How to enjoy my high again?

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    Now every time I smoke weed I have this really annoying problem which gets on my fucking nerves. I will sometimes get anxious when I'm stoned, so I'll be really paranoid about something. So when I smoke weed I try to say to myself "don't get anxious this time," but as soon as I'm high I ask myself the question "am I anxious?" and as soon as I ask myself that I get anxious right away and can't control my thoughts. I'm simply anxious about being anxious. So for the past few months, getting stoned has just been thinking about whether or not I'm gonna get caught/trying to not be anxious and not enjoying my high for the moment, because I'm just waiting until I'm not anxious. When I'm high I'm constantly looking into the future. A huge problem is the thought that I only have an hour or two to stop being anxious before my high ends, so I feel like I'm on a deadline to "calm down."

    Just trying to "not think about it" is out of the question. There's no way I'll be able to smoke weed without that thought entering my head. It's like my mission for these past few months is whenever I get high just relax and don't be anxious but it NEVER works and its so frustrating and I can't figure out how to not get these feelings. And since it's always in the back of my head just as I'm about to smoke weed, as soon as I feel my high coming on it's as if it's my reminder that I am now anxious, since now every time I feel high it reminds me of anxiety. Although I have had a couple times where I'm totally laid back while high so I decided to test out my anxiety and said to myself "DUDE YOU REEK DONT YOU?" And I'm pretty sure I did reek too, but I was just enjoying myself and said "whatever." But I'm still getting these anxious highs and I need your guys' help. Does anyone know how I can fix this and start enjoying my highs?
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    Maybe it's time for a little break. That could help. Also make sure you don't have any weed or paraphernalia on you after you smoke cuz then you can't get caught no matter how bad you wreak of smoke.

    I've been anxious before when I'm high but never have had consistent problems with it. Try to go into the seshion with a complete and total "fuck it"/"who gives a shit" attitude. Afraid of cops? Yell "fuck the police, you pigs can't do shit now that I've smoked all my shit"

    If your getting anxious about anxiety, just start laughing. Say fuck anxiety my brains tricking me into being scared for no fucking reason. Then realize how pointless your anxiety is and start laughing more about how stupid you anxiety is.

    Idk man what I'm trying to say is don't let it get to you if you feel anxiety coming on. Just be like fuck it. Damn I'm a smar motherfucker if my brain can trick my own self into being scared. Just look at it as a joke or something and pass it on as something that can't phase you.

    Idk if I'm making any sense right now. Tryin to explain things after 4 giant bong rips of some purp usually just ends up with alot of confused people. Andthefact that I have to type it doesn't help. Anyways hope I was of some help. And good luck withthat anxiety .


    FUCK iT
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    distract yourself by maybe playing a video game?
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    You need to just chill back and relax. Who are you afraid of being caught by? Also like Dankity said just hide your weed smoking utensils. Also spray some cologne and get some eye drops and relax. You also need to stop thinking about paranoia and your anxiety by taking deep breaths. I suggest listening to some relaxing music while you chill back and do something like play a video game or watch television.
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    Sorry for the bump but I guess a new thread wasn't really needed.

    Well the problem hasn't really improved at all. I'll try to once again sum up my main problem and why this keeps happening. I went through a phase where I would be really paranoid every time I smoke. Being the worrying kind of person I am, I made a big deal out of it and was afraid that it would ruin weed forever and I wouldn't be able to smoke anymore. So I then began worrying about whether I'm gonna worry or not. Then that turned into it's own little problem. So now before I smoke weed, I'm simply anxious that I'm gonna be anxious about being anxious. The fear of anxiety drives me.

    The problem is that I'm so scared that this anxiety is just unbeatable, and that weed could possibly just not work out for me at all, which makes the anxiety that much more out of control! I go to get high, and since I'm so worried about not being able to enjoy my weed, I get anxious, because for the past few months just about every time I get high it just doesn't work. I worry about it before I smoke weed, and it carries on into my high and I just spend the whole time trying to figure out a way to calm down, but it never seems to work. My highs have simply turned into a battle of my thoughts and I've almost forgotten what it's really like to be laid back while high.

    Now because of all this, I'm afraid that it's gonna turn into a bigger problem. You all know how people who smoke weed tend to be laid back and are easily relaxed. Well I even worry that I wont get the benefit of being easy going even when I'm not high. So I'll be doing something totally unrelated to weed, and I'll think, what if I can't get that relaxation that weed usually gives? Then I'll just get anxious that I might not be able to be relaxed. So this whole weed-anxiety issue has pretty much became the main focus of my life, and sometimes I'll maybe read something about weed on the internet, and I'll even get anxious from that, because I've spent so long with it in my main focus. I'll be reminded of weed and my brain automatically reminds me that I have to deal with my weed-anxiety issues, and I'll get anxious.

    This is a really annoying problem and I just wish I could go back to the way things were. And yes I understand that worrying about weed is just stupid. My priorities have not been straight at all. I need to focus on other things, which I why I'd love to just get this out of the way. I'd like to just say "weed is supposed to be laid back and calm," but I want to be laid back and calm too badly, so if I think about my anxiety, I'd be scared that I wont be able to relax.

    Any helpful thoughts are appreciated.
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    pretty sure mods don't allow "bumps" on this website. but i'd suggest, if someone hasn't already, taking like a week break, then find somewhere you can toke alone and there 0 chance of you getting caught (this would be the woods for me) before you blaze, sit back, breathe, and say to yourself, "there is NOTHING i should be scared about, so i'm going to smoke this bowl and have a good ass time."
  8. new2twistinup

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    when I get high this little magnetic ball sways from side to side as its being pulled by magnetic pulses on both sides one side is happy and the other side is fear and paranoid anxiety I have problems trying to tilt the ball into the happy side when im getting really baked like as soon as I can feel my heart thumpin the ball sways violently into the fear and anxiety side but then I just try and forget it and distract myself. kinda like a boat rocking from side to side but then It takes some time for it stay on the side I want.
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    i've been going through this, and am still going through it, for about 8 months now. i smoked some bunk weed, something wasnt right about this weed like someone put pesticides or something on it and i had a really bad high. from then on i experienced pretty bad anxiety and paranoia every time i got high and it even stemmed into my sober life. and it took me about 6 months to really be able to enjoy blazing again, even tho at any time i can still get freaked out and paranoid when im high, if i let it. basically, its mostly all in your head. you have to learn to be in control of your high, you have to believe that you are in control (even tho you really arent) and that is the mental aspect of it. if you go into the high looking at it as a challenge like im gonna f***ing enjoy this high, chase it, want it... thats when it becomes fun again. i could honestly go on all day about this because ive put so much thought into it but i will try to sum it up in a few points.

    1) smoke somewhere you can be pretty comfortable (at least until you get comfortable being high again) where there isn't much worry about getting caught. if you cant find somewhere then just smoke at home at night if you dont live in your own place.

    2) smoke less and gradually build up the amount. get yourself used to the different levels of being high. maybe like a week of just smoking a little bit then the next week taking additional 1 to 2 hits more. you want to push the high just past the threshold, that way youll be higher but not to much more than usual. see what i mean?

    3) like i said you gotta chase the high, you gotta want it. you have to really want to feel good.

    4) smoke indicas. sativas are more likely to make you paranoid because its a mind high and your thoughts are racing all over the place. if you cant choose which strain you smoke then you can still make sativas work you just need to have a good grasp of the mental aspect of the high. also, indicas have a higher cbd% to thc % ratio which actually is said to balance out the high and get rid of most anxiety and paranoia. so if you have medical or can get it from someone else, i would do so and get indicas.

    5) dont smoke without eating at least 30 min to an hour beforehand. the reason for this is when you smoke weed within the first ten minutes you experience a drop in blood sugar. low blood sugar can cause many of the symptoms you describe, anxiety and paranoia in particular. so if you are already low on blood sugar and THEN you smoke that extreme drop in blood sugar can cause a pretty terrible high. i get this from personal experience. i dont know if im a special case and have low blood sugar to begin with but every time i eat prior to smoking i usually have a good high. i used to not eat before smoking because when i am high and eat it kills my high. so i thought if i smoked on an empty stomach i would get more out of my weed.
    there are many ways to accomplish this as well. if you cant eat beforehand, drinking a soda or something with sugar in it works well because it digests quickly. something else i use religiously, is gum. it works like magic. smoke then pop in a piece of gum and you'll notice a difference. trust me. it also helps cover up the smell of weed on your breath haha but basically eat before you smoke and have some form of sugar handy every time.

    6) and lastly do something or think about something that will distract you from your uncomfortable high. video games, a tv show you really like, a good conversation with friends and another one that works well, is thinking about sex. that may sound kinda weird but for me it works well when im helplessly baked lol. and naturally if your not having a uncomfortable high, which i dont think you will if you follow everything on this list then you can think about whatever the f*** you want and let your mind wander.


    7) if you experience social anxiety when high, there is a simple way to conquer it. i have social anxiety to begin with and when im high its through the roof. i used to think everyone could tell i was high and they thought i was actin funny and saying stupid stuff. all i did to get over this was play a little game in my head. trying to be as normal as possible and see how many people i could keep from knowing im high. it works after awhile. never avoid social situations because your high, put yourself in those situations on purpose, for experience, practice makes perfect. basically its really hard to tell if someone is high, so just go into the situation knowing no one knows right off the bat and just go with the flow and act normal. i know its easier said than done, but if i did it anyone can. nobody ever knows when im high. even my close buddies

    this will all take time and practice as it has for me but now i enjoy weed like i used to. im still improving everytime i smoke and eventually i will master it.

    i really hope this helps you. feel free to msg me or reply with any questions.
  10. High

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    Face your problems, the next time you become anxious ask yourself what is making you feel this way, what would be the outcome of being anxious vs not being anxious. What would someone else think about your reason for feeling anxious? Take control of yourself and your mindset, this might sound stupid but dont let your mind control you..
  11. cabriosnap

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    talked with you on chat. let me know if those tips worked for you dude. if not, we can try another approch
  12. Res

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    I took your advice and tried to stop being so aware of my high, and to not anticipate it all the time. I say it helped a lot with the anxiety, because it kind of put my whole perspective of the situation into a smaller more understandable problem, but I still had some trouble. I'm not sure if that makes sense so I'll try to rephrase it. It's like as soon as it leaves my brain, it feels like I haven't truly dealt with it because I can't tell if I'm anxious or not without thinking of it. When I think of it that means I get anxious because I know I'm thinking of it, which means I'm doing it wrong. Even when I'm not fully thinking of it, it's still there at the back of my mind kind of bugging me. So when I'm doing something distracting, I am distracted but it feels like I should be enjoying my high more, so I don't really feel good.

    What usually happens before and after I've smoked, is I will start thinking about it, and try to keep telling myself not to think of it, which will then cause me to not think of it, which gives me temporary relief, but since I'm not thinking about it, it's still at the back of my mind as if I need to start thinking about it again, so I can figure the problem out. It's like whenever I smoke weed I've gotten into the habit of thinking I have something to figure out, or like I'm not completely enjoying my high, because I haven't figured it out yet. So even when I'm not thinking of it, I still have this anxiety bugging me. But despite all this, my highs have gotten better, just because like I said, it feels like an easier problem to figure out, so I do actually have a far better time than I used too.

    I think it would help if I smoked in more comfortable situations, so tomorrow I'm gonna smoke in my room after everyone's in bed. If an hour passes and I'm having problems, I'll come on here and try to explain how I'm feeling.


    When you get anxious, just go bake some more.
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    Okay so I guess trying to not overthink it didn't really work. It was hard to forget about the fact that I'm high. I'm having a tough time figuring this problem out. I feel as though I could come up with a million different solutions for this, because I always feel like I have it figured out but it never seems to work. I feel like I've turned weed into this stressful thing where every time I smoke it's just this stressful situation and I can't get it out of my head. All I want to do is be able to smoke weed without having anything about "trying to enjoy my high" on my mind. But it always seems to be stuck back there somewhere and it prevents me from being able to enjoy much when I'm high. This is such a frustrating situation. I love to relax and clear my mind (high or not) so I'd really like to just enjoy being high. But since my life is so centered around being a relaxed person and having a clear head, every time I try to relax, (such as before smoking weed) I worry that I wont be able to. And since worrying is not a part of relaxing, I get anxious. So relaxation is kind of the center of my world, and so every time I think of relaxation, weed comes into my head and how I need to figure out how to enjoy my high, so it's very hard to just clear my mind and not worry when smoking weed. I feel like even if I could relax before smoking, I would start to feel the high coming on, and since I'm usually always anxious when high, I'd automatically assume the high is anxiety. So if I assume I'm anxious, I will be anxious. Sorry if this is a really unorganized paragraph but I'm just trying help you understand my thought process.

    I'm thinking if nothing works, a break should help all of this. I used to have these problems a little while ago, but once I took a break, and came back to it, my highs felt a lot better. But the problems came back after a while simply because I convinced myself I wasn't enjoying the high enough and sort of put myself back into the cycle of worry. What I'm going to do instead for now is only smoke in my room for a while, when I'm alone and parents are asleep. When I listened to what you said (cabriosnap) I decided to just tell myself that this whole problem is fake and that I just created it all in my head, it did actually improve my highs, and I could feel them getting more and more comfortable each time, but once I'd smoke in an uncomfortable situation, I'd assume that my anxiety is back and my confidence would just reset to zero. So I'm thinking I should just do it in my room, the same way each time, and every night I'll start off with smoking just a little, and work my way up as the night goes on. I feel like smoking just a small amount gets me just high enough so that stress kinda gets off my mind, but not so much that I feel pressured. I'll tell you how this goes, but if you have any thoughts on this situation as it is please tell me.

    And once again sorry for the extremely unorganized post.

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