How to find a consistent dealer

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by bob_marley45, Apr 28, 2001.

  1. bob_marley45

    bob_marley45 Guest

    I just moved to a new town outside of ...I am 15 years old and am fitting in fine, I've made a few new friends and theyre cool but i cant seen to find a good dealer, where i used to live my friend grew it so i didnt need one but can anyone tell me how to find a good drug dealer in a small town and remember im only 15
  2. GhostPimp

    GhostPimp Guest

    try and find the potheads in your school

    they must be getting their hookups from somewhere so ask around

    if you don't know who smokes weed then just ask the kids smoking cigarettes....they are usually more relaxed about the subject and could maybe point u in the right direction
  3. Pages

    Pages New Member

    good idea

    Just don't let your smoker friends buy it for you... go with them. Middle men are really in necessary, and if you don't tag along, you'll never learn where the really good bud is.
  4. Bailey1138

    Bailey1138 Senior Member

    Just go to a party and find the "stoned kid on the coach" there's always at least one. Keep an eye out for Grateful Dead/Phish t-shirts, red eyes. Pay attention if there's someone or a group of people keep going into a back bedroom or into the garage. Hope that helps.
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  5. Slightly Stoopid

    Slightly Stoopid Senior Member

    Or drive around school someday, and look for a car with like 20 people around it. That is usually where the potheads at my school hang out:)
  6. DoritosMan

    DoritosMan Seasoned Activist

    finding dealers if the tuff part

    I found my dealer just walking around the city looking for a dealer, he came up to me and asked if i wanted some, i said sure. he has been my dealer since then.
    go to where the hippies play fooz ball, like parks, and hang around 7-11´s . you find one soon in no time
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  7. Bailey1138

    Bailey1138 Senior Member

    Just wait until you get to college. Dorm rooms are the most drug infested places in the world.
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  8. StickyGreenKind

    StickyGreenKind New Member

    How To Score In London England?

    I am visiting London England for vacation in 2 weeks. I don't want to risk trying to bringgreen in with me, so I was hoping that I could find a source to hook me up in London. I know the stuff is out there, I just need to figure out where and how to find it.

    I have read on various posts that the head shops (bong shops) discretely sell various strains of seeds. I might pick some up while I'm there. Would it be considered rude to ask for some advice from the clerk at the shop? Any other advice from you Londoners out there?

    Another post in this forum stated that there are some outdoor markets in London that have bongs and weed in open view. Is this right?

  9. BoodahSmokah

    BoodahSmokah Guest

    Where are you from? If you're from Europe, bringin weed with you should be no problem, I did that when I went to london with my class, though I was paranoid enough to strap it to my leg beneath my crotch, no need for that.. it turned out no dogs, no nothin..

    anyway, we were on some Square (forgot which one it was :) lots of theatres and cinemas around) in the evening, and there were a lotta people offering us weed, one rasta even held up a full bag right in my face, we were standin right in front of Mcdonald's, hah!
    a friend of mine was stupid enough to buy some from a dude without having a look at it beforehand though.. it was packed in some foil, it turned out to be nothing but dirt or wood, we still dont know what it was, he paid 20 pounds for it..

    So if you buy some make sure to have a look at it first.
    Oh and before we knew where to get some we simply asked people on the street or in headshops, no problem.

  10. New Reality

    New Reality Guest

    Listen, there are guys EVERYWHERE if you look for them. They are on rollerblades with backpacks, and cellphones, and you'll know who i mean. They're the ones you want.

  11. weedchiller

    weedchiller New Member

    If you haven't got your accomodation sorted yet and/or you're on a tight budget, I'd suggest staying in one of the Aussie run hotels in Bayswater. The Aussies really do have London sussed out, and they'll help you, and you'll have fun.
  12. EeJay

    EeJay Senior Member

    Sh*t man, I don't think you'll have any trouble scoring in London.

    When I was there with my French class for just 2 days, I had many many oppotunities to score if I wanted. Too bad I wasn't smoking back then.

    Anyway, we were around Picadilly Square at night, and I had 3 people ask me if I wanted to buy, one calling me stupid when I declined. This was just walking past.

    Camden Town Markets. They bloody have the weed in saddies just layed out on the tables. People'll approach you there as well. We were just sitting down for a rest on an off-road to the markets and a quirky looking guy comes up and mumbles to us, asking if we want cigarettes, alcohol or weed. I was 15 at the time and was the oldest in the group, so I guess to him it looked like we were just trying to get some adult to get **** for us.
  13. BlueBerry

    BlueBerry Guest

    First UK Coffeeshop

    Make sure to go back in September, then it will be legal!!
    Check out this article from Cannibus Culture:

    First UK marijuana coffeeshop announced
    by Pete Brady (26 Aug, 2001) Activists Davies and Van Schaik bring pot to Manchester

    Colin Davies and Nol Van Schaik
    Cannabis Culture is proud to be the first news organization to report that United Kingdom marijuana activist Colin Davies and Dutch coffee shop guru Nol Van Schaik will be opening the first marijuana coffee shop in England in September.

    Davies and Van Schaik were already allies in the European medical marijuana movement. When major British politicians and officials began openly calling for cannabis decriminalization earlier this year, the pair decided that the UK was ready for a cannabis retail system modeled on the Dutch approach to cannabis sales.

    Davies is already famous for giving marijuana to the Queen Mother and Prince Charles, and for twice being acquitted of marijuana cultivation charges. He founded and manages the British Medical Marijuana Cooperative, which provides medpot to a growing number of patients.

    Van Schaik and Davies play `The Coffee Shop Game`
    Now, Davies is poised to make history.

    "Nol and I feel that the time is right to be open and honest about the need for cannabis in England," the soft-spoken Davies said. "We'll be opening the country's first public marijuana shop in mid-September, near Manchester. We're calling it 'The Dutch Experience.' We're going to provide low-cost marijuana to medical users, subsidized by sales to recreational users."

    Van Schaik owns and manages three renowned coffee shops in Haarlem, Holland, 20 minutes from Amsterdam.

    "I'm helping Colin make this an authentic Dutch experience," Van Schaik explained. "He's got so much heart, and so much good sense, and we're setting up his shop so customers can enjoy the place and get the best marijuana possible for the best prices."

    Local authorities where Davies intends to open his shop have given mixed signals concerning cannabis cultivation and sales, but Davies says he isn't worried about government interference.

    "We're going to have a grand opening ceremony attended by Wernard Bruining, who created the first Dutch coffee shop, Mellow Yellow. We'll have cannabis activists and patients from across Europe. The police know that juries don't want to find me guilty for cannabis offenses, and that public opinion is solidly against the war on marijuana. Europe is fast moving toward a rational marijuana policy. I'm grateful for Nol's help in bringing the Dutch experience here to England. We're going to have a great time helping a lot of people get the healing herb," he said.


    The UK Medicinal Cannabis Buyers' Club and The Willie Wortel Workshop
  14. papichoolo

    papichoolo Banned

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  15. StickyGreenKind

    StickyGreenKind New Member

    Easy enough

    Well, I scored during my vacation to England. My first day there I immediately went to Camden. It was lunch hour on a Wednesday, so it wasn't really hopping yet. After a couple of hours and about 5 pints, I finally got the nerve to start asking every Jamaican looking dude. After about 3 enquiries, I was directed to a certain area, and sure enough, walked away with about 10 grams. Not incredible stuff, but still pretty good.

    Made the vacation even more enjoyable.

  16. Lawnmower

    Lawnmower New Member

    Re bringing stuff into the country: I wouldn't honestly chance taking anything with me on a plane, remember that airport police make normal police look like bunny-rabbits if you get in trouble.
    Sure, you generally don't see dogs, but you only have to see them once to be in serious $hit. Even that crazy demon Hunter S. Thompson had reservations about bringing stuff through airports...

    In any case, I don't think there's any need for anyone to bring anything into London, I have a feeling I read somewhere that the UK consumes more cannabis per capita than even the Netherlands. :D

    As for that coffeeshop opening up, don't hold your breath... it will be incredibly cool if they get away with it (as far as I know, that was exactly how coffeeshops first appeared in Holland), but I'm not sure that the British establishment is quite ready for coffeeshops yet, so it's best to just see how it goes...

    Glad to hear the holiday went well dude...
  17. StickyGreenKind

    StickyGreenKind New Member

    Airport Security

    I have never experienced any type of search entering any country, with the exception of the U.S.

    On a return trip from a corporate meeting in Acalpulco, Mexico, our entire plane was searched with drug sniffing dogs, people, luggage, and carry on items. Had I tried to get anything back in, I would have been busted, as the German Shepherd came within about 12 inches of me.

    I had traveled to Acapulco with about a dime bag. I'm glad I used it all up.

    I would never attempt to get anything into the U.S. I have traveled out of the country many times, but one encounter with those dogs scared the s**t out of me forever.

  18. the thing about weed smokers is that you'll recognize any weedsmoker. It's like the thing with gay people. You just know right the second your eyes meet. ;) That's just how it is in our smoke-community. We got some kinda X-ray vision. This is when you're sober. If you're baked any idiot can see it. Just smile and they will come to you.
  19. antichris

    antichris New Member

    try getting a job in to food industry. everyone smokes, i promise.

    yes i'm new here.
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  20. imported_LordIcer

    imported_LordIcer New Member

    Welcome! And yes, most of the food industry does not drug test...that is why I worked at a resteraunt this summer. Nearly everyone smoked.
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