk gets you nowhere!
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    ^ this guy is a genius ^ best idea on this thread for combating the drug war
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    Hi and thank for being here. I am not sure I actually believe, that You have NEVER (like ever) busted anyone for marijuana? In Your entire career? Ever? Not once? Its the most common drug arrest/citation.....I find it highly unlikely, this never happened. But I will take Your word for it. I am just wanting someone, to call it like it is, and say its all about money--the arrests/citations/ etc......Are You willing to admit that? Admit that police and dea would lose jobs/money, if marijuana was completely legal? Its an undeniable certainty.

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